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Herbertsmithite - a new form of Matter called a string-net liquid!

The mysterious properties of water we’ve discussed here previously are amazing! Yet, they aren’t the only aspects of an unique Universe which we deal with everyday, and which impacts us. Bet you haven’t dreamed of this new twist.

OK, come play detective with me. It’s the biggest Treasure Hunt of All … time-travel and how our energy-based body mirrors and communicates with the Universe!

Your body-mind did not come with a Manual, and the more you learn the more you will see that it is the physicists who will likely teach us our body’s fundamentals more richly and accurately than the biologists and physiologists will!

Everyone hears about cell biology, but I believe your Health really begins long before that. It starts in the tiny-but-immensely-Powerful realms of energy, energy patterns and harmonies and new particles to hold and transfer these patterns. We are light-energy beings, so your introduction to Physics is critical for your well-being.Let’s learn from the Masters.

Firstly, Da Vinci was “connected” to a super-cache of Universal Knowledge. Whether it was the Universal Quantum Field or Esoteric Wisdom from the Mystery Schools of Egypt or his close association with kings and princes who had access to the esoteric knowledge of Divine-Rights, he was no ordinary man. We only have hints of his Knowledge of the Mysteries (and the real New Testament Biblical history), but we are able to see his applications of his secret-Knowledge via “his” inventions.

Years ago, I saw small versions of the first working replicas of his machines, at our Science Museum, and they were fabulous – airplanes, submarines and more — 500 years before they were “invented”, yet his models really succeed (even though he did only drawings and did not make proto-types). Was he moving forward in time in order to know how?

It is a shame that Dan Brown has fictionalized and trivialized his real Knowledge, accomplishments and legacy.

Ordinary people need a guide into what we deem extra-ordinary, and yet it’s really just the Normal. What a fascinating Universe the Normal is!

As I said, understanding Physics is critical for your well-being.

So, meet our new guides. In 1998, after winning a Nobel prize for physics, Robert Laughlin of Stanford University was asked how his discovery of “particles” with fractional charge (now called quasi-particles) would affect the lives of ordinary people. “It probably won’t,” he said, “unless people are concerned about how the universe works.”

We should be concerned. As we are primarily Energy-light beings, rather than just Matter (which is a distilled slowing of energy patterns), we need to understand the Power we have and understand our need to Harmonize our energy-patterns, to maintain peak performance (wellness).

Well, luckily, some people were very interested in pursuing Laughlin’s new view. Michael Levin at Harvard University and Xiao-Gang Wen at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ran with Laughlin’s ideas and last week announced a prediction for a new state of matter, and even a tantalizing picture of the nature of space-time itself … Whoa!

Instead of just learning about solid, liquid, gas, now there are other entrants in the field of what compromises the Matter in the Universe, and therefore, somehow, what comprises us.

In 1983, an experiment shook the scientific world and the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect (FQHE) seen suggested that electrons might NOT be elementary particles at all.

Last time, in Water Part 3, we talked about Einstein’s Fabric of Space ideas. Here Levin and Wen may now actually be describing its make-up.

Levin and Wen suspected that the effect could be an example of a new type of matter. “Different phases of matter are characterized by the way their atoms are organized. In a liquid, for instance, atoms are randomly distributed, whereas atoms in a solid are rigidly positioned in a lattice. FQHE systems are different. “If you take a snapshot of the position of electrons in an FQHE system they appear random and you think you have a liquid,” says Wen. But step back, and you see that, unlike in a liquid, the electrons dance around each other in well-defined steps.

It is as if the electrons are entangled. Today, physicists use the term to describe a property in quantum mechanics in which particles can be linked despite being separated by great distances. Wen speculated that FQHE systems represented a state of matter in which entanglement was an intrinsic property, with particles tied to each other in a complicated manner across the entire material.

This led Wen and Levin to the idea that there may be a different way of thinking about matter. What if electrons were not really elementary, but were formed at the ends of long “strings” of other, fundamental particles? They formulated a model in which such strings are free to move “like noodles in a soup” and weave together into huge “string-nets”.

Their theory explained so many other scientific observations, and explanations of some of these had been elusive for 150 years.

And, gradually the mystery quest led them to thinking about the Aether of space

“Could the entire universe be modeled in a similar way? “Suddenly we realized, maybe the vacuum of our whole universe is a string-net liquid,” says Wen. “It would provide a unified explanation of how both light and matter arise.” So in their theory elementary particles are not the fundamental building blocks of matter. Instead, they emerge from the deeper structure of the non-empty vacuum of space-time.

This is what we have discussed earlier about water’s and our own DNA’s ability to “communicate” with this “Deeper Structure” of the Universe, so this new theory now reinforces the likelihood this Field exists, as well as unifying Light and Matter.

As the Ether net vibrates, it originates waves, which describe the behavior of Light, and these waves behave in ways previously seen, but not understood. As our cells and DNA communicate with each other and with our Universe by means of Light, this is really important.

Joel Helton’s group at MIT was aware of Wen’s work and decided to look for such string-net liquid materials. Trawling through geology journals, his team spotted a candidate – a dark green crystal found in the mountains of Chile in 1972 called herbertsmithite.

“Herbertsmithite is unusual because its electrons are arranged in a triangular lattice. Normally, electrons prefer to line up so that their spins are in the opposite direction to that of their immediate neighbors, but in a triangle this is impossible – there will always be neighboring electrons spinning in the same direction.

Wen and Levin’s model shows that such a system would be a string-net liquid.

Although herbertsmithite exists in nature, the mineral contains impurities that disrupt any string-net signatures. So Helton’s team made a pure sample in the lab.” This took one and a half years, and what they produced is not considered to be any Matter previously known.

The sample behaves like string-net liquid and yet the labs can produce things that are new in the Universe, so time will tell whether this is unique or natural to the herbertsmithite itself.

And this form of herbertsmithite could be the “new” material to replace silicon chips and finally create “quantum computers”.

“In practice, quantum computers have been difficult to construct because quantum bits, or qubits, are extremely fragile. Even a slight knock can destroy stored information.

But, in the late 1980s, mathematician Michael Freedman, then at Harvard University, and Alexei Kitaev, then at the Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics in Russia, independently came up with a radical solution to this problem. Instead of storing qubits in properties of particles, such as an electron’s spin, they suggested that qubits could be encoded into properties shared by the whole material.” Herbertsmithite seems to be the first material which can qualify.

“The material would be a string-net liquid with elementary and quasi-particles at the end of each string. Physicists could manipulate quasi-particles with electric fields, braiding them around each other, encoding information in the number of times the strings twist and knot, says Freedman. A disturbance might knock the whole braid, but it won’t change the number of twists – protecting the information.”

___ Doesn’t that sound like a behavioral structure that could explain DNA’s effectiveness and basic stability over eons???

In 1986, Caroll Alley at the University of Maryland, College Park showed that photons, the individual ‘pieces’ of Light, do think and make choices.

In the late 1990’s, Austrian researcher Birgit Dopfer “found that photons that were “entangled”, or linked by their properties such as momentum, showed the same wave-or-particle behavior as one another”. Dopfer showed that measuring a photon either as a wave or a particle forced its twin in the other beam to be measured in the same way.

___ This may have implications for how we communicate and harmonize or de-harmonize with one another, other life-forms and how we communicate to our Universe through Time as well as Space.

Measuring one entangled particle could send a wave backward through time to the moment at which the pair was created. The signal would not need to move faster than light; it could simply retrace the first particle’s path through space-time, arriving back at the spot where the two particles were emitted. There, the wave can interact with the second particle without violating relativity.

Retrocausation is a nice, simple, classical explanation …” says Phil Dowe, University of Queensland, Australia.

Retrocausation could also explain “why life exists in the universe — exactly why the universe is so “finely tuned” for human habitation. Some physicists search for deeper laws to explain this fine-tuning, while others say there are millions of universes, each with different laws, so one universe could quite easily have the right laws by chance and, of course, that’s the one we’re in.”

Paul Davies, a theoretical physicist at the Australian Centre for Astrobiology at Macquarie University in Sydney, suggests another possibility: The universe might actually be able to fine-tune itself. If you assume the laws of physics do not reside outside the physical universe, but rather are part of it, they can only be as precise as can be calculated from the total information content of the universe. The universe’s information content is limited by its size, so just after the Big Bang, while the universe was still infinitesimally small, there may have been wiggle room, or imprecision, in the laws of nature.

And room for retrocausality. If it exists, the presence of conscious observers later in history could exert an influence on those first moments, shaping the laws of physics to be favorable for life.

This may seem circular: Life exists to make the universe suitable for life. If causality works both forward and backward, however, consistency between the past and the future is all that matters.”

___So, we see another reason why our “intention” and “consciousness” may be so Powerful for personal, planetary and even Universal Change! We were made Powerful Beings. We need to learn and understand our Power and with it, amazing things are possible, including Perfect Health.

Best to all — Em





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