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“Everyone knows someone who needs this information!”

The scientific analysis of a few drops of your blood, immediately, can show you an amazing, accurate mirror of your state of Health unavailable by any other method.  The results of an improper or proper diabetes diet plan are there for you to see, real-time. And, live blood analysis gives you a way to monitor personalized therapies. What therapies can show efficacy when looking at your sample?

For our purpose, the most important therapy is the one that affects body pH.


Spring is the traditional time to cleanse your body internally, especially after the long, more sedentary winter, and less fresh foods. So, make use of the chance to get more fresh air, fresh foods, exercise, light and lots more natural tools for Health. Start by trying to get your pH Balancing program going!

What contributes to too acidic pH (pH 2 – 6)?

These are known causes of excess tissue acidity:

___ inactivity

___ over-exercise

___  not helping your body cleanse itself by utilizing light exercise and breathing clean, fresh air and responsible, periodic, informed use of colonics

___ auto-intoxication from incomplete and / or irregular elimination – if you have bad breath, sour stomach, constipation or skin eruptions, these are signs that your channels of elimination are inefficient or breaking-down.

___ over-eating

___ eating too many acidic foods. Highest acid foods are: grains, cow dairy, cheese, ice-cream, sodas, coffee, artificial sweeteners, beef, pheasant, lobster, pork, veal, mussels, squid, chicken, barley, corn, rye, oat bran, hazelnuts, walnuts, pecans, pistachios (also a mold source), peanuts, fried foods, soy, soy milk, green peas, carrots,  chickpeas (garbanzos), peas, cranberry, pomegranate, carob, chocolate. When eating these, they must be pH balanced by alkaline foods and alkaline waters or they should not be eaten at all. To neutralize one can of soda, it requires 30 cans of water.

___  too large meals resulting in poor digestion and assimilation ability

___ wrong foods for you – food sensitivities, imbalanced diet choices

___ lack of fresh, raw plant food

___ improperly cooked foods e.g. overheated fats and oils, protein cooked above 325F

___ too much protein; too many grains;  sugar and high-fructose corn syrup

___ too many acidic substances ingested, whether food or non-foods, including over-the-counter and most prescription medications, without being off-set by an alkaline life-style

___ no-nutrition and junk “foods” (especially soda pop or anything articially sweetened), fake fats

___ stress of all sorts – including not enough relaxation or sleep

___ not enough clean, pure springwater (or enough water at all)

___ incorrect breathing (using just upper chest, rather than relaxing deep, abdominal musculature)

___ a dysfunctional small intestine, as well as possible pancreatic problems

___ obesity is a definite overt indicator that you are too acidic, but thin people can be too, especially those who cannot gain weight


How can you return to healthy pH levels?

___ eat lots of a variety of fresh (organic), in season vegetables; they form the basis of your diet and should be 75% – 80% of what you eat. Listed in order of preference: dark green leafies are best, romaine lettuce,  seaweeds, daikon, burdock, sweet potato,  miso, kohlrabi, garlic, asparagus, ginger root, bell pepper, broccoli, organic potatoes only – including skins  (no fungicide), cucumber, cilantro, okra, squashes, eggplant, rutubaga, parsnip, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, chives and leeks.

___ eat some fresh (organic) fruit – (listed in order of preference): especially melons (only eaten by themselves, 20 minutes before any other food or fruit), as well as umbeoshi plums, persimmons, pineapple, raspberry, nectarine, mango, olive, loganberry, grapefruit (if medication allows it), avocado, lime and lemon (these are alkaline inside your body, although test acid before metabolism), pear, apple, peach, papaya and grape.

___ no sugar, junk food – especially no sodas, coffee, artificial sweeteners, fake fats and margarine. Check out dandelion root “coffee”.

___ drink one cup of organic tea dailypreferably “matcha” the unheated, pure-leaf Japanese green tea (as long as your medication allows tea)

___ 64 ounces of pure spring water sipped through-out the day (more if thirsty due to hot weather or lots of exercise). Test the pH of your water using pH test strips from your pharmacy. Much municipal water is already acidic. Spring water needs to be tested, too. Make sure your water source is not naturally or communally fluoridated.

___ about 6 ounces of (organic) protein a day, max from animal sources or be a vegetarian, if your body tells you it is right for you, but don’t emphasize dairy, especially not cheese, as it is a very concentrated form of milk. Use organic, unsweetened almond milk (then sweeten it a little with stevia or agave nectar).

___ 2-3 tablespoons of good, organic oils a day. 1 tablespoon can be extra-virgin olive oil used for cooking, the rest should either be uncooked, refrigerated hemp or flax oil for salad dressing recipes or smoothies OR take Carlson’s fish oil (only this brand) or molecularly-distilled fish oil  capsules, as instructed on bottle.

Any organic nuts and seeds you use can also count toward this requirement, replacing 1 or 2 tablespoons of the oils. Raw almonds are best, but you need at least one tablespoon of the omega-3 from hemp, flax or fish oils, daily. Use only raw pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, tahini, chestnuts, cashews, organic coconut and its products are OK.

___ no fermented or pickled foods, according to Dr. Young, but I still include a little, if they are naturally-fermented products, made without the addition of vinegar. An example of this are sauerkraut, kim chee, kosher pickles (Bubbies), natto and other pickled foods made from truly traditional recipes, where time, temperature and beneficial bacteria do the work. An organic, true, slow made apple-cider vinegar (like Bragg’s or Spectrum Naturals) is allowed, by some practitioners. (Most vinegars are commercially, articificially made and are unacceptable — like Heinz.)

___ heal your small intestine: use probiotics, homostatic soil organisms.  Absolutely NO yeast or yeast products.

___ detoxify your liver. Check www.liverdoctor.com

___ responsibily clean out your bowel  http://products.mercola.com/new-start

___ support your pancreas. Monitor your blood sugars more carefully. Consult your physician about using:  GTF chromium piccolinate (Glucose Tolerance Factor), vanadium, selenium, Gymnema sylvestris, bitter melon extract, lutein, lycopene, alpha lipoic acid

Learn more about other causes of obesity and pH Balance:






When you do these steps regularly, you will begin to see changes in your tissue pH. Just as it took years for you to reach this condition, it takes “time” to undo it. For sure, it is important to not let your children or grandchildren start the path to poor health. Get them on the right-path first, or help them get back onto it; health will return fastest to children. They will probaly not need detoxification measures; just use the other steps suggested.

Only do more with a knowledgeable pediatrician’s consent e.g. if your child has a chronic or life-threatening dis-ease or disability, get a knowledgeable team to help you the rest of the way, preferably a holistic, integrative MD or N.MD (naturopathic physician).

You can use live-blood analysis to chart your progression as another diagnostic.

In the videos above, some more microscope shots show you the difference between unhealthy blood and your healthy blood goal. It is fascinating to see, as well as helping you take real responsibility.

I wish you well on your Journey —Em

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“Everyone knows someone who needs this information!” (TM)

We have a world-wide epidemic of diabetes. The World Health Organization says there are at least 200 million diagnosed diabetics and tens of millions of undiagnosed diabetics. In America, 4,000 new diabetics are diagnosed every day. Is this your day?

With at least 6 million undiagnosed diabetic Americans and even more in pre-diabetes (blood sugars of 100 – 125), very little is being done to educate people. You need to learn the symptoms and ways to avoid diabetes yourself, and that there are real cures to diabetes as well as a properly effective diabetes diet plan (instead of the ineffectual one offered by the American Diabetes Association, which certainly doesn’t “cure”).

Once you learn, then make sure that the people you love know too. Take the time to help, and ask them to Pay It Forward. Education and action are critical to stop this epidemic which brings needless devastation and death.

Once you have lost your Health, very little else matters until you regain it, if that is still possible. It’s better not to lose it in the first place. In one of the last posts, I mentioned there are 2 million Canadian diabetics. Now, I’ve seen there are about 2.3 million diabetics diagnosed in Britain and about another 750,000 undiagnosed. Australia’s numbers are increasing, too. Why? And India’s are set to head to the stratosphere!

Well, it has long since been my belief that the pH theory espoused by Dr. Robert O. Young, PhD. is at the root of what we call “disease”, and that applies to the starting point of the dis-ease we call diabetes.

Dr. Young’s bio-terrain based theory can be validated easily when you are able to look at live blood samples. As a microbiologist, he is used to doing this and then he can tell you exactlywhat dis-eased, unbalanced state you have.

Diabetics have “white spots” on their red blood cells, Dr. Young says. It’s very apparent.  Blood holds a short-term 120 day story, and a long-term story, both of which shed great light into deep recesses of your body and the health or lack of it there.

In live blood analysis, fresh-drawn samples are magnified 40,000 times, with a phase-contrast and dark-field fiber-optic microscope, and 32 anomolies can be seen. When the blood dries on the slide, another 36 variations can be studied.

No two people’s blood is ever exactly the same, and to the trained microscopist, it is very evident what imbalances and pathogens are hiding there, causing symptoms that even the best diagnostic clinicians are not finding any other way, or as early.

Any disease situation shows up in the blood quickly, as blood is the River of Life and flows to every piece of you. It’s an Early Warning System, if it is looked at regulary (probably at least twice a year would be good, if you think of yourself as “healthy”). Your blood is very efficient in bringing nutrition and returning waste products only if you are healthy. In fact, according to information at Boronia Naturopathic Clinic’s site, in a healthy body, a red blood cell can circumnavigate your body in 20 seconds! Amazing.

This kind of live blood check is called an “unchanged analysis”, and is quite unlike the generic “blood tests” you get from your doctor when vials of your blood are sent off to be centrifuged and stained in labs. Instead, this requires only several drops of blood and is handled completely differently, as well as it being immediately checked, on-site.

Your live blood exactly mirrors your state of health. You see how active parts of your blood are in real-time, whether the cells are well-formed (and if not, why they are deformed; what that type of deformation “usually” means), what pathogens are in the drop and how many, how active. The sample also tells if you are dehydrated and by what degree; how well your blood clots; if your blood is in a state of constant-clumping or if it is free-flowing, properly.

Excess acidity shows up as white spots on the cells or as discoloration. ‘Wherever acids settle in the body, they make coagulation difficult, and the location of these puddles of blood indicate problems in the organ system related to those feeding routes in the blood system ‘  say the micropscopists at www.seemycells.co.uk who were trained by Dr. Young.

And, in addition to being an early warning system to FIND disease, live blood analysis can give you instant feedback about the effectiveness of therapies tried, as well as the ability to highly-personalize any therapy just as needed.

Dr. Young is busy training microscopists in his techniques, and they come from all parts of the world and all kinds of health fields, N.MDs, MDs, DOs, DCs, nutritionists and more. Check if there is anyone near you who can perform this highly-trained service.


Blood is an important “marker” for our health, period. To point that out, from an independent source, my eye caught an article whereby a young Scot medical student, Kyle Gibson,  found a way to make the “sticky” blood of diabetics “better” (by using N-acetylcysteine, sold in health stores as NAC, I believe) and thereby reduced the chance of blood clots for them. Further research is needed and patents are being applied for by a Glasgow firm willing to undertake the trials. Other research shows that diabetics are at risk for heart and circulatory dis-eases 15 years earlier than other non-diabetics. Why is that happening?

Well, here we come back to the fact that most of us have our bodies at the incorrect pH in our tissues, in varying degrees, and our bodies are fighting like mad to rob alkaline material from all tissues and bones — to keep our blood at the MANDATORY 7.365 (or we die, rapidly!). Diabetics and pre-diabetics have VERY acidic tissues!

The acids eat away at our circulatory system and our organs. What’s causing our bodies to be SO acidic, whether we are diabetic yet, or not? The acid-tissue problem exists because of:

___   inactivity

 ___   over-exercise

___   over-eating and too large meals resulting in poor digestion and assimilation ability

 ___   wrong foods for you – food sensitivites, imbalanced diet choices

___   too many acidic substances ingested, whether food or non-foods, including medications, without being off-set by an alkaline life-style

___   no-nutrition and junk “foods”

 ___   stress of all sorts – including not enough relaxation or sleep

___   not enough clean, pure springwater (or enough water at all)

 ___   incorrect breathing (using just upper chest, rather than relaxing deep,

abdominal musculature)

 ___   a dysfunctional small intestine, as well as possible pancreatic problems

Well, that’s quite a list isn’t it, dear reader!

You might be asking ‘what can I do about some of this? It’s just modern life, isn’t it!’ Well, for each of these there are skills and strategies to ameliorate them. We can’t make them all go away, but we can live a pleasurable life and still better our chances, because we tended to these aspects, smartly.

More on the HOW-TO next time. Meanwhile see if you can learn more about we’ve discussed here.

Best to all — Em

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www.phmiracleliving.com Dr. Young’s official site; see if Dr. Young has trained someone near you

http://www.vke-cellfood.com/cellfood-tech.htm great photos and ideas for treatment; reference to famed teacher and microscopist Michael Coyle, who died several years ago (in a car crash, I think) and his staff in Santa Rosa, CA who tried to continue his legacy, (but now do that individually). That’s why the link to Coyle’s website does not activate. But CELLFOOD is availble from the new official US distributor at: www.luminahealth.com and read more about live blood from Michael Coyle in a pdf: http://www.luminahealth.com/images/Coyle.pdf 


in Australia: some images showing changes in live blood as healing happens, no diabetes example on site, but very useful from naturopathic physician Julie Merrick, ND at:



Dr. Charles Adams, MD is using live blood analysis in his practice in USA http://www.drprevent.com/

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“Everyone knows someone who needs this information!” (TM)

I have just seen this 19 minutes video which shares the most amazing, concept-connecting “proof” of the Unity of All, and a new definition of Self, that I ever expect to see. And it’s from a trained neuroscientist’s perspective, so that should “satisfy” the usual nay-sayers about what is too often discounted as “navel-gazing”. This is a gift to give yourself and others. Take 19 minutes and change your View, change your Life, profoundly.

My thanks to Tara Parker-Pope at the New York Times for introducing me to a remarkable neuoranatomist, Jill Bolte Taylor. You can read other readers comments (and do comment here, of course!) at Tara’s page:


If you need to access the video differently, hopefully it will stay archived here:


You can see my New York Times WELL blog comments below:

Dear Tara,
Thank you for bringing this video to us. It is one of the most beautiful and extraordinary experiences I have had in 61 years.

It verifies a lot of what my father and others have mentioned in their near-death experiences, and it helps us understand that Quantum Physics and String “Theory” are actuality.

I loved that this “scientist” could find the “We” and say to the world, “you can too”, whether it is through Mindfulness, Attention, Meditation etc, it is essential that we get in contact with a full-measure of Ourselves. We have been running on a half-tank of perception, a half-tank of Energy. What a Loss. What a Find!

I would also encourage people to “see” the difference between “brain” and “mind”, as mind seems to be housed through-out our body, and beyond. Let’s learn to “think” in different terms about ourselves, and let’s take a road-map from Jill and other sensitive, wise people who learned this path in other ways, and then go find our right-brain Consciousness to make, and connect to, a better place!


I truly think that the “abilities” we have in our right-brain arsenal are potent tools for Healing diabetes or anything else, as other Wise humans have taught us, from many times and cultures. So, if you use this video as “validation”, if that was what was holding you back from “buying into” what is normally too touchy-feely for you, then hopefully this video will spur you into action!

Healing starts and ends with you. It sometimes gets a little jump-start using guidance from without, especially from talented Healers who help re-Balance you, but mostly Cure is using Guidance from Within. This is very Powerful.

I hope that you will attune yourself, and re-Balance yourself, in energy-vibrational ways (as well as by using all the step-by-step, left-brained tutelage), to help your physical body and / or mental body and emotional body. Of the two Ways, my belief is that the right-brained, energy-path is the more potent way to Heal.

I encourage you to learn more and will give a bread-crumb trail here, over time. Start with healers Donna Eden and Barbara Ann Brennan and then learning more about Chakras, Ayurveda, Color-Puncture, Reiki and Bach Rescue Remedy.All of this means that you need to take time for yourself: to ponder and think and de-compress and relax and play. Do it for you, and for all who love you. Share what you learn, what you intuit, with others around you. Let’s change the planet, together. Let Health reign.Best to all — Em

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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

In addition to rampant diabetes among teens, a US Centers For Disease Control report just came out today that is extremely disturbing. Data shows 26 per cent of teenage girls are now infected with chlamydia, human papilloma virus (HPV), genital herpes or trichomoniasis. In fact, the numbers are likely much higher, because syphilis, gonorrhea and HIV are not included in these numbers, either!

And, just as there are real risks to every teen diabetic’s long-term health by not following a healing, natural diabetes diet plan, from a knowledgeable holistic doctor, there are real risks to current and future health of diabetic teens and other teens from untreated sexually transmitted diseases, (STDs), with infertility and higher risks of cervical cancer topping the list, as well as increased chance for death from an ectopic pregnancy in the future.

Parents -Alienate or Enable. Avoiding Both Of These Is Difficult Today. PHPTO - www.abcnews,go.com   20-20 July 2007

What irritates me is the girls are left with a much more hidden “problem”, and when their bodies are already in tremendous biological upheaval (moreso than boys’), this can slip by. Plus, it’s often hard for teens to have a rapport with the physician, who’s known them since they were babies, which may not allow them to ask or answer these questions.

Decades ago, I found my teen asking to have have a female pediatrician at this stage, and even though she had 2 wonderful male pediatricians, I understood and we found a great doctor, at a time when there were fewer female physicians. Thankfully, that situation has improved.

Her doctor insisted on private time with my teen, and this is something that the parent does have to adjust to. But I still went to the appointments, and put my two cents in at the time when all 3 of us were together; then I turned my child over to the other adult she was willing to trust for wise counsel. I wanted her to know that her parents were still engaged in her welfare, but respected that things were changing. A delicate dance begins.

If parents don’t spend the time to still be “involved” with their teens, albeit one or two steps more removed than they had been, it lets there be a whole lot less chance to still “guide”, not “tell” but still offer counsel, show concern and bring up concerns, and bring up a larger view of life that you hope will serve your teen well.

This epidemic of teen STDs shows effective parenting is suffering; girls are being pressured; men and boys are unhealthy in their choices and reckless in not getting diseases attended to. What a mess! And, the girls get left holding the unwanted babies and being at risk, to become infertile from untreated STDs, even if they are not pregnant.

Teen pregnancy may be “down”, but if teen STDs are “up”, then warning bells should be going off in families nation-wide. Ignorance is not bliss. 

If we are correct in our pH theory of the root cause of diabetes , and I think we are, then pH also explains why these young girls, and the boys and men who infect them, are hosting these bacteria.

Every bacterium and virus can only survive in friendly territory. That is, they can only be parasites in hosts’ bodies which are acidic. If your body is alkaline or neutral pH, these organisms will die or not invade you. Simple as that.

So, if acidic body tissues are the root cause for both diabetes and for infection of all kinds, then what are teens (and adults and children) doing to cause the excess tissue acidity, and how can they detoxify to return to pH neutral or pH alkaline (which is our definition of Health)?


These are known causes of excess tissue acidity:

___   stress of any sort – including lack of sleep and poor nutrition

___   lack of fresh, raw plant food

___   not enough clean spring water drunk daily

___   not helping your body cleanse by light exercise and breathing clean air

___   taking in acidic substances – legal or illegal drugs, alcohol, cigarette smoking, junk food, all soda drinks, birth-control pills are included (but if you are sexually active, you’d better take the pills), fake fats, overheated fats and oils

___   over-exercise

___   too much protein and grains

___   sugar, in all forms


How can you return to healthy pH levels?

___   eat lots of a variety of fresh (organic) vegetables; they form the basis of your diet

___    eat some fresh (organic) fruit

___    cut out all sugar, all junk food and especially no sodas or coffee

___    one cup of organic tea daily

___    64 ounces of pure spring water sipped through-out the day (more if thirsty due to hot weather or lots of exercise)

___    about 6 ounces of (organic) protein a day, max from animal sources or be a vegetarian, if your body tells you it is right for you, but don’t emphasize cheese.

 ___   2-3 tablespoons of good, organic oils a day. 1 tablespoon can be extra-virgin olive oil used for cooking, the rest should either be uncooked, refrigerated hemp or flax oil for salad dressing recipes or smoothies OR take fish oil capsules, as instructed on bottle. Any organic nuts you use can also count toward this requirement, replacing 1 or 2 tablespoons of the oils. Raw almonds are best, but you need at least one tablespoon of the omega-3 from hemp, flax or fish oils, daily.

___   no fermented or pickled foods


So, lots of changes, can you bear it?

Why should you change? “What’s in it for you!”
___ To be truly Healthy as shown by glowing skin and beautiful hair, nails, normal weight.

___ To be healthy from the inside out and have your body be able to help you be happy and whole and “high” on Life itself. 

___ To have a clean body in which to house your child when the time is right.

How do you get well?

Eat the foods I mentioned above, and avoid the ones I said. Use drugs as little as possible, and when your doctor does prescribe them, help your body detoxify them by drinking plenty of spring waters on those days. Learn more about liver health — yes, I’m asking you to learn about your body so you can start to respect it. It’s all you have to carry you through Life.

Check out Dr. Sandra Cabot, MD s site www.liverdoctor.com  as your liver is your first line of defense in a world of poisonous substances. Learn how to detoxify properly, as detoxification is a necessary part of modern life.

And, attend to your thoughts. Happy thoughts build a healthy body, and if you cannot be happy, then you already know that you must start this healthy foods only plan, safe detoxification, and gradually the inflammation in your brain, caused by excess acid, will be removed and better moods will result. Try this important diet change before you reach for anti-depressants. Get your body and mind cleaned. Current research is showing that many of the snti-depressant medications are little more than placebos for what they are expected to be doing, but are causing serious side-effects. Better to try this get-better-pH food protocol first, if at all possible.

If you don’t self-respect yourself, think enough of yourself, then you need to ask “why?”. Try to understand how special and unique you are, and why you need to be a strong and independent female. This is not a time when you can appreciate, yet, what depth there is to maintaining a complex, long-term relationship and how to keep it going without resorting to fake closeness or giving-in to pressures from boys or men who really have their own agendas.

So, try not to be made a victim; instead, choose. You are in the driver’s seat. Examples of positive choices: improve your mind, have quality fun with your friends and family, think of others beyond yourself, find something valuable for you to do, appreciate your life and make it count.

Shape who you are; don’t let others do it for you. And, if “popularity” is what it’s all about, don’t buy into it. Hard to understand now, but likely in as little as 5 years, all these “friends” won’t even be in your Life … and if they are, then maybe they were the few, true friends. It’s definitely hard to be a teenage girl, but you have the most to lose, and the guys go on their merry way, often not even realizing they have infected you, and potentially changed your Life and Health, forever. Maybe these intial teenage sex liasons will result in making you infertile and unable to have a child with the man you meet later in life, whose child you will desperately want to bring into the world. Why set yourself up for that long-term heartbreak? Be responsible for your choices, and understand the “price-tags” that come with each of them; which ever way you decide, there is always a “price” to pay.

Another form of support is flower essence; they will help, especially if you choose the seemingly “more difficult” path of abstinence. For all your worries and concerns, in any part of your Life, these are powerful aids which will not contribute to acidity, but will help you in the deepest needs to support you mind and body. They may be used safely even if you take other medications. And, they are inexpensive, especially when a bottle can last several years.

Learn more about Bach Flower Essences, Australian Bush Essences and California Essences(FES). I make sure to have Bach Rescue Remedy with me at all times. The essences can be the best thing you could learn about online. Only the finest health stores carry them. Keep them 5 feet away from anything electrical and do not let them be “scanned” at the market or the airport.

One last suggestion for the moment, learn to cook healthy food for yourself. Do it while you are at home. Soon you will be out on your own, with college or a job, and it’s harder to do it well, then. If your parents aren’t doing a good job cooking healthy, fresh meals at home, then with your contribution and new learning, maybe your whole family can benefit from you starting this Journey.

If they are good cooks, you are lucky to have them. Let them teach you. It’s great family-time, and satisfying, too. You’ll be amazed how some cooking techniques help you get a fresh meal cooked faster than you could drive for fast food.

And, help your younger brothers and sisters avoid all this grief, too. Be there for them; help to guide them.

Well, we got started on a really important topic, but most of what I have already written on this blog could be read by teens and if acted on, give you a much better life, now and later.

I hope this helps.

Best to all — Em



updated article:





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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

Here’s an unusual post. This diabetes information is new and you should know about it so you can make good choices in your care! Pass this info on, too.

Let’s talk about what these news articles means to you!


“… The study points to a stark need for preventive strategies, said Dr. Spyros Mezitis, an endocrinologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. “What we’re doing is treating, and we’re not treating the problem at the beginning,” he said.

“Already one-third of the budget for Medicare is for diabetes. This is an epidemic, and we’re not doing much to prevent it, and we’re not doing very well controlling it. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.”

An estimated 19 million to 20 million Americans have type 2 diabetes, and about one-third of them don’t even know they have the disease.



In this short statement from the article, this dedicated physician is speaking-out, in a way that should be heeded.

___   The current thinking about diabetes does not provide a cure for diabetes.

___   Present mainstream medical protocols don’t investigate the root cause of the disease.

___   Regular thinking about diabetes medications are just to mask the symptoms and not really treat diabetes.

There are small pockets of physicians in mainstream medicine and many more practitioners in alternative medicine who have been looking for the root-cause of diabetes AND who have been putting themselves and their professional reputations on-the-line for speaking out and mentioning that real diabetes cures do exist!

Such courage is rare, as it is still considered heretical. Finally, a few brave physicians (MDs) are joining their fellow physicians (N. MDs) to tell the results from experiments in their own practices and clinical settings. The results show unequivacally that, with adherence and persistence, you can heal from diabetes, much of the way, and even all of the way (for many people — Type 1 and Type 2!).

All of the cures for diabetes are dependent on a different diabetic diet than the one touted by the American Diabetes Association and most Registered Dieticians.

 Each physician has a specific diabetes diet plan. There are some variations among the different physician’s plans, but they are largely plant-based, healthy fats, smaller amounts of protein, low glycemic index and most plans pay attention to acid-alkaline tissue levels (not blood levels). 

I will be setting up a website soon to tell you more about this. I’ll keep you posted.

This also states that there is a huge increase in diabetes among the elderly (mostly unexplained)  (in addition to the already known epidemic among young people — mostly because of junk food).

So, the most important take-away information is to make sure you get regular blood sugar screening if you are an elder, or make sure you help get your older relatives the same tests, and that their physician is knowledgeable, conscientious and a good listener, who takes adequate time for an office visit, as there’s a group among older people who become passive or intimidated.


And, another recent article tells of what may begin as a possible diagnostic predictor of future diabetic tendencies, in women. This report was to help Canada’s 2 million diabetics, but you can benefit, too.

Measuring a woman’s breast size at age 20 may help predict whether she will develop diabetes in middle age, according to new Canadian research. The study, published in today’s edition of the Canadian Medical Association Journal, suggests that women with a bra cup size of D or larger are almost five times more likely to develop diabetes than women with an A cup.”

Even after adjusting for several other factors that can influence the risk of diabetes, such as obesity, diet, smoking and family history, the D cup group were still 68% more likely to develop diabetes than women with an A cup. (Women with B and C cup sizes – which are the most common – had their risk increase proportionally to cup size.)

How do you measure bra cup size? Measure your horizontal chest circumference just under the breasts, then add five inches. Next, subtract that resulting total from the circumference at the fullest part of the breasts.

A net difference of one inch is considered an A cup, and a difference of four inches is a D cup. As cup size relates to a reasonable approximation of breast volume, it provides insight into the amount of fat tissue (which is estrogenically hormone-active). Estrogen activity is related to other hormones’ activity, too.

Don’t think you can influence this by getting breast reduction; you can’t influence it.

Time will determine if this is a useful indicator of future hormonally-dependent concerns, like diabetes. If you are older than 20, then perhaps you can recall what your cup size was back then. But, if this helps alert women that the POSSIBILITY is stronger for them to end up being diabetic decades later, this potentially gives every woman the chance to avert diabetes, by being more targeted with the diets mentioned above.

Many of the larger-breasted woman at age 20 recalled being slightly heavier at ages 5 and 10 years old than the other girls their age. Women with a D cup size were also younger at their first menstrual period (menarche), by about five months on average, compared with women with an A cup.

Dr. Ray said all of this is important because, medically, the first sign of puberty in girls is the development of breast buds and fatty breast tissue. Breast tissue is extremely hormonally responsive and insulin is a hormone.Puberty is a definite state of insulin resistance, just as is pregnancy,” Dr. Ray said. 

Consequently, his rationale:  girls who enter puberty earlier – as obese girls are known to do – may have more pronounced breast development and thereby greater insulin resistance (with its predisposition to diabetes).



I am still very busy with my class, but I came across these articles while taking a “break”, so I hope they will make a difference in your life. That will mean my time was well spent, dear reader. I’ll see you next week. Until then, take care.

Best to all — Em

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Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information! (TM)

This profound medical information about MMS and other Sodium Chlorite research is some of the most important health news you will read in your life. I am sure of that. That’s not melodrama. I encourage you to learn the real-life story of Jim Humble, the discoverer of MMS and it’s life-saving protocol, in an earlier post here on my blog at:


commons, wikipedia, category Molecular

I am making a reprise of this article because it is vital for the world to know about MMS and other Sodium Chlorite products. Some should be in every home. Our unfettered use of Sodium Chlorite is essential to our well-being, and we need to support all those in the effort, currently, who keep it available to all of us. People in every country need to be proactive about protecting their access to the basic ingredients.

The MMS Interview DVD by Adam Abraham is ready to ship from his site. He interviewed Jim Humble and Dr. John Humiston, MD one of the forward-thinking physicians blazing the path of knowledge about MMS. At Adam’s site you can also: read more in-depth articles about MMS, listen to audios and watch videos about the is new-but-old, authentic miracle supplement. 


So, make it a plan as part of your week to learn more about Sodium Chlorite, and thereby be able to extricate your family from a strangle-hold of “medicinal” products which the international Big Pharma drug cartel is insisting you MUST have, (so they can continue to milk-the-wealth out of every country’s citizens with “medicines” that seldom actually cure, anything).

As Adam Abraham profoundly reminds us:“We can put our faith in the “false god” that is medical technology and pharmaceutical orthodoxy, or we can learn to trust, understand, and embrace the energetic and restorative power of Mother Nature. Bodies don’t forget how to heal. They do it naturally when we remove the “microscopic debris” that clogs them up. The sooner we know this, and take active steps to stay in balance, the longer we will keep our health, or the shorter time it will take to restore it.”

MMS is the most effective substance known to “remove the microscopic debris” clogging up our bodies! Nothing else even comes close. Usual detoxification is sometimes time-consuming and usually less complete. MMS is much easier and you can pace yourself to avoid nasty surprise Herx reactions (when your body throws off too much toxin at one time).

As Adam investigated and documented the wonderful healing paved by using MMS, he also found another small, independent, family-owned pharmaceutical company, Frontier ( www.frontierpharm.com ) , which has been developing sodium chlorite products for the past 25 years, independently of Jim Humble’s decade of research. 

Most of Frontier Pharmaceutical’s present offerings are for external, topical applications on your body, and they are far more efficient and safe than similar products you are currently using. They solve a variety of persistent skin and dental concerns which are often problematic for diabetics.  Their FDA approved products are blazing into more commercial areas — skin gels, toothpaste etc, where we will see Sodium Chlorite really shine in a whole new way. And, Frontier is continuing their research on using Sodium Chlorite internally. You can listen to a 60 minute audio interview of Adam Abraham and the CEO of Frontier Pharmaceuticals at:


And in my previous article, I also mentioned that world-class microbiologist and pH researcher, Dr. Robert O. Young, PhD, one of my main mentors, had also independently realized the full potential of Sodium Chlorite’s unparalleled ability to alkalinize deep tissues of your body and thereby affect Healing. So, here is yet a third independent scientific source testifying about its efficacy.

Sodium Chlorite is added to water supplies already, all over the world, to purify them, but the waters that need the most purification are the ones INSIDE you! This purification is on a totally different level, and “how” to do it safely and effectively is what we are all in the process of gathering information about.

Enough has been done with Dr. Young’s pH Drops product and another product called Stabilized Oxygen, in use internally for around 100 years, and now MMS, to know that Sodium Chlorite is safe to use in the tiny, exact amounts suggested. This is one case where MORE IS NOT BETTER! Follow the instructions, just as you would in any other supplementation or medication.

Just because it’s over-the-counter doesn’t mean YOU can experiment. Leave that to the physicians to update the guidelines when and if that is necessary. The established MMS protocol has been given safely and successfully to hundreds of thousands of people, already.

In Adam’s interview, Dr. John Humiston, MD, who has utilized MMS therapy the most says, like any other health tool, MMS works individually. Some people respond to it very quickly, for others it takes much longer. To some degree, as with all protocols, it mirrors the status of the issues we have and our  mindset about what we are doing and how it can help us. It is by NO means a placebo effect.  

But much of the body’s healing ways are still mysterious, and we can undo healing ourselves, as well as bolster our own healing.

As evidence for that, Jim Humble tells of one year’s worth of MMS experimentation with lab rats, where they don’t “think” about their therapy, and all had much improved or cured cases! So, keep MMS therapy simple. Let it do the work it is best at — being the most effective bio-scalpel ever found.

I had not mentioned Dr. Young’s Sodium Chlorite product in the past, as it was far more expensive than MMS, (Jim has asked his trained suppliers to limit the cost of MMS so everyone can afford a usual year’s supply for about $20 per person).

As you know, dear reader, I am in the middle of a challenging class, so this is a shorter article this week. Also, see I have added some new blogs to my blogroll, set to pages that I know will help you.

Remember, also, there are lots of articles in the Title Archive accessed from the top Navigation Bar’s tab. There are links at the base of each archive page to load the next page in the archive.

I’m off to sleep. It’s 2:30 AM.

Best to all — Em

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