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Celtic Sea Salt - An Ancient Harvest

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We always hear about low sodium diets, especially for those with high blood pressure, heart disease and the artery-hardening disease which often afflict diabetics — but there is more to the health issue than a simple statement or command

The type of salt which is used as table salt now, in most parts of the world, is a woefully inadequate, industrial by-product, heated to more than 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, which bears almost NO resemblance to the real, whole-food we need and find in Nature.

Your healthy body needs to be built from the best ingredients which Nature has defined for millenia.  Those vital nutrients are usually missing in items made in factories. Eating from the best, clean natural sources usually is the fastest way to give us what we truly need.

Many of us think that table salt is “natural”, but it is nothing like the fully-mineralized, whole salt we find directly from the ocean. Instead, chemical and heating factory processes “strip” out the valuable minerals and these are sold for high prices, and we are left with a single version of “salt” in the form of sodium hydroxate. Many believe it is not the essential sodium chloride; most or all of the chlorine should be released, as a gas, in the high-temperature heating process.

Sodium hyroxate is very irritating to our body, and the internal inflammation it causes is a prime source of what we call dis-ease.

Instead of our body using the full complement of about 80 nutritious minerals found in sea-water, we are reduced to just  about 3. This causes imbalance in our body, as well as lack of vital nutrients.

Each of our body cells’ internal ocean needs to “mirror” exactly, the salinity and mineral diversity of the external oceans.  This complexity is necessary for life. We are NOT getting this biologic state by using table salt, and so how do we get what we really need?

___ Only French Celtic sea salt, from Brittany, which has been approved by the agency Nature et Progres, as organic and harvested in the 2,000 year traditional method (see illustration above), is my first recommendation. It is available from The Grain and Salt Society link below. 

___ Secondly, if your physician has you on a strict low-sodium diet, you may be at risk for the problems caused by too little sodium! Importantly, sodium is a ‘foundational mineral’ for human biochemistry; with this one mineral (from whole sea salt), many others are made by adding one or more of the other raw ingredients of life – pure spring water, clean air, omega-3 fats. These new compounds run your nervous system, digestive system etc.

One way to get the benefits of sodium without “high” doses is to add homeopathic cell salts to your daily routine in addition to a moderate intake of dietary whole-salt. 

Homeopathic cell-salts deliver the minerals in minute doses, but in a way the body resonates with and can build with. The three essentail sodium salts are Nat Mur, Nat Phos and Nat Sulph.

You can find them in the best health stores OR you can buy a compound tablet of the 12 most essential cell salts, according to the work of 19th century physiological chemist and physicist Dr.  W.  H. Schuessler, in a modern product called Hylands Bioplasma, 6X concentration. These 12 mineral salts must be inside every living cell, in optimal concentrations, in order for us to be “healthy”.

Hylands cell salts are safe for people over one year of age, and other medications are not effected by your use of the cell salts, as directed.

___ Thirdly, the whole-salt eaten by the Tibetans and remarkably long-lived Hunzas of Pakistan is now available as Himalayan crystal salt. The glaciers grind the minerals of the Himalayas as they slowly move down the mountains. The pulverized minerals flow into glacial melt waters and become “glacial milk”, as it is white with all the minerals. The colloidal, whole-salt is the dry form, and it has remarkable atomic structure and energy-giving abilities. See the electron microscope photos at the site referenced below.

___ Another natural source of these vital salts is pHlavor. This is a colloidal salt from Dr. Robert O. Young, PhD, DSc, ND. His family’s ranch near the Great Salt Lake, in Utah, is the source of an ancient sea’s Jurassic-era deposit of excellent whole-salt.

This area around Redmond, Utah, the home of Dr. Young’s wife, Shelly Redmond Young, also produces a whole-salt called RealSalt, which they utilize in their cooking at home.

You can read more about the value of whole-salt and which cell salts to use to cure many different dis-eases in Dr. Young’s article referenced below, and also by learning from other Naturopathic or Homeopathic Physician’s or Producers’ websites.

If our body cells are not properly alkaline, then we are making ourselves sick. Diabetes is a dis-ease of over-acidity. We need the proper bioavailable forms and amounts of the alkaline minerals e.g. sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium in order to reverse the acidity and to build Health.

The best sources of these beneficial alkaline minerals, in addition to whole-salt, are found in dark green leafy vegetables. For these alkaline minerals, use  e.g kale, romaine lettuce, bok choy, endives, collards, mustard greens, mizuna, parsley and cilantro.

Small amounts of dried seaweeds (really nutritious!), wheatgrass and / or barley grass can be helpful, too, for detoxification and minerals. 

Cabbage is OK as a source but dark-leaved Savoy cabbage is better than white cabbage, as are the outer leaves VS the inner leaves. Go easy on cabbage as it can effectively slow your thyroid gland, if eaten in large quantities, as can too much seaweed. (The “normal” amounts represented in Japanese food preparation e.g. sushi wraps are a fine guideline.) It is important to protect your thyroid gland as it regulates your energy-production.  You want as optimal response as possible so blood-sugar is indeed used for energy, rather than being stored as fat.

In summary, alkalizing is not optional. We must alkinize if we expect to turn diabetes around! Proper, whole-salt as described above, is one of the most-alkalinizing foods on earth. And, when properly alkalinized, it is almost impossible, in Dr. Young’s experience, to be diabetic.

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www.celticseasalt.com  excellent group!  Trader Joe’s also carries one acceptable, grey Celtic sea salt. All acceptable whole-salts from ocean sources should be slightly damp.

www.hylands.com  Look in the Products section for cell salts, click on the tabs at the top of the page for more information.

http://www.himalayancrystalsalt.com/wellness/salt.html and


http://organicpharmacy.org/products/Bioplasma/SKU:Bioplasma I I have no personal experience with this site.

 www.phmiracleliving.com/phlavor.htm Spend time on the whole site and learn much more about the need to alkalinize!

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