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Choosing a healthy lifestyle and healthy food in industrial countries is fast becoming a nightmare! But, you do have to eat, don’t you? So learn how to “protect” yourself! Do you want to make a couple of important choices that can make a huge difference to your Health and your children’s Health? Of course. So here’s the first steps, and most of them are decently “easy”!

Before starting this article, you might want to read PART 1 at:

In our discussion, we have to be very specific about the worst offenders — and that is refined sucrose — also known as table sugar — and, artificial sweeteners are also implicated in many of the same physiological problems. Each actively promotes the continual, never-satisfied search for sweetness — that could be called an addictive substance, and both are.

These are manufactured, altered substances which your body is receiving without the natural food “cues” it understands for proper use inside your body.

Many natural sugars are not “bad”. But, the most common ones used in processed foods and at the table are very bad. There’s a lot more to learn about the “Sugars That Heal” in the book of the same name by physician Emil I. Mindoa, MD. There are 8 Essential Saccharides (sugars) that we need, but none of these glyco-nutrient quotas are fulfilled by table sugar (sucrose) or by artificial sweeteners.

The eight essential saccharides our bodies need are mannose, glucose, galactose, xylose, fucose (not to be confused with fructose), N-acetylglucosamine, N-acetylgalactosamine, and N-acetylneuraminic acid. Of these, only glucose from plants and galactose from milk are common in our overly-processed diet, now. We are no longer eating the Paleolithic hunter-gatherer Diet which our body still expects and needs.

 Meanwhile, here’s a short chemistry lesson from www.il.ie

“Commonly when we talk of ‘sugar’ we are thinking of sucrose, a particular disaccharide produced by sugar cane and sugar beet. But sucrose is only one member of a family of sugars: they are related chemically but have different structures and different sweetnesses. Some sugars have one sugar molecule – they are monosaccharides e.g. glucose; others have two sugar units joined, like sucrose, and are disaccharides. Starch and cellulose contain many sugar units linked together – they are polysaccharides. However, starch and cellulose they aren’t sweet and only mono- or disaccharides have small enough molecules to register as sweet on the tongue.”

In 2005, the average American consumed about 140 pounds of sugar, which is about 50% more than the average German or Frenchman and nine times as much as the Chinese.” Eating sucrose to this degree, and using artificial sweeteners, is, I believe, the single biggest reason for American’s worsening Health, diabetes epidemic, obesity epidemic and overwhelming burdening of the health-care system.

Continuing with more statistics from the New Yorker May 2006 issue by Burkland Bilger: Americans also “consumed about twenty four pounds of sugar substitutes per person yearly, which translates to even more sweetness than the natural substance.” These are horrific totals!

And, ” It seems likely that “potentiators” – compounds that accentuate sweetness, bittness, or umami (the savory taste of protein) –  will be found increasingly in our food. Is this obese society better off eating less sugar, but replacing it with products of the laboratory? Many of these enhancers are effective in amounts so small that they need not even appear on labels, except anonymously in the “natural and artificial flavors” category.”

YES, THEY ARE ALLOWED TO HIDE THESE HEALTH THIEVES and manipulate our behavior by them!

The punchline on a cartoon by S. Harris says it all:

“Let’s put it this way, you’re an addict and your grocer is a pusher.”

Now we expect other agencies and professionals to be our watchdogs; it should not fall to our grocer — they should be knowledgeable and independent and be protective, but as a last resort. So, what do physicians have to say about table sugar and artificial sweeteners, especially aspartame (NutraSweet)?

Big Pharma and the chemistry industry’s giants, like Monsanto, maker of aspartame, do NOT want you to know the Truth. They play both sides of the issues, making the cause of disease and the panacea for it. Classic behavior from the military-industrial complex.

With a market value of more than 1 billion dollars yearly, the artificial sweetener market is a formidable opponent. Monsanto and the rest make sure they have the influence over the government’s representatives and help to fund the American Medical Association, American Dietetic Association and others — even “helping” them by providing “information”. But some doctors are paying attention, and finally enough of them are beginning to show us the big-picture. It’s a scary one, to the point that you want to do “everything” you can to get table sugar, and especially artificial sweeteners, out of your family’s food!

Certainly, for most of my life, someone else has been eating 99% of “my” 140 pounds of sugar yearly and 100% of  “my” 24 pounds of artificial sweeteners, yearly. Heaven help them. Just make sure it’s NOT YOU!

Dr. Ron Rosedale, MD, author of “The Rosedale Diet”, has a great deal to say about the complex relationships between sugar, insulin and other hormones in your body. We’ll discuss most of this later, but he also says that if you are eating natural, unprocessed foods, as our Paleolithic ancestors did, then it is almost impossible to ever have too much “sugar” to be triggering excessive insulin production or insulin resistance. That is why we are SO susceptible when our natural-instinct for “sweet”, traditionally satisfied for just the tiny quantities we need of the 8 Essential sugars, is so haywire when presented with the challenges of excess sugars to the degree we are, due to processed sugars.

Dr. Emil I. Mindoa, MD reports in his book “Sugars That Heal” that the 8 Essential Saccharides, have been shown to:

___   lower cholesterol

___    increase lean muscle mass

___    decrease body fat

___    accelerate wound healing

___    ease allergy symptoms

___    allay autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, psoriasis, and diabetes

___   fight bacterial infections and many viruses–from the common cold to the flu, from herpes to HIV

___   reduce severity of the debilitating symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and Gulf War syndrome

___    mitigate the toxic effects of radiation and chemotherapy for cancer patients all the while augmenting their cancer-killing effects, resulting in prolonged survival and improved quality of life.


The manufacturers have exploited this instinctive search for “sweetness”, which was there to help us get the natural, essential glyco-nutrients we need for cellular communication and Health. Instead, research shows danger from processed sugars at every turn e.g. that every can of soda your child drinks daily increases the likelihood of them becoming obese 60% each time. I believe that is partly because fat is needed to protect their body from the extremely acidifying pH of soda drinks. This is equally true if the soda is sugared or artificially sweetened.

One of the hazards of aspartame (NutraSweet) is its vulnerability to heat and to acidic foods. This is a major cause of aspartame inflicting such harm. I’m old enough, at 61, to remember the artificial sweeteners coming into the marketplace (all except saccharin — now marketed as Sweet N’ Low). From the very beginning, there were problems, and the FDA broke its own rules in allowing approval.Now we understand why people were becoming blind etc., and as a huge increase in usage has followed, in over 100 countries, another unwelcome Yankee invention is perpetrating disease everywhere.

Norway has even asked for help to try and get a handle on the medical havoc artificial sweeteners, especially NutraSweet, have wrought there.

So, what do artificial sweeteners do to harm you? After all, they are “allowed” for use by diabetics — what a travesty!

In addition to the at least 76 known health problems caused by refined sugar, published already in the medical journals, which you learned about in detail in Part 1, there are approximately 92 known health problems attributed to the use of various artificial sweeteners.

Dr. Clarice Gaylord, keynote speaker at the 1995 World Environmental Conference, funded by the US Government’s Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.), and held at Elizabeth City State University in New Jersey stated, “we have an epidemic of MS (multiple sclerosis) and lupus and cannot identify the toxin”, at which point, another lecturer, Betty Martini, stood up and said ” I’m here to lecture on MS and lupus and to identify the toxin as NutraSweet.”

Betty Martini (  www.dorway.com  ), has a lot of smart physicians paying attention now and they are the source of the Science mentioned here. H. J. Roberts, MD , aspartame expert, states “One liter of most aspartame-sweetened soft drinks contains about 55 mg. methanol. Methanol concentrations in aspartame-sweetened beverages increase with heating and during prolonged storage.  The amount of methanol ingested by heavy consumers of aspartame products could readily exceed 250 mg. daily (Monte l984).  This is 32 times the limit of consumption recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  ‘Abuse (100 mg. aspartame per kg body weight, or more) does result in significant elevations of blood methanol concentrations in normal subjects (Stegink l984).  Moreoever, the level remains detectable for eight more hours.  Monte (l984) calculated that one-hundredth the fatal level is standard criterion for safety used by the FDA) translates into only two 12 ounce cans.”

And, “safe” levels were for rats; FDA is not allowed to even set a “safe level” of poisons for humans, and this is indeed poison.

When the temperature of aspartame exceeds 86°F (e.g. in cooked food recipes)(Em: or dare I say “when mixed in your stomach with hot food” — I don’t know if anyone has studied this), the wood alcohol (methanol) converts to formaldehyde inside you!  Formaldehyde is used in embalming procedures to preserve the tissues of dead bodies, and it is a potent carcinogen. It is not meant to be in a living body! 

Next, in another chemical reaction, formaldehyde changes to formic acid  ––  the poison found in the sting of the fire ant. This is chemical poisoning, not an allergic reaction. Aspartame poisons like other chemical poisons e.g. cyanide and arsenic.

Aspartame also devastates the nervous system in humans. Many people now feel that much of the symptomology of Gulf War Syndrome was initiated or exacerbated by the formaldehyde exposure in our troops after thousands of pallets of NutraSweet flavored soda was left sitting in the 120 degree heat of Saudi Arabia for weeks, and then fed to our troops!

Much of the neurological damage shown in Gulf War Syndrome is evidently quite congruent with the several neurological illnesses NutraSweet is thought to cause. And, overseas, Splenda (sucralose — where chlorine is artificially “changing” the natural sugar molecule into Frankenstein-food) is used very effectively as rat poison!

Methanol toxicity mimics Multiple Sclerosis, a severe neurological disease. Many cases thought to be MS are in fact methanol poisoning from aspartame. The same is true for some cases of tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and for mimicing fibromyalgia — a devastating, painful disease of muscles, joints and aberrant celluar-energy production.

In the case of fibromyalgia, the aspartame (NutraSweet) hardens the synovial fluids which are meant to lubricate the delicate joint surfaces, and allow free-range movement of the joint. With hardened joints, then ligaments, tendons and muscles are all drawn into the problem and devastating pain results, even though the poisoning is only mimicing the real fibromyalgia, it is no consolation to those in pain. Many times, when people completely remove all the artificial sweeteners from their diet, (and detox would then be a good idea) they do get rid of the devastating “fake MS”, “fake fibromyalgia”, “fake lupus” and other symptoms. And, BTW, Monsanto, maker of NutraSweet, has been given approval to “treat” “joint pain” and “arthritis” with Celebra –— as I said, Big Pharma and the Chemical Companies of the military-industrial complex,  “creates” and “cures” the problem, with huge amounts of money made in both actions.

And, a brain surgeon in the audience at the conference also said that when the pathology reports came back on the brain tumors he had removed, the reports stated the tumors were filled with aspartame! This is because, again, aspartame (NutraSweet) is made an abnormal amount of the amino acid phenylalanine, which breaks down into DXP, a brain-tumor promoting agent!

Another neurosurgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock, M.D., author of a book about artificial sweeteners as “Excitotoxins”, explains that “aspartame worsens autoimmune diseases such as MS and lupus. He also mentions a recent study on aspartame by Trocho, Pardo and co-workers that makes it easy to understand how the deadly toxin aspartame can trigger so many problems. It demonstrated following aspartame ingestion, significant amounts of formaldehyde accumulate in the tissues. >Formaldehyde is known to bind strongly to proteins and nucleic acids, forming adducts that are extremely difficult to eliminate through normal metabolic pathways. Within the cell, they found large amounts located within the DNA. So, here you have a toxin that can damage DNA.”

Why would you allow this into your body?!

Phenylalanine also concentrates in the placenta, and can cause birth defects in unborn children, including brain problems, which may explain the huge rise in “learning disabilities” and Attention Deficit Disorder. Artificial sweeteners should be banned for use by pregnant women.

And aspartame is implicated in breast cancer and prostate cancer, too, according to world-famous toxicologist Dr. George Schwartz.

Get these artificial sweeteners out of your diet, or you will die and potentially allow your children to be hurt and die, too.  You, alone, can prevent this.

Most doctors are not yet looking for a causal relationship between NutraSweet and other artificial sweeteners and disease. You won’t see it listed on a line in your medical history forms like ‘how many cigarettes do you smoke?’ etc. In fact, Betty Martini relates the case of a man in the Mayo Clinic, where his medical insurance had paid $1 million for tests and his hospital stay; the man drank 13 artificially-sweetened sodas a day! His liver enzymes were off the chart. Even the Mayo Clinic had been stymied and had not asked this vital life-style, dietary question.

Both unnatural, refined sugar (table sugar) and artificial sweeteners seriously cause systemic acid pH levels in your body, and as Health requires a slightly alkaline pH, either removing the offending super-acid producers and detoxing along with seriously choosing buffering foods OR never ingesting the serious acid-producers in the first place, is necessary to regain and then maintain Health.

Then, when aspartame promoters talk about there being methanol in ordinary, natural foods e.g. tomato juice, these industry hacks don’t mention that in real foods, Nature provides the “antidote” to the poison, in the proper amount, in the same food, so it is neutralized, making the food safe, and then eliminating the methanol from your system.

There are safer, natural, alternative sweeteners and we’ll talk about them next time.

If you want to read more articles, please click on the Title Archive tab on the top bar. There are several pages of articles, which I hope will help you and your family to get Healthy and remain so.

Best to all — Em

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“Everyone knows someone who needs this information!” (TM)

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 Everyday enslavement and addiction from this non-food. photo: http://ginews.blogspot.com

This is not a Halloween fantasy. It’s a real nightmare. Can you imagine a stealth, addictive drug, hiding in your food, which gives no nutrition, robs you and your family of  their health, creates daily social and learning problems for you to deal with, decreases your income because of medical bills, shortens your life and makes big-business rich (that’s the real reason it is in your food) while creating ecological harm? Wouldn’t you want to know about it and then make plans to choose foods that ban it from your body?

Well, now you can know some of the at least 76 reasons to eliminate this substance from your diet and get a link to read more about this already-published-in-medical-journals’ science. Along the way, I’ll reveal the name of this thief-of-Health, this ghoul, this real wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing, which wears an unremarkable Halloween costume all year, so to blind you to its danger.

You’ll also learn about healthy substitutes so you can regain control over an important part of your Health.

Are you ready to act? These are some of the journal-published health implications likely waiting for you if you don’t eliminate this non-food and poisonous, addictive drug from your daily diet!

___   throws off your body’s homeostasis i.e. the delicate balance of your whole metabolism

___   suppresses your immune system and impairs your defenses against infectious disease

___   upsets the mineral relationships in your body: causing chromium deficiency (impacting insulin) as well as copper deficiency and interfering with vital alkaline mineral absorption of calcium and magnesium which regulate your life-saving pH balance

___  causes rapid, increased adrenaline resulting in: hyper-activity, difficulty concentrating, anxiety and crankiness — especially in children and slowing the ability of your adrenal glands to function properly, impacting your chances of acquiring diabetes

___   loss body-wide of your tissue flexibility and even tissue functionality, but especially in the eyes and lungs; gastro-intestinal tract malabsorption, serious indigestion, interferes with the absorption of proteins,  increases incidence of ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease and lack of fluid rentention for healthy bowel movements; affects blood pressure regulation, causes hardening of your arteries and aberrant cholesterol profiles; ages your skin and makes your tendons brittle; stresses and enlarges your liver and kidneys, increasing your risk of gout, interfering with proper electrolyte composition of your urine and increases chance of osteoporosis; causes toxemia during pregnancy and auto-immune diseases like arthritis, asthma and MS (multiple sclerosis)

___   damages your pancreas, reduces insulin sensitivity, and increases pH acidity body-wide because it is one of the most acidic compounds people ingest

___   increases your alpha, delta and theta brain waves which prevent you thinking clearly and also increases learning disabilities in children

___   causes depression as well as increases your chance for Alzheimer’s disease, dizziness, migraines and other headaches, causes mental and physical symptoms of addiction and intoxication, increases emotional instability, causes epileptic seizures, interferes with your appetite regulation and decreases learning capacity

___   induces cell death, increases your chance of cancer, significantly increases the chances of blood clots because of platelet adhesion and damages the linings of your capillaries

___   increases damage to your DNA and all tissues from free-radicals, and causes hormonal imbalances in sex hormones, growth hormone and others

So, do you want to know what the name of this guerilla poison is, which Americans ingest in unbelievable amounts — (statistics say as much as 2 1/2 pounds a week, per person!) ?

You need the answer, as Dr. Mercola says “About 85% of the population has elevated insulin levels that make them either pre-diabetic or diabetic” in America and huge numbers in any other country world-wide, too.

Well, here it is …. want to guess first?





It is not a benign “food”. It is not a food at all, and it does not belong in your body or your children’s. It is a processed, isolated, concentrated substance far-removed from the food sources it began in — sugar cane and beets. You would NEVER be able or want to eat the pounds of sugar cane or beets that you can easily ingest in a teaspoon or tablespoon of processed, refined sugar!

And, your body is NOT made to be able to “handle” that amount of sugar, either. You would never be able to get that much sugar on a daily hunter-gatherer diet, which your hundred-thousand year old Paleolithic biochemistry is used to!

You will have to work to eliminate refined sugar (“table sugar”) from your diet, but it is possible to do so AND it is possible to have the sweet-taste from other alternative foods, that we all enjoy without compromising our Health.



Next week I will talk about other sweet-villians and later, we’ll discuss healthy substitutes. Along the way, we’ll learn more about the biochemistry we need to understand … meanwhile, with all that Halloween candy beckoning, start strategizing how to have your family’s Health not undermined with this villan, which makes a few corporations and people rich while pesticides on cane fields rape the Earth and harm workers and burning the cane rubble seriously fouls the atmosphere and then, gives us poor health by inhalation as well as ingestion in foods.

And, by the way, Dr. Thomas Rau, MD reveals that the sugar processors use the dreaded poison, ARSENIC, in the refining of sugar, in his book “The Swiss Secret to Optimal Health”. Where else would you be exposed to arsenic in a food process?

Time to give your children healthy options to trade-in the majority of their bad candy for, and think about how to avoid exposing the neighborhood kids to this food danger, too, at Halloween Trick-or-Treat time.

I’ll try to post again at my regular time next Tuesday, but this week, I got caught with a half-finished article when I had to take my Mom to Emergency. She’s hopefully going to feel better in about a week. But, it was scary.

If this is your first time here, or you want to learn lots more, then use the Title Archive tab on the top bar.

Best to all — Em

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“Everyone knows someone who needs this information!” (TM)

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Ribosome - the protein factory of each cell Photo: Protein Data Bank, via www.nsf.gov 

Everyone, not just diabetics, needs to be concerned with the poor-Health ramifications of eating too much protein. Yes, you heard me correctly! Atkins Diet participants need to listen, especially. And being kinder to your body will be kinder to your pocket, too. Yet, what foods do you use to replace “excess” protein with; what foods will bring you Health? And, why is excessive protein a problem?

Firstly, what is protein? It’s a group of organic macromolecules which are always made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen and sometimes sulfur. There are thousands of different proteins, each made by a mix-and-match of protein’s building-blocks, known as amino acids. The amino acids make long chains of molecules, as seen in the photo above. Protein is necessary for all living things.

Dr. Thomas Rau, MD, world-renowned Swiss Biological-Medicine physician, whose famous Paracelsus Clinic has treated more than 30,000 people successfully,  recommends only actually eating 40 – 50 grams of protein a day, instead of the usually stated 50-60 grams. Most Americans have been ‘scared’ into the ‘make sure you get enough protein everyday’ myth, and as a result are self overdosing on excessive protein to the tune of 100 – 140 grams per day! And, those “doing” the Atkins Diet skyrocket above even that, with disastrous consequences.

The faulty science of the “need” for “large protein amounts daily” resulted from rat experiments in the 1950’s. Since 1988, scientists have known more about human needs and that excessive amounts of protein are very harmful to human tissues and to kidney health. Recent research also shows that our liver recycles old, damaged cells’ proteins into new, desired cellular proteins, and that is why Dr. Rau is urging us to actually eat “less” protein daily.

But, also be aware, adequate amounts of protein, daily, is vital — “for proteins drive every hormonal and metabolic function in your body”, says Dr. Rau. And your body must have the Essential 8 Amino Acids to build body-protein in this recycling process. 

You must also attend to your daily need to eat Essential Fatty Acids, daily, for other important metabolic processes.

These 2 categories are called “Essential” for your body CANNOT manufacture these substances and needs them, daily, to keep you alive. Period.

Back to proteins — meats, poultry, fish, cheeses, dairy, eggs and beans are very dense protein sources and must be managed very carefully, in Dr. Rau’s opinion, otherwise hyper-protein intake results in hyperacidic tissues with grave ramifications. You wouldn’t want the most expensive part of your diet to be actually undermining your Health, would you? Learn more about what you need, now.

Examples — the animal protein is NOT a good source of the Essential 8:

6 oz. skinless chicken breast = 45 grams

6 oz. lean hamburger = 42 grams

6 oz. broiled beef steak =  34 grams

6 oz. salmon filet = 34 grams protein

1 Cup, almonds, whole, raw = 30.4 grams

3  oz. canned tuna = 24 grams (not more than once a week, if at all, due to mercury pollution)

1 Cup cooked immature, green soy beans (called Edamame) = 22 grams

1 Cup cooked lentils or beans = 18 grams

3.5 oz. soy tempeh = 18 grams

1   4 1/2″ coconut, raw meat from whole, young nut = 14 grams

1 oz. roasted soy “nuts” = 11 grams

1 Cup quinoa, cooked = 9 grams

1 oz. pumpkin seeds, roasted = 9.3 grams

1 Cup cow milk = 8 grams

1 Cup soy milk = 6 grams

1 chicken egg (soft-cooked) = 6 grams

1 Cup broccoli = 6 grams

1 oz. cheese = 4 – 7 grams

1 Tablespoon peanut butter = 4 grams

1 Tablespoon cooked soybeans = 1.8 grams (increase portion, as needed)

1 Tablespoon cooked split peas = 1 gram     (increase portion, as needed)

3 European chestnuts, roasted = 1 gram      (increase portion, as needed)

1 Cup long-grain brown rice, cooked = 5 grams

1 Cup avocado, cubed = 4.6 grams

1 oz. dry agar flakes (seaweed) = approx. 2 grams (lots of good minerals, too!)

1  2″ diameter potato = 3.5 grams

1  2″ x 5″ sweet potato = 2.3 grams

1 Cup chopped, raw kale 2.2 grams

1 ear or 1/2 Cup corn = 2.6 grams

1/2 small grapefuit =  .6 grams

Please notice that all vegetables contain protein, and even though they have less protein per portion, it is usually higher-quality, Essential 8 protein

The largest, strongest animals on earth always have been herbivores (vegetarians) … brachiosaurus, stegosaurus, whales, elephants, mountain gorillas, oxen and more! All natural, unprocessed, whole foods contain some protein. But, it is the Quality of the protein that counts, NOT the Quantity.

The section of ribosome shown in the photo above highlights the fact that our bodies also have a protein manufacturing ability in each cell. Our bodies make necessary proteins from their building-blocks called Amino Acids; there are 20 amino acids used by humans, and programmed into our DNA. But, there are 8 Essential Amino Acids that we cannot manufacture internally as Humans, and must get daily from food.

Our foods must highlight those 8 Essential Amino Acids before anything else, along with the Essential Fatty Acids. That’s why I emphasize Quality, from the correct-supplying foods — as does Dr. Rau.

Animal foods do NOT supply copious amounts of the Essential 8 Amino Acids! Only those foods which do supply the Essential 8, should be considered “quality foods”. You need 15 – 20 grams daily, of the Essential 8 Amino Acids, says Dr. Rau, MD.

Dr. Rau’s top-list of Essential 8 suppliers: avocados, beans, chestnuts, corn, quinoa and soy are the major vegetarian foods which are necessary to supply the Essential 8.

Note: some people have sensitivies or allergies to corn and soy; you need to follow Dr. Rau’s instructions to see if you are one of these people or get a skin test from an allergy physician to make sure. Tree nuts can be used when you make sure that you do not have a food-sensitivity or food allergy to them. Please note, peanuts are legumes; they are not nuts, and don’t count as nuts here.

By eating  a variety of vegetable foods over days, weeks and months, you will give yourself the best chance to get your Essential 8. It is a debunked theory that everyday and every meal that proteins must be made “complete”. Our liver is a first-class apothecary and serves us by filling in the protein-gaps, using the Essential 8, as long as we are eating them daily, and a wide variety of vegetable foods will do that.

That’s another reason why liver-health is SO important, and as it is also your major detox organ, liver care should be something you attend to! It may take weeks, months or even years of you supplying the Essential 8 daily for your liver to completely utilize the huge deposited back-load inventory of non-essential amino acids you have ferreted away, which is causing hyperacidity in your body.

When we over-eat superfluous, non-essential 8 protein foods, then our liver has to try to get rid of the protein it does not need. In this process, AMMONIA, a body-toxic chemical is made, and getting rid of that, as uric acid, is very harsh on our bodies, especially our kidneys, which are organs diabetics, especially, must take care of wisely.

For every 50 grams of excessive, non-Essential protein you eat, your body has to use 3 CUPS of water to DILUTE the resulting URIC ACID, which must then be excreted. This excessive water loss leads to dehydration, for everyone, not just diabetics, but diabetics are especially vulnerable, and ‘always being thirsty’ is a hallmark of diabetes — now, you understand some of why the dehydration is happening! 

Excessive uric acid leads to other metabolic problems, for example the painful condition known as GOUT. As the toxic ammonia in the uric acid backs-up into your blood and then into joints and tissues, if and when your kidneys cannot excrete it fast enough, this ammonia leads to major tissue hyperacidity and toxicity so great, that left unabated, it will soon kill you. Recently, hospitals are seeing this exact scenario in people following Atkins style high-protein, low-carb diets for extended periods of time.

Major tissue hyperacidity also causes most of the dreaded dis-eases, states Dr. Rau, MD who is in alignment with many other knowledgeable holistic physicians, including Dr. Robert O. Young, PhD, DSc, ND, with whom I have studied. Dr. Rau says, “With Americans eating three and four times the amount of protein they need, we shouldn’t be surprised when we see that rates of obesity and diabetes are skyrocketing — even in children.”and he continues, “When your internal environment is acidic … thickening happens in your blood, your lymphatic fluids, and the fluids that flow in the tiny spaces between your cells called the interstitial fluids. These tiny spaces are very important because it is there that the cells, such as neurons and components of the immune system, communicate with each other. … cell respiration, nerve impulses, immune responses, the production of important regulatory enzymes and hormones … and cellular nutrition decreases”.

The results are:

___   blood clots (due to acidty changing the electrical charges on the outside of the red blood cells, forcing them to clump AND clumped cells have reduced surface-area to carry adequate amounts of oxygen, so metabolism slows, energy-levels reduce and weight-gain increases from poor metabolic rate)

___   coronary artery disease (made when the robbed alkaline minerals from your bones and joints chemically react with cholesterol – which is naturally meant to be circulating in the blood – and instead combines with the needed alkaline, buffering minerals – forming hard deposits in the arteries, instead, (thereby not allowing the alkaline minerals to continue buffering the hyper-acidity, too. A double-whammy!)

___   Hodgkin’s disease (a cancer of the lymph system, because the lymph fluids become too thick to remove the cellular waste, as they are supposed to do) and other cancers (as cancer cells can only survive in acidic tissues; alkaline tissues cannot support cancer cells. Your tissues are supposed to be alkaline, daily.)

___   major metabolic, enzymatic and hormonal imbalances (this is where blood-sugar chemistry problems start, depression, brain-chemical imbalances, sex drive aberrations etc occur)

___   lack of energy (as the cells become starved for oxygen and also for nutrition, no matter how healthy you eat. And, the cells are overcome with cellular waste which is barely being removed, so they cannot function normally) and more disruptions, too.

NOTE: Tissue hyperacidity also arises from too much SIMPLE and REFINED CARBOHYDRATE and SUGAR in your diet. Even excessive fructose, from fruit, can be damaging. And, by the way, did you know that white sugar is processed with arsenic!

Back to some Basic Biochemistry:

Protein metabolism always leads to acidity; excessive protein intake makes that even worse. The extra acid in your system from excessive, non-Essential 8 protein sources causes you to ROT Yes. Acid is corrosive inside your body and it eats your tissues, just like acid corrodes anything in the external world. You are buying all of that expensive animal food just to sabotage yourself because it easily can make you hyper-acid.

And, extra, non-Essential 8 protein fouls up the disposal of daily protein-waste inside you, too. It’s like your whole body becomes inundated and cannot deal with your protein-waste, rapidly overwhelming your liver’s capacity to recycle it into something useful. It fills your recycle bin! And, it therefore hampers your liver’s normal process of recycling proteins from dead or damaged tissues, as it needs to do, to prevent an overwhelming job for your kidneys.

The Obesity Connection:

Dr. Young and others, including Carole Simontacci, CCN, in her book “Your Fat Is Not YourFault”, explain that fat is protecting your Life, by housing the toxic acids and walling them off, as best your body can.

Meanwhile, your arteries narrow, when “coating” themselves to “protect” themselves from periodically acidic blood as it transports these toxic, acid-wastes to storage depots in your fat tissue, interstitial spaces (the area between your cells) and in your lymph system (clogging it, which is why immunity gets compromised, too). And during that process, as Dr. Rau explains, your bones and joints are “robbed” of valuable alkaline minerals, calcium and magnesium, to buffer the acidic blood, in order to save your life, so you pay later with osteoporosis or arthritis and more.

The Swiss call the afflictions created by the necessity for this hyperacid-depot storage “deposit diseases” and the more your system is clogged, the less chance that healthy cells can get rid of their waste and still function optimally. Hypertension, coronary artery disease, obesity, arthritis and diabetes, memory disorders, depression, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, cancer, impaired glandular function, insomnia, intestinal mucosal disruption and other dis-eases have this mutual hyper-acidity cause.

Your pancreas, which makes natural alkaline buffers like bicarbonate of soda, just gets worn-out trying to stem the flow of the acid deluge you create, even unknowingly, until now, anyway.

Above all, the blood must be kept at a steady alkaline pH of 7.3 or you will die, so your body is saving your life by over-working your pancreas to make more alkaline buffers and by robbing your bones and joints of their valuable alkaline minerals, if you are not providing enough of these minerals daily, in food or in chelated supplements.

For Health, you must have adequate alkaline minerals, proper amounts of the Essential 8 amino acids daily, the Omega-3, 6 and 9 Essential Fatty Acids, daily, and flush out your acidic waste while decreasing it’s production, daily! 

First line of defense:

___   Moderate exercise – like walking 20 – 30 minutes day at moderate pace. Exercise moves your lymph and aids getting the toxins out.

___   Drink at least 1 liter of water per 50 pounds of body weight, and must work-up to that level over many weeks, even months. Consult your physician about your personal goals, if you are diabetic, as your kidneys may not be in shape to handle the extra burden, yet or at all.

Not drinking enough water also strains the kidneys, places you at higher risk for urinary tract infections and creates more likelihood of making painful kidney stones which require immediate attention. It’s easier and healthier to get enough water — only water counts, and spring waters are best!

In comparison, digesting 50 mg of fat or 50 mg of carbohydrate only uses 1/2 cup of water. But, this is NOT an excuse to say that you should replace the excess, non-Essential 8 protein foods with the “usual” carbohydrate foods!

___   Dr. Rau only replaces the excess, dense protein with complex carbohydrate foods — mostly vegetables, and a few starches — vegetables are the best sources of the Essential 8 amino acids as well as much-needed vitamins and minerals for your metabolism. Eating organic vegetables is also kinder to our Mother Earth, than production of any animal foods, too.

After a period of Detoxification, Dr. Rau allows small amounts of animal source protein, if you desire it — some organic, free-range soft-cooked eggs, some wild-caught fish, some organic beans and selected organic whole-grains, some alternative (non-cow) organic dairy and some organic, free-range, grass-fed, no-hormone beef and lamb (both are just once a month). He only allows 3 – 4oz. cooked portions of flesh food a few days a week.

Dr. Rau explains all the reasons behind his food choices and asks you to forever abstain from eating: cow dairy, shellfish, and pork — as well as to, at least temporarily, abstain from  onions and shallots (in the same botanical family, leeks, garlic and chives are OK. Dr. Rau says onions and shallots ‘thicken the lymphatic fluids and prevent you from cleansing your tissues properly’).

Interestingly, this “no cow dairy, shellfish, pork” is also the prescription written thousands of years ago, by the Jewish rabbis, when they established the laws of Kosher food. The dairy was not proscribed (as it was traditionally originally from goats — which Dr. Rau allows, too; the rabbis actualized this prescription by not using cows for dairy, in the first place). The rabbis extended their recommendations, by forbidding the mixing of meat and milk proteins in the same meal.

Knowledgeable doctors and scientists state today that for best digestion and utilization of your food, no more than 2 types of protein should be eaten in any meal. (Those all-you-can-eat buffets and multi-protein combo dishes like “Happy Family” in Chinese restaurants may not be so “happy” choices, after all !)

So, with today’s knowledge, maybe you could mix milk and meat — but it may still not be an efficacious combination — I don’t know. I don’t mix them, and have excellent digestion. The rabbis also put an ethical bent to their statement about ‘not seething a kid in its mother’s milk’ [Leviticus], so I adhere to the symbolism of the Spirit of Mercy as enough reason, to forego eating milk-meat combinations, or meat-eating, for that matter.

___  If you are still worried that somehow you may not get “enough” protein, then also understand that in healthy lungs, there is enough ability to take odorless, colorless nitrogen from the air, directly, and pass it into our blood immediately, through the little transfer station pockets in our lungs called alveoli.Nitrogen makes up about 78% of Earth’s atmosphere, so it is readily available in each breath and plants “breathe” it in, too, to make their growth cycle. But, understand, this nitrogen cannot be turned into the Essential 8 amino acids; you must get those daily, from the foods which are most potent sources. This atmospheric nitrogen can be used to make the other 12 amino acids Humans need, if your lungs are healthy.

This ability to use atmospheric nitrogen was very possible on an unpolluted planet, and that ability is ingenious. It allowed us to be relatively poor hunters and gatherers (grabbing food to fulfill our need for the Essential 8 amino acids, only) and exist on just small amounts of protein food.

Today, we are killing ourselves by abundance used unwisely. And, we are using up resources and acreage that can provide adequate food for every person on the planet, using it instead to produce commercial animal protein that could be produced for less money and resources if it were vegetarian protein acreage, instead. Animal factory-farms are some of the biggest polluters on the planet, and more deforestation is happening to create space for more animal farms due to America’s insatatiable appetite, especially for hamburger.

You need to do your part to speak out and act to stop this needless cycle of despair — factory-farmed animals with poor oversight for animal welfare, a planetary rape and starving humans who regularly watch their children die from malnourishment, while ours are dying, slowly or quickly, from excess.

I have included a potent, healthy recipe below. I hope you will enjoy this combination. It utilizes many of the foods you need to complete Dr. Rau’s Essential 8 / Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) Daily Program. I invented it for lunch today, and my Mother and I both enjoyed it and felt very satisfied — somehow, your body knows and responds when you are treating it well


 Em’s Essential 8 Amino Acids Super-Salad

3C   organic, brown rice, precooked and chilled
1 small sweet potato, pre-steamed and chilled, cut in 1″ chunks or slices
9 pre-cooked asparagus ends or 2 asparagus spears, steamed and chilled
1  15 oz. can organic soy beans, chilled, then drained and rinsed
1/3 container of zesty sprouts, washed thoroughly
8 oz.   medium salsa
2 small  Kosher dill cucumbers (I used Bubbies’ – naturally-fermented brand)
sprinkle of lemon juice, garlic, dill, black pepper
2t   prepared white horseradish
oil from 1 emptied small jar of marinated artichoke hearts as long as the oil is not cottonseed OR about 3T of Italian dressing (you can include some artichokes, too)
1 – 2 T   organic flax oil (keep refrigerated at all times!)
2t   sesame seed (can use more)
1/3C – 1/2C organic hemp seed

Mix everything together, lightly. Serve on a bed of Spring Mix salad greens. Garnish with a little cayenne pepper, if desired.

Serve with an alkaline pH water, like Evamor, which is pH 9. Evamor will help hydrate cells better and neutralize tissue hyper-acidity.

The Nutrition:

___ Brown rice is nearly a pH neutral food and has many B Vitamins to help with stress, as well as being an Essential 8 amino acid source.

___ Sweet potato is a highly alkaline food, which can help neutralize hyper-acidity. It is also filled with important anti-oxidants to protect cells from damage and has beta-carotene to protect your eyes.

___   Asparagus is a very alkaline food and has light diuretic qualities to aid and encourage kidney function.

___   Soy beans are a potent Essential 8 amino acid protein source.

___   Sprouts are a living food and are a potent, much-needed enzyme source.

___   Lemon juice is another gentle, natural diuretic, as well as being very alkaline to neutralize acid and contains Vitamin C. for combatting free-radical cellular damage.

___   Garlic is a natural anti-biotic, to aid your immunity.

___   Horseradish is a herbal blood “purifier”.

___   Black pepper is a source of chromium, needed to enhance insulin uptake, but pepper is also an irritant to the intestines, so use sparingly.

___   Flax oil is a potent Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acid source. I used Barlean’s brand. Flax oil must always be refrigerated and never used for cooking. Omega-3 EFAs are what protects your artery system from damage and feed your brain! Hemp Oil and molecularly-distilled Salmon Oil are also excellent Omega-3 sources.

___   Organic hemp seed is another potent, vegetarian Omega-3 EFA source and protein source. Nutiva is a good online source and you can find their product in good health stores, too.

Have fun. Enjoy. And, be sure to check the Title Archive, on the top bar, above, for more articles to help you in your quest for Health.

Best to all – Em

(c) 2007 Em www.diabetesdietdialogue.wordpress.com If you desire to use my article or quote from it, please include the full copyright citation above and website address.

“Everyone knows someone who needs this information!” (TM)

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World’s Largest Baby - born Siberia, 9-26-07, 17 pound 1 oz, Nadia Barabanova Photo: www.msn.com 

Why would you NOT want to be Tatyana Barabanova, even though she’s famous? Why could Nadia Barabanova make The Guiness World Records, but that be a bittersweet honor? What can you learn from their lives about living better yourself, living longer and bringing healthy children into the world? That’s our prime task, as the human species, right?

Well, Tatyana is a 43 year old mother of  12, who lives in or near Barnaul, Siberia, Russia, and on September 26, 2007 she gave birth, by Caesarian section, to 17 pound, 1 ounce Nadia, the the 3rd  largest baby ever born, and the largest in more than 50 years. Why is this a tragedy in the making?

Let’s learn a bit about sex, gestation, what baby-fat ultimately may predict and more.

A female is born with a finite number of eggs; she has all of them when she is born, and their quality is optimized then. The older a woman gets, the more the eggs are likely to become damaged and less viable. At 43, any naturally-conceived motherhood is seriously risky to mother and child — especially the child of such an old egg. Men’s sperm also suffer with biological-age and ill health or toxicity. Babies born from ill or too-biologically-old parents often carry an unnecessary and unfair burden. How can a  would-be parent want to do that to any child?

Notice, I am saying “biologically old”, not chronologically-old“! Thomas Paar was fathering healthy children when he was 140 years old. (see my Title Archive, on top bar – Oldest Humans Part 1) Today, in first world countries, instead, we are dealing with “infertility” among our young! Learn your bioloical-age by taking the survey tests at www.realage.com .

If you are going to try to become a parent, you need to be completely healthy for at least one year before you try to conceive. If you are pH unbalanced, and are toxically pH acid, then you will likely have “infertility” problems.

See the programs listed below, which will help you detoxify and regain pH alkaline status. In chronic cases, this can take years to accomplish, so start while you are young, if you intend to be parents.

Better still, while young, don’t buy into the highly-acidifying life-style of junk food,  most-allergenic foods, sodas, alcohol, tobacco, over-the-counter drugs, other drugs unless truly needed, or immerse Self in stress without play to balance it. By avoiding these causes, you are likely to be able to regain your Health quickly and maintain it.

If you are biologically-older, you will definitely have to “work on this detox” for quite a while, a year or more, at least.

If you are on prescription mediciations, if you are young then you need to know if and how this will affect your fertility.

Anyone of any age, if on prescription drugs or using over-the-counter drugs regularly, is likely to test pH acid because of the drugs, so you need to work with your physician on either Dr. Thomas Rau, MD’s pH balancing program ( www.drrau.com   and www.pbmn.org   ) or Dr. Robert O. Young, PhD’s program at  ( www.phmiracleliving.com  and http://articlesofhealth.blogspot.com  ). Get pH test kits at Deborah Johnson’s www.feelgoodfood.com  or pH Ion’s www.ph-ion.com  

Tatyana mentioned in the original report that all of her other 11 children all weighed over 11 pounds. T his is a real clue as to why —“>I ate everything, we don’t have money for special foods so I just ate potatoes, noodles and tomatoes.”  >You can bet that on such a poor diet, Tatyana’s own health is seriously compromised and that she will be unlikely to see her children grow to adulthood. What you do not give a baby from food ingested, it will rob from your body — hers probably have 12 times.

How can any man who “loves” his wife, yet cannot already support a large family with better food, keep putting her at risk? What sexual selfishness is involved here? What societal or tribal mores come into play? Why is Tatyana not standing up for herself and saying “No more children!”? The Russian medical system surely offers her options, too, if she knows the options and is courageous enough to use them.

These children are being born with such a potentially-huge physical burden — undoubtedly already carb-addicted, probably disrupted blood sugar, imbalanced metabolisms and less than prime organs or nervous systems. World Health Organization at the United Nations says the average human baby weighs in at 7 pounds 6 ozs. That means there are many larger and smaller babies. Both groups are at risk, the further out on the statistical bell-curve they start.

And, society reaps the problems, too, with carb-addicted, likely life-long obesity looming, as well as health and neuroligical problems for these too-small and too-large babies.

As an educator, I know America is awash in children with “special needs” and “learning problems”, and it’s because of diet and exposure to toxins – for their parents, as well as the children. All of us have to be responsible and not “make babies” when we are not optimally healthy. The human race depends on it.

Gestational diabetes is becoming a huge problem and it can happen to diagnosed diabetics as well as undiagnosed diabetics. It is potentially life-threatening to mother and child. If you are already diabetic, really learn if you should attempt pregnancy until you get pH balanced (which will go a long way to helping ameliorate or eradicate Type 2 diabetes — and Type 1 diabetics do better, too). Get a fasting blood sugar before pregnancy; see if you are one of the tens of millions of undiagnosed diabetics. Watch your blood sugar levels throughout pregnancy regardless of the levels you started at.

If your physician does not understand the import of pH, then go to one who does. Naturopathic physicians (N.D.) and holistic physicians (M.D. / N.D. combo) are most likely. You can see a roster of naturopathic physicians from Bastyr University in Seattle Washington and from America’s oldest medical school for Naturopathic physicians — the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Portland, Oregon — on their websites  www.ncnm.edu and www.bastyr.edu . Look under alumni. Holistic physicians are taught at the Integrative Medicine program of the University of Arizona (Dr. Andrew Weil, MDs program   www.drweil.com ) and a few other places in the US. Check your country’s situation.

There are also many well known and trained naturopathic physicians and holistic physicians online. Some are:

___ Dr. Michael Murray, ND (www.doctormurray.com )

___ Dr. Brett Saks, ND (www.holistic-physician.com )

___ Dr. Elson Haas, MD 
http://www.elsonhaas.com   http://chetday.com/haasdetox.htm  )

___ Dr. Andrew Weil, MD  (www.drweil.com )

___ Dr. Julian Whitaker, MD ( www.drwhitaker.com and  http://www.whitakerwellness.com/   )

___ Dr. Mark Hyman, MD ( www.ultrametabolism.com )

___ and Dr. Mark Fuhrman, MD at and at http://www.drfuhrman.com .

pH is the foundation of Health. You need to get back to being alkaline, everyday, in blood and tissues. Aim for pH 7.3 and read the explanatory books by authors: Kliment, Baroody, Young, Rau, Vasey and a few others on the critical role of pH (I’m far away from my home’s library, so I’m writing from memory and can’t give you titles).

The newest information about Obesity Rates, in The United States of America, state by state is at: http://abclocal.go.com/kgo/story?section=health&id=5608767  In this article, Jeffrey Levi opines:

… many believe weight is a personal choice and responsibility. Levi doesn’t dispute that notion, but he said society can help people make good choices.

“If we want kids to eat healthier food, we have to invest the money for school nutrition programs so that school lunches are healthier,” he said. “If we want people to be more physically active, then there have to be safe places to be active. That’s not just a class issue. We’ve designed suburban communities where there are no sidewalks for anybody to go out and take a walk.” 

In my opinion, you have to start advocating for yourself, your children and all who need access to better choices. This hasn’t happened on its own. We have to make better health care for all happen, and that includes health education, nutrition education, hands-on life-skills in food prep and many other arenas, time and places to be healthy and to relax, workplace co-operation, more vacation time for Americans, for sure (2 weeks is a real cause of so much illness, here. 6 weeks in Europe is more humane.). All of these arenas provide a basis for Prevention of many of the biggest health problems in the first place.

If Russian society cares about this child and her siblings, they will start to help this family eat better. And as for the family, they need to put pride aside. We are growing human-beings, and all societies need healthy people. We only get one chance to grow a healthy child or we have an unhealthy adult — and, at every level, unnecessary illness drains all of us.

Proper, effective, all-inclusive universal health coverage is critical in every country. No-one should be without effective, appropriate medical care, and respect should be given to any modalitiy which has proven its efficacy in the real world.

Prevention and attention to those with real needs is how we will solve the health-care crisis best. Chronic diseases, which can be greatly erradicated by balancing pH, have to be tackled and we have to turn illness around, from the Root, not just ameliorate or hide symptoms. It can be done.

Life is a great gift, but a life of illness is not. Really think about this when you make babies, please. And, while I am on my soap-box, seriously think about how we can best help mothers in need of help and for women to have more “choice” about what happens to their bodies and when. Patriarchal societies need to be informed and the weight of global sisterhood needs to be in-place to do so.

It does take a village to raise a child, and our responsibility to each other begins long before the thought of babies is even just a glimmer. My recipe =  fewer humans:

___ by just replacing ourselves, therefore 2 child families, maximum

___  really-welcomed and wanted, planned-by-parents babies

___  healthier humans by access to enough healthy food, fresh air, good water, exercise, relaxation, safe homes, societal support for families’ child-care needs

___  well-fed humans with an emphasis on real, organic food, not factory products, and from largely vegetarian sources to help the planet.

All of this can happen because there ARE enough resources and opportunities for all, in a smaller not-constantly-expanding- population world — that’s the recipe for “real” right-to-Life, in my opinion.

And, support mother’s rights to discreetly breast-feed in any public place. Children are always better fed that way, and any mother who wants to, should be able to, without public out-cry. According to Dr. Rau, MD, in his book “The Swiss Secret”, children need to be breast-fed 18 months to 2 years, as their intestines (where 90% of their immune system is housed) is immature until then, and when solid food is introduced too early (as it is now recommended), this goes against Nature’s plan, and life-long primal, T-cell food allergies are formed, unnecessarily. As it is difficult, biochemically, to conceive another child while breast-feeding, this is Nature’s contraceptive strategy and natural-spacing of children, which is more likely to ensure their survival. Breast pumps work great for “banking” milk for later use and allowing Mom’s to work outside the home, if needed.

In 1879, a 23 pound 8 oz boy was born-in-America and he only lived 11 hours. Today, Nadia may be able to have a longer life, and diagnostics may help to see what needs strengthening, but I wish that no more babies like Nadia are born, as it speaks volumes about the society and the family that made or was forced to make those choices leading to such a blatant example of ill health. What do you think?

I believe that all of society needs to make sure mothers have truly healthy babies, as much as we know how to do that. Prevention is always the very Best Medicine.

Best to all — Em


original article is at:


(c)2007 Em   https://diabetesdietdialogue.wordpress.com
If you desire to use or quote from my article, please include the full copyright citation and the complete website address. Thanks!

“Everyone knows someone who needs this information!” (TM)

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Young coconuts prepared for consumption, husk removed. Photo: answers.comYoung coconut in husk, left; old coconut in husk, right   photo: http://library.thinkquest.org/J002854/Young coconuts on tree. Photo: http://library.thinkquest.org/J002854/ 

How do you use one of the world’s most nutritious foods? Is organic coconut part of your diet? If it is, “Brava! Bravo!”, but if it is not in your pantry or refrigerator, learn how you are sabotaging your Health by sidelining its healing gifts! Nature’s traveling soccer-ball is part of the biggest game you hope to win — the Game of Life!

Coconuts, which are actually the plant world’s largest seed, can travel in salt water across oceans for even a year at a time, and still be ready to root. Botanists think coconut palms began in Malaysia and spread from there.

Coconuts are so important to human survival, and are a Foundational Human Food (FHF), in my opinion. Prehistoric and tribal peoples depend on them for food, clothing, shelter and tools. They are the Tree of Life! In fact, in Sanskrit, one of the world’s oldest languages, they are called “kalpa vriksha”, “the tree which gives all that is necessary for living”. That eloquently shows this food’s importance!

We call them “coconuts” because Spanish and Portuguese “explorers” of the Malay Peninsula saw the “nuts” and thought they looked like monkey-faces. Coco means “monkey face”.

Coconuts contain “the fluid of life”, too. What’s that, you ask? Well, the transparent coconut water, the liquid that comes out when the young coconut is first opened, mirrors the profile and mineral content of our human blood, perfectly! And, in a previously secure, unbroken nut, this coconut water is sterile, so Tender Coconut Water has been used in World War 2 for instant IV’s, as a universal donor, by medics, and has undoubtedly saved many lives, including those of young children today who are dehydrated by tropical diarrheal diseases, increasing their blood’s plasma.

Coconut water also contains lauric acid, found in mother’s milk and few other places in nature, so again, it provides our youngest with Life itself, when in need. It can help save your life today, too, as it is still a perfect electrolyte match for what your blood and cells need and read about cytokinins, below!

Called Tender Coconut Water (TCW), it is only from young, green-skinned coconuts —- the “old” brown coconuts have very little of this fluid left, and it has also changed content as the nut matured. TCW is best eaten fresh from the coconut; metal cans and aseptic packs and the pasteurization process all rob flavor and nutrition. Check Asian and Latin markets and your best natural food store for “young” coconuts. Sometimes they are in their natural form; sometimes the green husk has been removed and the inner white hard pith has been shaped into a conical pillar, then covered in plastic-wrap. Organic young, green coconuts are also available from http://www.rawguru.com If need be, http://www.melissas.com has young ones, too (but theirs may be Thai coconuts; see Thai problems, below).

It takes up to a year for a coconut to mature and the 9 month stage usually produces the best Tender Coconut Water (TCW). It takes about 9 months for the coconut husk to filter and clean about 1 liter of TCW. Coconut trees are in production year-round and can make about 60 nuts annually. There are plenty of nuts and more areas can produce them than currently do.

You will be seeing a lot more young-coconut based isotonic sports drinks and functional foods. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations took out its first patent for a cold-microfiltering technology, invented by Morton Satin, chief of FAO, so more third-world small manufacturers and family enterprises can now bring coconut water safely to us and raise their standard of living in a more-equitable free trade scenario.

Most present day commercial processes use too high heat technology and produce an inferior product.

As Nature’s original sports beverage, per 100 ml of tender coconut water contains the following in comparison to commercial sports drinks:
___ more potassium (294 mg) versus 8mg
___ less sodium (3.8 – 42 mg) versus 45.8mg
___ more calcium (44 mg) versus 1 mg
___ magnesium (10 mg) versus 3 mg
___ iron (106 mg)
___ phosphorus (9.2 mg)
___ copper (26 mg)
___ also contains sulphur and chloride
___ fat (.01%)
___ protein (.01%)

___ carbs (2100) versus 5,800mg
___ fewer sugars;all naturally-occuring (5 mg) (young: glucose, fructose. mature: sucrose)
___ vitamins C and B group
___ there are 10 carbohydrates per 8 oz.
___ pH varies at different stages, but natural TCW is always more beneficially alkaline than commercial sports drinks, which have quite acidic pH

Care must be taken with Tender Coconut Water (TCW) and it should be used quickly from a fresh nut, or be refrigerated immediately. The TCW is a perfect medium, and it will begin to ferment. It should always look colorless and transparent. Any cloudiness or pinkness or strange odor indicate you should not drink it. Also look for dark spots, tears or soft spots on the green skin to indicate spoilage.

In Traditional Medicine, coconut water and flesh are used medicinally, for heart, liver and kidney disorders, and the lauric and capyrlic acids in coconut effectively reduce viral-load, so they are useful in the treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein-Barr and other viral overloads like HIV. TCW can also be applied topically in cases of chicken pox, measles etc. TCW is slightly diuretic. Traditional TCW uses also includes helping diabetes.

TCW also contains special organic molecules called cytokinins which are cellular protective factors when cells undergo division. Cytokinins help to prevent RNA replication errors, so we get a new cell with accurate DNA. Coconut TCW has one of the highest sources of cytokinins in nature.

TCW goes by various local names: buko juice in the Phillipines, ilaneer in Kerala, India, daab narikolor paani in Assam, India, Thenkai in Tamil from Sri Lanka, Nariyal in Hindi, India’s modern national language. and many more.

Unfortunately, the Thai coconuts are now being irradiated, so be sure that you know your sources. And many, notably Thai, are also dipped in fungicides readying for their 6 week ocean-shipping. 30% or more of the shipment rots, so it’s important to do a real inspection in the market. It should feel heavy with juice, otherwise it may have small openings evaporating the liquid. The “eyes” at the base should not look dark or have mold. Take home an “extra” as a back-up, if you are making a recipe. Nuts from Brazil are the sweetest; nuts from India have a slightly salty flavor.

Here are some recipes from the internet to help you begin to experiment more with TCW.

Wilderness Family’s Coconut Sorbet

In an ice-cream maker, place the Tender Coconut Water, and process. If you want, add 1 Tablespoon of agave nectar, just to be sure it is dessert-like.

You can also freeze the TCW individually in an ice-cube tray and use the cubes to cool your fruit smoothies.



Sig’s Ilaneer – Kerala Coconut Drink

2 cups tender coconut water
1 cup spring water
1 cup tender coconut pulp
3 tsp Succanat sugar or agave nectar
1 T lemon juice
a pinch of powdered cinnamon

In a blender, grind the tender coconut pulp to a smooth paste. Add the water, tender coconut water, sugar and lemon juice to the blender and process till the ingredients are well blended.

Strain using a fine sieve and chill in the refrigerator, it tastes better ice cold. Sprinkle powdered cinnamon on before serving.

Note: Make sure you start with a tender coconut with a soft, white pulp.

A TCW Pineapple Smoothie recipe

Rasam is one of my favorite Indian soups. Make it as spicy as you like. I included this recipe for those who want more choices, other than desserts and drinks, to use the TCW.


Rasam with Coconut Water

Tender Coconut Water from 1 coconut: ( usually approx. 1 cup)
Toovar (toor) dhal*:1/4 C
tamarind extract: 1 t
tomatoes:2 quartered
garlic cloves:2 crushed
peppercorns:10 crushed
asafoetida powder (hing)**:1/4 t
turmeric powder: 1/2 t

organic, virgin coconut oil:1 T
mustard seed: 1/2 t
dried red chilli:2, broken in to 1/2 inch pieces
coriander leaves: few for garnishing

Clean and wash the toor dal and cook it in 2C of spring water until it is very soft. Add the coconut water, crushed garlic, pepper, asafoetida, turmeric and heat it gently. Don’t boil.

Do the tadka by heating the oil add mustard seed, then the dried chillies, pour over the rasam and garnish with coriander leaves.

* Toor dal is a tiny, salmon-colored flat-disc legume about the size of a mechanical pencil’s eraser. It is very pleasing and neutral in taste, and it cooks very quickly. It is useful for dips.

** Hing is available in natural food stores or Indian groceries. It is a white powder and has many medicinal uses in food.

and lastly:

Raw Papaya-Coconut Flan

1¾ cups fresh coconut meat (not shredded dried coconut), from a young coconut
½ cup up to 3/4 fresh Tender Coconut Water — added in fractions
1 4-5 inch ripe papaya, peeled, no seeds (dehydrate these for pepper substitute)
1 t organic, virgin coconut oil
1 T agave nectar
1 T raw honey* (or another tablespoon agave nectar)
1 T lemon juice
1 t cinnamon or star anise

Agar agar mixture:
1/3 cup spring water
1½ T agar-agar powder (or 2 tablespoon agar agar flakes – preferred, easier to find)

Sauce Coating:
Organic Maple syrup – to taste

1. In a small saucepan, pour 1/3 cup water and agar-agar powder. Soak it for 10 minutes.
2. Pour the rest of the basic ingredients** into a blender and process, pulsing, until smooth for at least five minutes. If not too smooth yet, blend for a couple of minutes more.

** Note: add first only 1/4 coconut water, if the blender does not blend because it is to dry, add 1/2 cup more coconut water and so on, but not more than 3/4 cup coconut water.

3. Let the mix rest in the blender.
4. Place the small saucepan with the agar-agar on the stove and heat in low for about 5 minutes, stirring constantly. The agar-agar should become completely dissolved. If using powder, it should not become a paste, if that happens, add more water. If using flakes, it will become a jelly transparent mixture. The flakes are easier to find and Eden Foods make a good one – look in the Macrobiotic or Asian sections of markets and natural food stores. Agar-agar is a vegetarian “gelatin”.

5. Let the agar-agar mixture rest for a couple of minutes to cool down, but not to set.
6. Add it to the mixture in the blender and blend for about 30-40 sec.

7. Coat your chosen flan forms with a bit of maple syrup.
8. Pour mixture in the forms.

9. Place it in the fridge and let it set for at least 2 hours before consuming, four hours is better. Then, put it in the freezer for 30 minutes before eating.

10. Place a flat plate on top of the form and flip it. If the flan does not come out, shake the flan form several times, from side to side, gently, to loosen it. Coat with maple syrup.

* WARNING: never use raw honey for children under 3 years of age. Their immune systems are not mature enough to handle the possible botulism spores in raw honey.

I hope this helps you use this valuable food which is little-known-to-Westerners. Support the use of coconut palms in Florida, Hawaii and tropical Australia, too.

Best to all —

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