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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

Of course I wanted to share a new honey cake recipe for diabetics in time for Rosh Hashannah (Jewish New Year) which begins next Monday evening, but this week, as the world’s financial markets have been reeling, instead, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about personal responsibility, corporate responsibility, government’s role and how to craft a better world, where the priorities are founded on the well-being of The People and The Planet and not a privileged “Few”, (who are often greedy and short-sighted); certainly, raiding the Treasury for undeserved corporate bail-outs severely impacts money for healthcare, health research and help for all who need financial assistance to buy their medications and essential items like diabetes equipment. 

I believe it is reasonable to expect that our Government should be ensuring an essential, fair economic sphere of opportunity and a social contract where all of us are able to have a job or business, buy healthy food and have a decently secure roof over our head, in return for the honest work of our own effort, know-how and innovation, and not to jeopardize that by giving imprudent help to a few irresponsible corporations from Wall StreetThis article will take you 15 – 20 minutes to read, but it may be one of the most important you ever read. So, read it in pieces, if you must, but DO read it!

First, some background, so please bear with me.

Yes, in the paragraph above I underlined “honest“. That’s been at the core of the most recent financial issues. Wall Street has made its own rules, which amounted to being basically, NO rules, while Main Street has HAD to play-by-the-rules or else The People lose everything!

And, as philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet have highlighted in their statements, they are concerned that even fewer philanthropists are emerging from the upper echelons of society, too. So, I wonder if everything is really even more topsy-turvy and fundamentally flawed at the level of personal responsibility and conscience.  I wonder how many millions (let alone billions) does a wealthy person “need” to be able to live one’s own life well, and help those you love have a good life, before you are willing to share your bountiful largesse!

Naturally, the next step in this cogitation is ‘how to put the situation aright’, as Rosh Hashannah is a time for soul-searching more than of celebration, this IS very appropriate.

Tikkun Olam – The Repair of the World – is a prime directive in Judaism; each of us is charged with the responsibility, by the Divine. We are stewards of the Lord’s creation as well as being our sisters’ and brothers’ “keeper”.

This year I am far more concerned about what we will experience as our lives next year, and whether we, as individuals, have ANY control over our destiny at this point in time, given that we are dealing with a stunningly-brutal, abusive and insensitive global corporate agenda! Every citizen, in every country, is caught in this web.

In America, whose economy seriously impacts other countries’, we cannot mortgage our childrens’, grandchildrens’ and potentially great-grandchildrens’ future or health solely on the audacious request to bail-out irresponsible corporations no matter how big or “important” they are supposed to be. If the American taxpayer offers any help, then The People must get a decent return-on-investment for the infusion of capital. After that topic is settled, one way or another, we must seriously address the viability of the American Dollar – the trashing of which, some say, is the aim of what is behind this recent Wall Street and rising-oil-prices “emergency”.

As background, nothing but the world’s “good-will” has stood behind the “value” of the US Dollar since 1971 when President Nixon took America off the “gold standard” (whereby “America’s” fortune in gold, in Fort Knox, Kentucky, really stood “behind” the paper dollar). The newly unsupported dollar was bolstered by President Nixon’s agreement with the Sauds in 1973 that oil would “always” be sold in US Dollars. That helped our currency, as other countries had to collect dollars, especially by trading with us. All of that is changing. 

Many of the oil-producing Persian Gulf countries are now experiencing a spill-over of inflation from America, because they are “tied” to the American dollar; this is unacceptable to them. They may change the ‘use of the dollar to buy oil’ and that can bring America’s financial world crashing down — a REAL and PRESENT DANGER, a national security issue, wouldn’t you say?

Next, the Iraq government under Saddam Hussein was selling its oil in Euros, NOT using US Dollars; this may have been one of at least 2 semi-secret reasons for the war in Iraq. And it may also be the real reason for saber-rattling from Russia (which says all its home-produced oil and gas WILL be sold in RUBLES, only). Iran is following it’s Russian ally’s path, also selling its oil by pricing it in rubles or non-dollar currency, to prevent “dollar slavery” bringing Iran in as a “target” for yet another morally unacceptable, pre-emptive American war-for-oil because by not using dollars, Iran has cost America dearly, financially, and it has a huge oil supply to sell. 

And, this Bush-American Government wants to spread its version of American hegemony when it is selling-out America to pay the bill, and other countries, including China, which have been paying our bills, are beginning to say, “No!”.

You can’t be a SuperPower when you can’t pay your bills. See more about this in the Blog articles in Reference. In reality, it appears that America is really bankrupt, and the last money we have borrowed, which is still in the Treasury, is what they want to “raid” now.

This purposeful, step-by-step financial breaking-of-America is also because of poor, abusive governance these past 8 years and due to no regulation of the insensitive and predatory behavior by globalist corporations and banksters, with Profit as their only concern. All of this is really coming home to every citizen now, shareholder or not, in many first-world countries and in America first and foremost. But later, you’ll find out here that there’s more to it all than just GREED and POWER.

I am not an economist, but I am well read, and I am an intelligent and dedicated researcher and data-miner. I have found that beyond conspiracy theory circles, the idea has been advanced that the real purpose of turmoil in these coming months is to destabilize, trash and otherwise bury the Dollar, and then institute the North American Union, with a new currency, already called the Amero.

Those who follow financial and other circles more closely than I do, say that the Basel Accords are designed to act powerfully (the one in 1988 brought down the Japanese banks, which previous to that, 9 of the top 10 banks in the world had been Japanese!) and the second Accord, aimed at being in place by 2007, began staging the Dollar’s demise! 

In fact, the policy currently being implemented by the private corporate and Governmental establishment is criminal, and litigation should start! By them devaluing the U.S. Dollar due to their actions or inactions, they are indirectly robbing from the American middle class, by destroying the purchasing power of everyone’s bank accounts, that are denominated in U.S. Dollars. This is another way to destroy the Middle Class, the back-bone of America and reservoir of her values.

The Poor do not have lots of savings, but are being robbed in other ways. The Wealthy have safe havens, off-shore banking and other ways to not be hurt, and often to profit, by this course of events.

Strangely, NO recent Federal Reserve Chairman has instituted policies to save the Dollar, and in fact, most citizens do not realize that the Federal Reserve is not even a legal entity.

Congressman Ron Paul and others are trying to educate the populace about the illegal, self-serving stranglehold the Federal Reserve and its fiat currency has in our financial life. “The Federal Reserve should be raising interest rates to defend the dollar” say the authors at www.funnymoneyreport.com. Indeed, in past decades, I remember them doing that, when it suited the Wealthy. Why not now?

Also, in the mix, the Russians announced a deal that was neither in the Canadian or American press. The Russians say  military treaties* have been concluded in February 2008, in Texas, whereby Canada and Mexico will have their specially-trained-for-this-purpose, elite military battalions “handle” the coming civil unrest in America, when this country’s financial base (and then the American Government) crashes early next year (possibly in February, according to a disinter blog posting from March 2008, which told some items of a closed-door session of the US Congress that also detailed the Wall Street crash would begin, specifically, in mid-September 2008!). Very scary. 

Just to be safe,  make sure you have plenty of meds and survival supplies, until things stabilize again, likely with the North American Union in place, as THAT is the preferred Plan all along. The powers-that-be can then get the American “dollar debt” off the books and be in-control still, with a new currency, and remain as the central bankers, or should I say banksters.

This scenario is aided by Dick Cheney’s actions. Yet again, with a 9% approval rating, Vice-President Cheney is still in office and machinating as much as ever. He has made sure that his former company, Haliburton, via its subsidiary KBR, has been paid handsomely, not just agregiously in Iraq, but also to train thousands of home-grown mercenaries to keep civil order (in the style of Blackwater Corporation), and several returning American Iraq military Veterans say they are being asked to fill out questionnaires about how far they are willing to “go” to kill Americans during civil strife! 

Can any recent Vets out there reading this verify by writing to me at the About Me page? Thanks!

All of this is even more ominous because the dollar actually IS fragile, at home and abroad, and this nefarious plan has been many decades in planning and follow-through. During the Reagan administration, another seemingly helpful, seemingly benign piece was put in place to contribute to the demise of America. What was this?

In addition to or as part of a bill passed about Martial Law, Reagan signed a bill which gave FEMA wide-ranging and unlimited power during civil emergency, answerable ONLY to the President; we just haven’t seen it applied to the anticipated, pre-planned level yet. Discredited Attorney General John Ashcroft was definitely involved in starting to build detention camps for Americans using Haliburton’s KBR (Kellogg, Brown and Root).

Just as we saw unprecedented, secret holding-tanks for “demonstrators” during the Democratic and Republican conventions, which were uncovered by reporters (doing their job, for once!), so too are up to 1,000 camps supposedly already  built in all 50 states (mostly on unused military bases, other Federal real-estate and in warehouses, but also on local and state lands like Water Districts, framed with the barbed wire facing INWARD etc.) to house (and possibly “dispose” of) dissadents and those likely to object to the dismantling of America and the rise of the North American Union, a planned part of the New World Order, instead.

The San Francisco Chronicle report below opens your eyes to how our Government has prepared again to put millions of its citizens behind barbed wire  (as it did to the Japanese-Americans, at the start of WW2, remember?) and maybe even worse atrocities.

The bills involved were railroaded through Congress as: 2007 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and Military Commissions Act of 2006, Presidential Director Number 54 in April of 1984 and at FEMA’s Mt. Weather underground facility, the Shadow Government establishment, circumventing the Constitution’s line of succession, is found in National Security Presidential Directive 51 (NSPD-51).

The Chronicle’s article is written by former Congressman Dan Hamburg! He concludes, ” The Constitution does not allow the executive to have unchecked power under any circumstances. The people must not allow the president to use the war on terrorism to rule by fear instead of by law.”

And Winston Churchill warns:

“The power of the Executive to cast a man into prison without formulating any charge known to the law, and particularly to deny him the judgment of his peers, is in the highest degree odious and is the foundation of all totalitarian government …”

I personally don’t know if these camps are true or not, but I’ve seen some good reports and enough other hanky-panky with all-too-ready willingness to abandon our Freedoms from this Administration, that nothing would surprise me. Keep your eyes and ears open. Assess this for yourself.

But, this I DO know —  in early 1977, not long after President Jimmy Carter began his Presidency, I lived in Washington, DC Metro area and saw him often on the LOCAL News, at lunch-time as well as later in the day on local and national newscasts. One noon time, I watched and listened as President Jimmy Carter said, unexpectedly, something SO strange, that I then had no idea what he was talking about — and because of that, I remembered it for 25 – 30 years before I found more Understanding.

So, what was it that I saw Carter say? ‘The President of the United States has no Power and is NOT the head of the country. The United States is ruled by a secret, world-wide Government.’ He was very clear and quick! Within moments, the TV transmission went blank (that’s scary, too!).

He never spoke of it again that I know of (he probably was threatened), and I know of only 3 other people brave enough to speak recently about the 10,000 year old power-grab by the original Illuminati from Babylon (Iraq) (not the false-scent of the German 19th century branch), now sometimes called the New World Order – and those courageous leaders are: 

___   the Meiji Emperor of Japan in the mid- 1800’s as Japan re-joined the world after centuries of isolation

___   President Dwight Eisenhower in his farewell address (calling them ‘the military-industrial complex, answerable to no-one’) and

___  President John Kennedy, whose family, along with the Bush family are “insiders“. Kennedys paid dearly, with 3 lives, for spilling the beans. Bushes and Kennedys are rival factions.

Did you realize that about 39 of the 44 US Presidents descend from the same Illuminati genealogical lineage? That’s NO co-incidence.

Not just during the last 2 illegal Bush Administrations, generations of Bushes have been full-speed ahead to railroad us into servitude, destitution and the Fascism Prescott Bush, tried to install when he attempted a Nazi-empathizer overthrow of FDR’s government around 1933!

So, no-one can tell me this is conspiracy “theory”, as I saw and heard one courageous President, Jimmy Carter, tell me very clearly that it is real, while I watched Kennedy’s more veiled comments without understanding at all. Thank-you President Carter; you are a true patriot.

Returning to the political-grab operating at the moment, the FDIC which “insures” American citizens’ bank accounts up to $100,000 per bank (only if it is an approved FDIC bank), is concerned about its resources. It used about 10% to cover the IndyMac bank failure earlier this year, but the failure of Washington Mutual (the nation’s largest Savings & Loan) will send FDIC belly-up, some think. So everyone hopes that WaMu will likely be sold to Morgan-Stanley (UPDATE: Friday, it has been seized and parts sold to JP Morgan – Chase, an Illuminati business), and then, only “maybe”,  will FDIC have enough to cover the other 150 banks which are expected to fail in this crisis.

Rep. Dr. Ron Paul has an interview below that is worth watching via YouTube.

Of course, there will be more money to help the little-guys’ savings and bail-out soon-to-be-foreclosed homes if 800 billion dollars is NOT given to Wall Street. The US Treasury is now close to 10 – 11 Trillion dollars in debt. Do you think we really can survive ANY part of this mismanagement?


I despair that our nation can survive this. All of these agregious actions go to the heart of potential and actual abuse of power, as well as lack of honesty and transparency and oversight or concern for its citizenry by the leaders of this present American Government, (and past administrations, in varying degrees). 

And, in all the Changes to be wrought, just what is this present Government’s definition of Democracy; will the Constitution be upheld? Certainly the sovereign nation of the United States of America will cease-to-exist if the North American Union is instituted, as planned. This Bush Government has already been eroding personal freedoms seriously, all in the name of the so-called war on terror. Before any attempted North American Union take-over, are our free speech rights going to be protected as well as our rights to assemble and bear arms, or are we going to find that our Government IS the enemy?

The Founding Fathers instituted and ratified our most precious documents to protect us FROM our Government, and all rights which we do not grant Government, specifically, reside in the rights of the People. This is unique in the History of the World, and encompasses what is SO special and necessary for the real America to survive and prosper. This is why we must have representatives who do the People’s work NOT the Government’s, NOT the Corporations’, because once those rights are ceded to Government or Corporations, the People generally lose in the equation.


As a solid financial foundation is necessary next, after our Rights, to establish a free and stable society, we need to look to how to clean up this recent financial debacle on Wall Street, if there is still a chance to do so.

David Brooks at the New York Times writes that there must be a new financial way; Progressive Corporatism, a term by Arnold Kling, is the chosen model for his discussion below. 

In this brave new world, Brooks only addresses the economic aspects of our life whereby “the American government will be much more active in economic management”; to get us out of the present mess, government activism will provide support to some needy corporations, banks and business and will be used to shore up the stable conditions all business needs to thrive (of  course this “support” has to be done well, and not with taxpayers holding the poor investments!); tax revenues from viable business activities will pay for progressive investments, in business-friendly causes, like: green technology, health care reform, infrastructure spending, education reform and scientific research. We would all benefit in some way from that approach, and America’s workers will be better off, with better jobs and more home-grown jobs.

In my opinion, we also need to reform the Tax Code, and yes, have wealthier people pay more than they have been. In this past decade, especially, more wealth has transferred to the top 1% of America’s population than in any time in World History. The wealthier are MUCH more wealthy; the middle-class has almost disappeared, and the lowest economic realms are struggling more than ever. What is wrong with this picture, especially in the dream-made-real which has been my America!

As Congressman Henserling (R) Texas said this week, maybe incentives can be given to the Rich, even while they pay more taxes. The capital gains tax could be reduced and those monies, if re-invested, will help the private sector start to gin-up. Then the Government will get the taxpayers’ money back to the Treasury faster, with good financial returns, because the economy will be in better shape with more diversified investments in place. And the wealthy will be keeping some of their money to re-invest, and will only be rewarded as they re-invest.

I also think that worker’s wages need to rise; that CEO compensation needs to be tied to a reasonable multiple of the common workers’ pay as well as to how well a company performs under that CEO’s guidance; that there be strict regulatory over-sight of corporations, especially in the finance sector; that unions be viable and that contracts between management and workers must exist; that anti-trust legislation be re-invigorated, so monopolies don’t exist; that there be harsh penalties for corporations and jail time for corporate officers for price-fixing, collusion and insider-trading etc. and absolutely, that there must be equal pay for equal work

Additionally, there must be a well-designed national health plan in America, building on the strengths of plans that other first-world nations already have AND there must be meaningful reform in the way pensions, savings protection and public safety-net plans are in place to care for Americans who can no longer work or who are ill, at any age.

All of this becomes more pressing, as I think retirement is a thing of the past, but if America corporations and small business are more generous with paid vacation time (6 weeks, as Europeans have long since had, as a minimum), then all of society will benefit from the experience and dedication of older workers. With more vacation time, people will be able to relax and not just be wage-slaves, as we are now in America.

If it weren’t SO serious, I’d say the usual American time-off as 2 weeks of annual “vacation” is a joke. High levels of stress and lack of time or energy each day lead to poor biochemistry, poor food choices and poor health!

I would say all this could have a chance if it was indeed “business as usual”. But, it is not. Estimates are that the Illuminati already are in control of 99% of all major corporations, and therefore farming, food distribution, fuel etc are all within their purvue. Los Angeles police are already being trained to control the population as food-riots are anticipated, when food-supply is artificially cut.

It seems that the Illluminati // New World Order shill, Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulsen, may finally understand he is NOT going to get a carte blanche check, without any over-sight of his actions, from the American People, and that CEO’s pay, in these troubled businesses, has to be curtailed along with golden-parachute “deals” when corporations have been poorly managed.

If The People can manage to sort this out, I think that corporate profits have to be taxed differently than they have been recently, too, but any Plan must allow for plenty of profit to drive the economy. However, above a certain level, excessive profit IS gouging, definitely IS obscene and needs to be dealt with! I haven’t seen any Governments anywhere, recently, with the courage to do that.

Because of these falsely inflated prices, due solely to the profit-motive, people everywhere should NOT have to choose between buying their medication OR buying food OR having a roof over their head OR having no way but to buy gasoline, even if they car pool, to get to work, because there’s not enough public transportation.

Instead, much more relief, and actual salvation from foreclosure, needs to be given FIRST to the citizens who were entrapped by calculating, predatory lenders, and who without help, will lose their homes and life-savings. So far, as of Thursday, Rep. Barney Frank is giving indications that the present Plan gives the Citizens NOTHING!

It is NOT the borrower’s fault; it is the mortgage banker’s fault. They “approved” the loans. Foreclosure relief should have happened years ago! To denigrate the “sub-Prime” borrowers, or any borrowers, as the “Cause” is disingenuous.

The impotent and self-serving Congress failed to act, and otherwise responsible citizens have been losing Everything, while the bulk of Americans, and certainly their Government, didn’t care!

I know the tragedy of this first-hand, as, due to job loss in their professions, and inability to sell the property, 2 of my family have lost their homes, on which they have faithfully paid for decades and decades. This is an ongoing national catastrophe in which families do NOT recover on their own. Now, more than one million Americans have lost their homes, and all their savings, and their lives are trashed and their talents squandered. Neither of my families is on their feet again, after years. Professional and manufacturing jobs have been sent offshore and the only jobs Bush created are low-paying service “jobs”. What a sham.

So, at the core of it all, especially in America, is the Campaign Reform issue, which must be first on the new Administration’s agenda. Write! Speak! Rally! Make it so! Without Campaign Reform, we will still be in the clutches of influence-peddling from the greedy corporations’ lobbyists and wealthy panderers and will have a  continued “NOT concerned for us” but  “YES only to special interests” Government.

With Campaign Reform, which must include not only publically-financed campaigns but also short campaigns, then our representatives will hopefully really attend to The People’s business and their well-being. THAT is their only public duty! But, now, every Congress-person must raise $40,000 a day, just to have money for their next campaign. Does that start to explain why we have nothing happening to help The People, decade after decade?

I may write again during the week, as events change, but I encourage you to strive to Understand the Big Picture and the Hidden Agenda — do whatever you have to do to Understand what IS going on. You have this as your sacred-charge, too, as part of the Social Contract as a citizen, but even moreso, you need to do this to be involved, for your survival.

Best to all — Em

*  United States Northern Command Military Leader, US Air Force Gen. Gene Renuart of NORAD, and his Canadian counterpart, Air Force Lt.-Gen. Marc Dumais announced this new Military Pact (February  14, 2008) … and the only Canadian Troops available for any, so called, ‘civil emergency’ in the United States, are to be soldiers from its Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM), which Russian Military Commanders rate as being one of the top Special Forces Units among all of the World’s Armies. Why are only these the forces chosen to “handle” American citizens? This is very scary.

See more at: http://wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=57228 and learn about the now-turned-terrorist criminal Zeta Mexican Commando mercenaries to be used at:



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This assessment of the true intentions of the United States Leaders granting power over their own citizens to Canadian Special Forces Troops, appears to be supported by information coming from US Troops returning from Iraq. Read report at: http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/february2008/020408_shoot_americans.htm


I used this photo to represent the Shekinah, the Female Divine Principle, the closest-to-humankind, maternal, nurturing aspect of the  Divine, depicted as the first branch of the Tetragrammeton, the Holy Tree of Life representation of the Creator, which is at the foundation of Jewish and Sunni Kabbalah. (I am not speaking of the “modernized” versions of Kabbalah, like Madonna ascribes to.)

Shekinah is the Yin principle in Asian religions, which, when unified with the male Yang principle, (in Western religions, this is the paternal aspect of the Lord known as YHWH) the dual-energies (dual-aspects) of maternal and paternal is then combined into the One.

May the Lord watch over you and yours through this tribulation, which is being perpetrated by soul-less humans of EVERY gender, race, crede, religion and country, who owe allegiance to no-one and nothing we would want.

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(c)2008 Em https://diabetesdietdialogue.wordpress.com

If you desire to use this article or quote from it, please include my copyright citation and website address, either in your footnotes or the article. Thanks!

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“Everyone knows someone who needs this information!” (TM)

When the Olympics ended, few citizens realized that 2 weeks later another challenging 10 day Olympic Games would be held in Beijing for the disabled world-caliber athletes, bringing all of us a Paralympic experience that would be: positive, exciting, touching for our hearts and a chance for diabetics to learn even more about triumphing over adversity. Yes, the Paralympians deserved better coverage for their effort and valor.  Their stories exemplify the best of what it means to be Human.

But, for crass, commercial reasons, their story was barely told in America, so I will highlight a few athlete’s stories here and I hope they will help diabetics to realize that through knowledge, discipline and tenacity, you can create a better life for yourself, as these brave athletes do, step by step, day by day.













Twenty-six years ago, talented cyclist Barbara Buchan, was fighting for her life after being hit while she was in a road-race, even though she wore the accepted soft-helmet of those days.  She was comatose for 2 months, and survived, but with serious brain injuries which leave her cognitively impaired in a wide variety of ways due to loss of 1/4 of her front temporal lobe, as well as being physically impaired, especially in her hands.

Barbara is the oldest member of the US Paralympic team at age 52. From age 25 onward, she has survived 5 major surgeries and has many titanium skull plates and screws and six years of rehabilitation behind her, when doctors feared she would never speak or walk again.

Through it all, she has never let go of her dream as a 15 year old, to win an Olympic Gold medal in cycling, and this time around she achieved it! Barbara won her class of the individual 3,000 meter cycling pursuit, and now owns the World Record at 4 minutes 15:848 secs, too.

Her achievement caps a quarter century of daily action towards her goal, tenacity that has lasted longer than most of her fellow competitors have even been alive. And, even though her accident resulted in the hard-helmet laws which have protected cyclists ever since, this victory must be even sweeter.

As New York Times reports, “Buchan recovered enough of her athletic ability to run track in the 1988 Paralympics in Seoul, South Korea, where she won a silver medal at 800 meters. Women’s cycling was not included in the Paralympics yet, so Buchan trained to the point where she raced against men in the 2000 Paralympics in Sydney, Australia — she finished 9th and 10th in two races — and then successfully fought for a separate women’s cycling program beginning in 2004 in Athens, where she did not medal.”

Please remember how many times I wrote about my admiration for Dara Torres, in Parts 1 – 4 (see links in Reference, below).  Dara Torres, who at 41, has an amazing, healthy body won many medals in Beijing.  But, after hearing Barbara’s story, I have to say that I am even more amazed at her accomplishments.  I admire Barbara SO much! She’s 11 years older than Dara, doesn’t have her money or resources, and has had a lonely journey to her dream, (and even just to survive in Life). What a triumph of the Human Spirit Barbara is. What an inspiration!

Brava, Barbara! When you return to your job at The Home Depot in Bend, Oregon, your co-workers and community will welcome you as the hero you are. Next time I go to Bend, I’ll come to the gardening department and tell you too, in person!








Natalie du Toit is a 20-something Olympian from South Africa. She is the first person to be both a regular Olympian and a Paralympian. She participated in both Games in Beijing. This is a tremendous accomplishment for anyone!

Natalie was already an Olympic caliber swimmer, when on her way to training, at age 21, she was hit by a car, and her leg was severed. She has hauled herself up out of that tragedy, and is making the BEST of her life — by setting and achieving new, worthy goals, by acting as a wonderful role model for able-bodied and dis-abled people and as a motivational speaker (her ‘day job’).

Natalie won 5 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal in swimming in the Athens Paralympics 2004, and this year, she was trying for 5 Gold Medals. Her participation in the regular Olympics was historic, and she entered in the new event called the Women’s Marathon Swim. It was NOT 26 miles, but it was 6 miles – six grueling, dog-eat-dog, no holds barred  miles – in open sea!

She was courageous even to try, especially when her amputated leg just trails behind her, uselessly, and even with one good leg, with rolling waves already, she was sure most of her effort would have to be from her strong arm-strokes.

Nathalie ran into trouble because her swim cap obscured her vision, and she panicked, trying to keep afloat AND use both hands to put her cap on properly again. It cost her precious time, and would have been an easy chore for the other competitors had it happened to them.

And, the other swimmers gave her no preference. She had to get into the sea on a dive on one leg and haul herself out, exhausted, onto the dock at the finish, before she could put on her prosthetic leg, and just have the chance to relax like everyone else. But, Natalie asks for no favors, and she did well, even though not as well as she had hoped. She finished in the upper-half of the pack. She’s anticipating competing in the regular Games, again, in London.

In her Paralympics competition, Natalie shone. She’s going home to South Africa with 5 Gold Medals! She won the Women’s 100m Freestyle, S9 class; Women’s 50m Freestyle, S9; Women’s 400m Freestyle – S9; Women’s 100m Butterfly – S9; Women’s 200m Individual Medley – SM9 class. Like in Athens, some were in World Record time, and the races were exciting, people edging others out by tiny times, just like the regular Games. Brava Natalie!

And, as icing on the cake, Natalie won the Whang Youn Dai Achievement Award given to the most inspiring Paralympian female athlete.

The Chinese people became enthusiastically involved in watching the Paralympics and it has helped to ‘change the image’ of what disabled people can accomplish and contribute to their society. This was a crucial, much-needed mindset change for China, as previously, disabled people were shunned and denigrated.

As the recent earthquake in China resulted in tens of thousands of new amputees, this new view has brought the chance that they will be better respected and incorporated into Chinese society, as the leaders saw what Paralympians can accomplish, first-hand. And, now Beijing is a model to cities of what must be done for proper handicap access. Well done!

Additionally, the IOC has ruled that from now on, the host of each summer and winter Games must also host the Paralympics, using the same venues and with the same quality of support. Well done!

But, I wish that support was forthcoming for the US Paralympic Team, which has NOT been given equal chance at training, training facilities, residential training, coaching, financial support, access to sponsors or financial rewards when medaling. What a scandal. Other major countries do much better. It makes the American Paralympians’ efforts all that more courageous.

And, now as I did before, I’ll end with —


Edith HunkelerSwitzerland

winner, Women’s Marathon, T-54 class 


Edith finished in 1 hour 39:09 minutes!

and for the Men –

Kurt Fearnley – Australia

winner, Men’s Marathon, T-54 class



I have to say that when my father was confined to a wheelchair after losing both legs to diabetes, we got him a “sports” wheelchair (mid-1980’s version, when they were a “new” item). I am sure that sports-chairs have come a long way since then, as we just resurrected my Dad’s chair for my Mum to use, due to increased hip pain and needed surgery.

Even though my father was a strong man, and had great upper-body strength, I think he would also find it amazing as to what Paralympians can do in their more modern “sports” wheelchairs.

The fact that the Paralympians can go for Marathon distances, at speed, and play basketball, and have long distance relay races etc., from their chairs, shows just how much people are capable of and how much technology has continued to improve their lives. My father’s titanium chair is nowhere close to these super-dooper ones in the Games.

And, I remember my father struggling with his prosthesis. He really never wore it much; it was just too heavy and too painful. Now that disabilities are more “accepted”, people can do away with the extra-baggage of having to have something look “nice and normal”. Instead, they can use a limb that is light and strong. When I see Paralympian runners and sprinters pounding their amputated legs in the sockets of these new limbs, I have to hope that ordinary amputees will benefit from the technology, fit, scale of production, and with improvement in all of these, then the world will be able to use more of the “disabled’s” talent. Let’s even the playing field of Life a little more!

For the cognitively-disabled like Barbara Buchan, and for the visually-impaired athletes and other disabled groups, I hope the consciouness-raising of general society will benefit those disabled groups, too. Let’s work with our similarities and respect our differences, and work together, for a better world.

A quick word as to why I put the “class” information in each of these results. That is because the Paralympics are organized way beyond the regular Games’ distinctions of only Male or Female or Team events. The Paralympians need to compete against one another in the fairest way possible, so they are grouped by type of disability and (maybe) even degree of impairment (not sure on that). So, the same event is held many more times in the Paralympics, and the most robust athletes are the top seeded group who get the most notice. They are elite athletes in every way.

In the Paralympics, the top 10 medal countries are, in order:  China, Britain, United States of America, Australia, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Spain, Canada, Brazil.

However, it is important to see on the Medals Roster for the Paralympics that athletes from 76 countries medaled at these Games. I think that may be more countries than do so in the regular Games.

There is something wonderful to see that a Paralympian from Papua New Guinea or Syria or Namibia or Bosnia won a medal, and they did! Also, huge numbers of maimed war veterans DO compete from many countries. In fact, it was to give World War 2 veterans a new lease on life that the Paralympics were started, in London, in 1948.

And, next time, they will return to London. Push hard to see these Games next time. Insist to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that whoever gets the regular Games TV contract MUST also show the Paralympics. Write and be heard! You’ll find IOC online.

Best to all — Em

Be sure to check the Title Archive on the upper Navigation Bar. There are 3 pages  listed there. Enjoy!



The Oldest Olympic Champions – Hardwork Makes Miracles We Can Learn From – Parts 1 through 4


Part 2 at:
Part 3 at:
Part 4 at:

Paralympic coverage was available, and maybe there is an archive, at:


http://universalsports.com   and  www.paralympicsport.tv



Opening Ceremony:


Natalie du Toit – First Gold Medal:

China’s Previous View About The Disabled:

Natalie du Toit Wins The Whang Youn Dai Award For Paralympian Achievement

For more information, please visit the official website of the Whang Youn Dai Achievement Award at www.whangprize.org .


Paralympics, Summer Sports Roster: http://www.paralympic.org/release/Summer_Sports/
Paralympics Winter Sports Roster: http://www.paralympic.org/release/Winter_Sports/
Paralympic Hall of Fame: http://www.paralympic.org/hof/main.html

PARALYMPIC RESULTS: http://results.beijing2008.cn/WRMP/ENG/Schedule/index.shtml
Nathalie’s BIO: http://results.beijing2008.cn/WRMP/ENG/BIO/Athlete/1/1210611.shtml


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16. 17. 18. – Kurt  Fearnley   


Miracle Mineral For Diabetics series will resume in about 2 weeks, after I am back in California. Next week – Celebrating Rosh Hashannah – maybe I’ll include another healthier, diabetic, natural honey cake recipe. We’ll see how the week goes, or maybe I’ll use it for a commentary on the State of Our Health in the Big Scheme of Things, and where to go from here for new starts and new priorities.

(c)2008 Em https://diabetesdietdialogue.wordpress.com

Please respect my copyright if you decide to use my article or quote from it. Include my full copyright citation and website address in your reference section or as a footnote. Thanks!

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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

Dr. Linda Frassetto, MD has been experimenting with Humanity’s pre-historic, Paleolithic diet in a genetic context, and her research intimately affects diabetics, as diabetes is not a natural occurrence; if we eat food that speaks-a-language which our body understands as bringing Health for us, that is another strategy that helps us Heal, and the special salsa or guacamole recipe below is filled with magnesium, a mineral which Type 1 diabetics and Type 2 diabetics really need, and whose amount is not limited when eaten as food.

Also: It’s important to read the magnesium nutritional science in part 1A at:


First, I’d like to discuss Paleolithic and Traditional Foods diets briefly, and then finish with a new salsa / guacamole recipe for a good magnesium boost.

Dr. Linda Frassetto, MD works at the University of California School of Medicine, in San Francisco, and she has been scientifically assessing the multi-disciplinary revolution started by other professors like Dr. Loren Cordain, PhD of Colorado State University and  Dr. S. Boyd Eaton, an anthropologist, whose research on Paleolithic and Stone-Age diets has enlightened the way to our natural, foundational diet as Humans. The premise is when we veer away from the foods required and programmed by our genetic make-up, we open ourselves to disease. Dr. Frassetto says,

“An organism best fits the environment described by its genes, an environment that prevailed during the time period (millions of years) when evolution naturally selected the genes of its ancestors – those who survived to pass on their genes.

When an organism’s current environment differs from its ancestral one, the environment’s mismatch with the organism’s genome may result in functional disadvantages for the organism.

The genetically conditioned nutritional requirements of human beings established themselves over millions of years in which ancestral hominins, living as hunter-gatherers, ate a diet markedly different from that of agriculturally dependent contemporary human beings. “

So, what have Drs. Frassetto, Cordain and Eaton found, and do we see real-world evidence, that if we return to Humanity’s food-roots, that our Health will change dramatically?

Frassetto’s study particularly targeted potassium food use, but magnesium is often found in the same foods, and is used for many of the same physiologic reasons, so, as I started my series with magnesium, I’m bringing the concepts in here. I will discuss more of the scientific results of her potassium study when I write about that necessary alkaline mineral as part of this series, soon.

Dr. Frassetto studied 159 retrojected Stone Age diets, and found that modern diets are really inferior sources for the alkaline power-house nutrients that pre-historic peoples ate, and which nourished our species well enough for the healthiest of us to survive and propogate our genes through the epochs and millennia. Will modern humans survive? Not if we persist in the current calorically-dense, nutrient-lacking SAD modern, manufactured diet, for sure.

The over-acidification from this improper diet is destroying our bodies from the inside out. Dr. Robert O. Young, PhD, research scientist says, “Our body is alkaline by design”; most modern manufactured foods create acidity instead.

Dr. Frassetto also raises the question as whether what we regard as “normal levels” of these vital alkaline minerals, when lab tests are done, is even credible, as these lab norms do NOT reflect our physiologic heritage, and likely our bodies real need.  Therefore, I think she would argue that “normal” levels give us false confidence in our Health status.

Dr. S. Boyd Eaton is professor of Anthropology and Radiology at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, and his salient point is that we live in a Stone-Age body, even though we are called “Modern Humans”, Homo sapiens sapiens.

Our bodies remain adapted to the life and dietary needs that existed for Humankind about 100,000 years ago, and that is NOT enough time for any meaningful genetically adaptive change to have occurred in our body. Physiologically, we ARE Stone-Age people.

Bottomline: we need to eat a Paleolithic Diet, and even a Stone-Age dietary pattern for best Health. We need to use the play-book we will call “Stone-Age Diet, Rules!” (c). Here are some.

___   Dr. Eaton says that Paleolithic diet is composed of 35% fats (27.5% as monosaturated and unsaturated fat; 7.5% as saturated fat from lean, grass fed animals or from fish and NO trans-fats – which are a totally un-natural, man-made mess).

Omega 6 (unsaturated – from corn, soy, safflower, peanut, “vegetable” oil, nuts) ratio to Omega-3 (from cold-water fish and grass-fed animals and certain seeds like flax and hemp) was 2 parts of Omega 6 to one part of Omega 3, that is 2:1 whereas, in our crazy “modern” diet, this ratio is very unbalanced at 10:1 yes, it’s that much out of whack!

Regular meats do not qualify, as these animals, even if range-fed (which most are not), still get “finished” in feed-lots where they are fed grain (which is NOT a natural food for mammals of any sort — especially cows) and when fed grain, the animals’ fat profile changes to being very unhealthy.

___   The next macronutrient in the Stone-Age / Paleolithic Diet is protein at about 30% of calories, and again, we are talking about grass-fed only, free-range, lean, organic animals or healthy-sourced fish from pristine waters (not farmed!), along with any of their eggs and NO dairy!

The only meat that qualifies as being properly organic and totally grass-fed, free-range anywhere near me that I know about, in the Western USA, is Eel River Ranch www.eelriverorganicbeef.com .

Many others range-feed and then finish off by forcing grain into animals in feed-lots, and that undoes all the good. So, ask your butcher to get precise answers; insist on them or call the company to get their answer in writing. Keep current; their procedures change, especially as the economy worsens.

Painted Hills, Brandt, Nieman Ranch and Coleman Ranch and others in the West tout themselves as “natural” and even as “organic” beef, and yet that’s not the whole story. The additional requirements I expect are not met. They mess-up by feeding grain at the last important step and produce a way less-than perfect fat profile in the meat, than what would have been there if it was only grass-fed as Nature intends.

You cannot get the optimal, healthy, Paleolithic meat if you feed it any grain at all.  And, when properly done, the nutritional profile of grass-fed, organic meat is actually pro-actively heart-healthy, not just ‘OK’.  

Most bison (buffalo) IS produced as only totally grass-fed animals, and therefore is a proper product, with an excellent lipid profile for us, as the animals only eat their original, natural diet.

___   Lastly, Paleolithic Diet levels of carbohydrate weigh in at 35% of calories, which is very close to the disciplined use of the Zone Diet (but within this diet’s structure we still need to talk about actual food choices — which is not done in the Zone dietary program to the degree I think it should be).

For carbohydrates, our ancestors ate mostly vegetables, including seaweeds and other sea vegetables, that they gathered and added some fruit in season, along with some raw honey as their only treat. NO grains were eaten at this time in our history! No simple, isolated sugars were eaten except for the rare times honey was found, and even then, it was likely also used topically as medicine, as tribes do now. Honey comprised only 2 – 3% of calories, instead of the 15% , minimum, that empty, health-robbing sugars do in our modern diet!

Fiber (roughage) levels were high, as this was RAW, unprocessed vegetable material. Cooking was not really happening. Vitamin, mineral and phytochemical intake was 1 1/2 to 8 times as much as we eat today! This is where we return to the concerns for our Health written in the magnesium story, Part 1. We are killing ourselves because our nutrition is SO poor. We have choices at each meal to turn-this-around.

Another problem helping to prevent our return to our best Stone-Age Human Diet, is that Humankind has experimented with plants since the advent of Farming 10,000 years ago. This is when humans began eating the non-mammal food we call “grains” and drinking the incorrectly-profiled “milk” of other mammals. These travesties were very damaging, and resulted in a new blood type being created from the original Type O to become Type A, which was better able to “handle” these new assaults. But, A was still not completely capatible with the physiologic problems grain and dairy create in our bodies, either, and so A’s have susceptibility to the diseases these non-foods create.   Blood Type O’s still should not eat grains or dairy at all. All Native Americans, before any intermarriage with Caucasians, were Blood Type O, so those who still are (a large percentage of native people, mixed parentage or not) should not eat grains or dairy, at all. The consequences of eating modern, inapropriate foods weighs much more heavily on the health of native peoples. See the history of the Pima, below. The Eskimos and Aleuts and Athabascans are presently also suffering for the same reasons.

As time went by, especially in the last century, hybrization of plant “foods” increased at a rapid rate, and in addition to the scary prospect of lessening our food-crops’ genetic biodiversity and having our major crops depend on hybrids (which either cannot replicate themselves properly or even at all), we also risk ingesting incomplete or incorrect nutritional profiles. Compare the botanical “original” banana pictured above to what you get now as a banana. Even just a visual check shows huge differences.

So, what happens when we return to eating our traditional foods?

Well, as a current example, we profile the Pima (and Papago, Tohono O’odham and Maricopa) tribe/s of Native Americans in Arizona which has the dubious honor of being the people most plagued by diabetes in the world. A little over a century ago, that was not the case. Then, Pima were  still able to farm in their traditional ways and eat their traditional foods – including squash, tepary beans, prickly pear, cholla cactus buds and okra. They were healthy, strong, invincible, as their genetic cousins in Mexico still are, with almost no diabetes on their traditional diet, so this is why the Pima are the best example of the huge gap between Traditional and Modern diets.

But when Anglo-white society / US Government rigged laws that let Caucasian farmers upstream take almost all of the Pima’s vital water sources a century ago, then the Pima could no longer farm their land – and were left to become destitute and, in their case, to even starve. It is a national disgrace, repeated still on many other Native American “reservations”.

The New York Times recently reported that the Pima and nearby tribes like the Tohono O’odham just won in forcing a Government settlement, after more than 30 years of trying to get a small portion of their water returned to them, and the monies from Congress, announced in 2004, are finally coming to help with canal-building and earth-moving to bring back traditional water-conserving agricultural production on as many as 35,000 acres now,  and later to 150,000 acres. Previously, the most acreage the Pima could farm in good years was 15,000 acres. Immediately, the Gila River band of the Pima tribe has started test gardens to relearn how to farm traditional foods in traditional water-conserving ways. 

I drove by their Sonoran desert area this May, and only with water can people expect to farm that land. That is why they lived just mostly next to the few rivers in the region which flowed on their traditional lands. Water IS Life. The desert reclaims everything in just a short distance from any water source; only traditional water-conservation farming techniques, when the water finally arrives, will let the people farm there in any decent acreage.

The Scandinavian physician who came to help the Pima decades ago correctly assessed the need for those traditional foods as the only and best way to save the people from diabetes. More than 50% of the Pima people have diabetes, and numbers are still rising! Other medical interventions / treatments (like the ones you are being given) just have not worked, and community diabetes rates and individually poor-outcomes  were on a constant surge, even with complete compliance to the usual medical protocols – medication, official Diabetes Association diets and exercise for those who have not lost limbs already. 

Many generations of Pima have been lost to the ravages of diabetes, but now there is hope. As the new generation is born, they will eat their traditional foods, at home and in school and at community  celebrations on their tribal lands. Old recipes will be passed down. No more white-man’s food: white flour, white sugar, white fats or canned foods shipped in by the Government, as the only choice, to the “reservation” where not even a grocery chain has set-up shop to help with other healthier choices, for the 20,000 people who live on tribal lands there. Flour, sugar and lard / fake fat were not used by Pima before this crisis. They caused the crisis.

Native foods that heal and prevent diabetes for the Pima are: brown or white tepary beans, cholla buds, prickly pear (Opuntia species) and others. We’ll talk more about these foods another time, and have some recipes in that post.

These same native foods may help you, too, as they interact well in our body to maintain normal blood sugar, especially prickly pear.  I was able to buy some of all of them when I was in Arizona last May. You can also buy some of them online, from tocaonline or through Native Seed Search. See links below.


Margaret’s Green Goddess Guacamole or Salsa

I’ve known Margaret forever, it seems, and she’s an inventive cook. Here’s a recipe-in-progress, one that is evolving each time she sees what’s in the refrigerator. This is the original version, but as she makes others, I may post one’s I like. The purpose behind this recipe is to make a tasty, potent magnesium food source for quick, anyday use.

This recipe works well for salsa, as it is written. You could also turn it into a dip, as explained below. For guacamole, make the changes at the end of the recipe.


Margaret’s Green Goddess Guacamole / Salsa  (salsa version)

Place in a food processor or blender:

1/3   English cucumber, washed, quartered and sliced in 1/2″ chunks

1 large handful spicy sprouts,  washed and shaken “dry”

2 large handfuls organic spinach leaves, washed and shaken “dry”

juice of 1 – 2 limes

1   medium-large organic avocado, peeled and chunked

1/2t   kelp granules*

1/4 t garlic powder (add more as needed)

several shakes    cayenne pepper (optional)

sprinkle  Celtic sea salt (optional)

* (optional, but recommended for magnesium) (buy at health store or below)


Whizz it all in the processor and adjust seasoning. The cucumber’s wateriness dilutes the spices, so that is why the spices are approximate and to taste.

You can serve the salsa with chips or fresh veggies to dip (in this case, maybe add a little dairy or soy yoghurt, if you want to “smooth” it out and extend it) or use the salsa as center of a meal or with broiled or poached fish.

(Notes for GUACAMOLE: add a second medium-to-large avocado, use the 2nd lime, 1-2 Tablespoons diced red onion and double your other spicing; if you like it spicy, add a few drops of Tabasco sauce.

Margaret’s Green Goddess Guacamole / Salsa (c) 2008 MLS



Some in my family don’t like spicy food, so I made Margaret’s Salsa without cayenne, served it to my less adventurous eaters and then added the cayenne to my own, (so that’s also why you need technique and ingredient suggestions, not amounts).

I started the meal with fresh red organic grapes, which as fruit, for optimal digestion, needs to be eaten 20 minutes before any other food. So, in that 20 minutes, it was easy to make the salsa / guacamole. I used this salsa as open-face, bruschetta-style sandwich filling on whole-wheat sourdough bread, (baguette shape). It covered 4 french bread rounds generously.

I served it with 2 hard-boiled free-range, organic Omega-3 egg halves and finger food — lots of other pre-washed and cut fresh veggies —  and for dessert, we had a small sourdough cake slice, made with whole spelt flour and agave. For vegans, this meal could have substituted beans, nuts and / or seeds for the egg. Otherwise, this is an easy and relatively inexpensive  vegetarian meal.

To raise the protein level, if you want or need to, use a quick squirt of Bragg’s Aminos and make sure you do not have anything else that tastes “salty” in the salsa (Bragg’s tastes salty but is not high in sodium; that’s all that “counts”) OR include some steamed edamame (whole fresh soybeans) in your veggie plate selection.

As you know, I limit grain use, but the sourdough is an acceptable way to use grains, periodically, as it “pre-processes” them and destroys many of the harmful phytates that cause problems for people. However, those with Blood Type O, should experiment carefully to see if they can tolerate even sourdough-processed grains without upset.

Please note: my mentor, Dr. Robert O. Young, PhD, research microbiologist and founder of the New Biology’s pH Miracle approach to diet, disagrees with using yeast in anything or with using the foods made by fermentation. Sourdough still does use wild yeasts and a fermentation process. This is why we use very little and as infrequently as we can, even with a more natural sour-dough approach, but if you want to use grains regularly, then sour-dough is much more beneficial.

As you know by now, I encourage people to buy organic produce as much as they can afford. In this case, if you need to make financial choices, buy regular avocados (as a crop, they are sprayed with pesticides less than the other foods here, and you remove the tough outer skin, which provides a lot of protection from the sprays, too). The grapes and the spinach MUST be organic, as these ARE heavily sprayed crops when commercially grown.


Also, please investigate the full archive at the Titles Tab on the upper Navigation Bar. I think you will find other useful reading.

Have a great week-end, and for all those displaced from New Orleans and Houston and Galveston by Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, our prayers are with you, as they are for those in other cities later in the storm’s path. Stay safe, and we hope your lives will be normal again, soon.

Thanks to Margaret for sharing her recipe!

Best to all — Em



Kelp Granules: Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, Milled Veggies section   www.seaveg.com   These are the best! There are many other great products there, too. I have bought them for years, long before there was a public-access internet; you are lucky now, as not every health store carries these, but buy online.

http://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/31/us/31diabetes.html?_r=2&hp&oref=slogin&oref=slogin – there’s a video to see there, too






Dr. Cordain:   http://www.thepaleodiet.com/aboutus/profile.shtml     www.thepaleodiet.com


avocado – www.bcnh.co.uk

original banana – www.humanflowerproject.com

Gila River Tribal field: Monica Almeida, New York Times

(c)2008 Em https://diabetesdietdialogue.wordpress.com

If you desire to use my article or quote from it, please respect my copyright and include the full copyright citation and website address in the reference section of your article or blog post. Thanks!

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“Everyone knows someone who needs this information!” (TM)



Magnesium is incredibly important for everyone, especially diabetics, and diabetes can be accurately described as a state of magnesium depletion, according to Dr. Mark Sircus, O.MD (Doctor of Oriental Medicine); therefore, in your body, learn what magnesium does, and in my diabetes diet plan, learn how can you help to turn diabetes around by using magnesium. And, amazingly, diabetics need more magnesium because they lose more magnesium than other people do. For you, learning about magnesium is essential and potentially life-saving.

Magnesium deserves our attention, for as the website at subtleenergytherapy.org states:

“A lack of magnesium underlies our epidemic of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and osteoporosis. Minus magnesium, hearts beat irregularly; arteries stiffen, constrict and clog; blood pressure rises; blood tends to clot; muscles spasm; insulin grows weaker and blood sugar jumps; bones lose strength; and pain signals intensify. Many people needlessly suffer pain – including fibromyalgia, migraines and muscle cramps – because they do not get enough magnesium. “

But, getting the right amount of magnesium, in the right way, requires knowledge. Let’s learn.



 Magnesium is considered to be an “alkaline earth metal”. Yes, it is a metal, even though it looks relatively light and soft, and it forms a strong alkaline solution when it is placed in water. This alkalinity ability is why magnesium is critical to your well-being, as well as magnesium being at the center of the chlorophyll molecule, which stores the sun’s energy in our food plants, and then this energy is the basis of all our individual body’s bio-energy. 

Yes, we are really solar-powered life-forms, too!

Life on Earth cannot exist without chlorophyll which, by absorbing red and blue light from the visible spectrum, passes that solar energy on to us, with such efficiency, that just swapping-out the central magnesium molecule of the chlorophyll porphyrin ring with an iron molecule makes hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying part of human blood!

Then, you use the freed-up magnesium molecule, which you ingested in all green plant foods, for a myriad of other essential biochemical processes in your body – two bangs for the same buck.

Eating green veggies really pays off, bigtime!

Magnesium, should be the fourth most prevalent mineral in your body.

Magnesium is the 12th element on the Periodic Table, is never found free in nature; it is always bound to other atoms, forming molecules. Magnesium has a positive ++2 electrical charge and is the 8th most common element on our planet. In the form of magnesium salts, it is most abundant in sea water and on the earth where ancient sea beds once were. The internal bio-terrain of every cell in your body always tries to mirror sea-water, where life began. Magnesium is essential to life, and in fact, it controls the 3 other alkaline minerals which are important to each cell: calcium, potassium and sodium.

About 50% of our internal magnesium is bound and stored in our bones, as part of our life-saving “alkaline reserve”, and the rest is in the fluids surrounding our cells (the interstitial fluid) as the cells constitute our organs. Our muscle cells, including our heart muscle, harbor 25% of the cellular magnesium.

When your doctor tests blood levels of magnesium (and some other substances), the tests do NOT give an accurate picture of your body or its present needs. In magnesium’s case, 99% of your magnesium level is always hiding inside living cells, in bones, nerves and organs, not in your blood, the levels of which your body keeps at a constant 1% level.

Although eight out of ten Americans are deficient in magnesium and are eating too much calcium, causing imbalances between these two linked minerals, full-blown magnesium deficiency symptoms are rarely seen in America. Instead, most Americans are sub-clinically deficient in magnesium — but are more than enough at risk for their Health.  See the diagnostic test * below. If you take diuretics, you also are probably deficient in magnesium.

Eating magnesium from only food sources is safe. But, when supplementing, too much magnesium is NOT good, and can lead to kidney failure. So, diabetics need to discuss with a knowledgeable physician how to get the best of magnesium’s benefits without putting themselves at risk, especially if they have kidney problems already.

Unfortunately, excess magnesium causes the same symptoms as too little magnesium! So, this is why, at least for diabetics, magnesium needs to be regularly monitored, at least until you have a track-record, and received benefit from using it. Symptoms for excess and also insufficiency include: heart arrhythmias, nausea, diarrhea, muscle weakness, appetite loss, difficulty breathing and very low blood pressure. 



As an unofficial diagnostic, another way to see if you might be magnesium deficient, would be to think in these terms. ‘Magnesium helps to keep your body and organs supple and flexibile.’ Whereas, calcium stiffens your body, as well as your bones, and calcium and magnesium are opposites in other ways too. SO, if you are stiffening, make sure that you are getting plenty of magnesium! “Old age” does not automatically mean any of this stiffening, at all.

Magnesium is a “macromineral” which must be supplied to your body daily in doses of hundreds of milligrams just to meet the minimum levels. Calcium and magnesium also need a ratio of 1:1 in the circumstances of inflexibility mentioned above, and 1 portion magnesium for each 2 parts calcium once Health is achieved again. Most people supplement with too much calcium (calcium IS needed, but we don’t eat enough green leafy vegetables to get our daily supply AND due to eating too much animal protein — calcium is depleted when it tries to buffer the acids from animal protein [this depletion without supplementation would cause osteoporosis]. People are just over-compensating with how much calcium to supplement. Of course, another way is to eat lots more veggies, some fruits and only small amounts of protein [mostly vegetarian sources]. Many say that about 4 – 6 ozs. // or the equivalent exchanges, are all that’s needed daily, for most people.). In general, Amercans eat way to much protein and our kidneys pay the price, especially.

If you have any doubt about this critical calcium balancing-act, please understand that 30% of your body’s energy is employed in pumping calcium OUT of your cells!

Your body also benefits from magnesium when you are readily providing a source for rapidly-made hemoglobin, from green plants’ chlorophyll, then you are assured of being able to cure any clinical or sub-clinical anemia. Your body is then able to carry oxygen deeply inside, help to provide fuel for your metabolism as well as providing a vibrant, alkaline atmosphere surrounding each cell from the freed-up magnesium as chlorophyll is turned into blood. The magnesium sent to your cells raises your body-wide pH towards the desired alkalinity. And proper magnesium levels are calming – for your tense muscles and for your stressed, overly-excited nervous system.

The increased energy-production ability (oxygen delivery) from adequate supplies of chlorophyll in green plant foods, should help those with chronic fatigue. Also, it is only in an oxygen-poor, acidic environment that cancer exists; scientists see that about 46% of those with leukemias are magnesium deficient. Chlorophyll also has wound-healing, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities.

Most importantly, magnesium helps to stabilize ATP in your energy cycle (helping those with chronic fatigue, yet again) and magnesium helps genes to function properly and insures your DNA and RNA transcribe and replicate themselves accurately (to prevent mutations and disease) as well as to help repair DNA and RNA.

Ingesting enough magnesium helps your body to naturally detoxify itself and to alkalinize your tissues. Places, like Egypt, where soils are rich in magnesium, have almost non-existent cancer rates, and in Europe and America, where soils are often magnesium deficient, people eat only 1/10 as much magnesium as Egyptians do. And, then on top of that geographical soil difference, Americans’ poor food choices in the last century cut their daily levels of magnesium another 50%!

Over 300 enzymes, your nerves and your bio-electric cellular ion-transport system require magnesium. And, many of your immune system cells require magnesium to fight for you effectively.

The powerful anti-oxidant, glutathione, requires magnesium! Glutathione is one of the only substances which can fight mercury toxicity – whether from tuna and other large fish or from hazards elsewhere in your food or local environment.

Magnesium’s availablity or lack thereof helps determine how permeable your cell membranes are — whether insulin and food-energy can get in and wastes go out! Deficiency impairs and ages your cells. If not enough magnesium is in the cell membrane, then the inner cell contains too much sodium and calcium and not enough magnesium and potassium. An unbalanced cell is not healthy, so then the whole organism cannot be healthy. Your WHOLE body suffers the consequences. 

Magnesium is the cell membrane gate-keeper of nerve cells and other cells and controls whether nerves cells will activate or be stopped from over-activity by calcium blocking. Magnesium also determines how much sodium or potassium is allowed in each cell, as well as other gate-keeping duties mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Diets filled with green leafy vegetables and some other plant foods are protective to your colon — this is because of the high amount of magnesium they contain. Magnesium is involved in the nerve signals which control the motility of your bowel, and if you are constipated, apart from not eating enough fiber (roughage) and drinking enough water, then inadequate motility may be a reason. When you start supplementing with magnesium, you will naturally move your bowels more. If you eat reasonable amounts of fiber and drink enough water (only water counts), then your movements will float, be the diameter of your thumb and index finger joined-in-a-circle and be effortlessly expelled.

And adequate magnesium diets protect against fibromyalgia, muscle cramping, migraines, cancer, heart attacks and strokes, as well as ameliorating diabetes.

Magnesium is also important through its enzyme activity and is needed to metabolize fats, proteins and carbohydrates from your foods! In fact, EVERY ORGAN SYSTEM requires magnesium to function properly – brain, heart, liver, kidney, colon, hormone secreting glands (like your pancreas), muscles, nerves and digestive systems.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH MAGNESIUM, you are at risk for your body to start:

___   calcifying your cells (as in “hardening” of the arteries, in heart disease), and then these damaged cells rot and putrify and harbor yeast and fungi and other unsavory life-forms

___   accelerating the aging of your cells – according to the research of Dr. Bruce Ames, UC Berkeley  and Children’s Hospital, Oakland Research Institute. And, when cells age too fast, that affects the way the whole tissue / organ functions! The research staff thinks this magnesium-depletion accelerated cellular aging may be what is driving the epidemic of chronic disease.

___   being more at risk from toxic metals that you ingest from your environment and those found in sprayed or processed, non-organic foods

___   having your heart beat irregularly

___   experiencing your nerves fire inconsistently

___   having your muscles twitch or spasm uncontrollably or out of synchronization, creating tremors or weakness

___   having your blood clot improperly

___   having  your blood sugar jump, as insulin is not getting proper access through the cell membrane and / or your pancreas is not healthy due to cellular lack of magnesium

___   finding some fuels cannot be stored properly in your muscle cells

___   finding your bones may not be strong or able to hold enough alkaline minerals (calcium and magnesium) as your alkaline reserve, to buffer the acids, daily, which kill your cells

___   knowing your pain level intensifies

—   getting headaches, muscle pain, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and elevated triglycerides

___   experiencing depression, seizures and lack of appetite may become apparent

___   experiencing potential hormonal imbalance and / or hormonal insufficiency



___   those on diuretics probably are deficient in magnesium (see other prescription drugs below)

___   all diabetics, as diabetics need more magnesium and lose more magnesium

___   those with malabsorption issues and intestinal damage like colitis or Crohn’s disease or Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

___   people with kidney disease and osteoporosis

___   people with chronic or acute stress

___   those on prescription drugs — check with your pharmacist! In addition to some diuretics, the list also includes some anti-biotics and Warfarin (Coumadin), birth control pills and steroids.

___   those with heart issues: pains (angina) or irregular heart beats, congestive heart, heart attack, high blood pressure, glaucoma, coronary artery disease, high trigycerides

—   people with brain related and nerve-related concerns:  autism, depression, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and migraines

—   women’s health concerns: pre-eclampsia, eclampsia, PMS, pregnancy, nursing. Any woman taking birth control pills is at risk for magnesium deficiency!

   anyone with auto-immune and immune-deficiency diseases: asthma, chronic fatigue, lupus, Raynaud’s syndrome, HIV 

___   alcoholics are also severely depleted of magnesium; in fact, any use of alcohol depeletes magnesium, and sets the stage for cancer, especially breast cancer.

There is nothing good about alcohol.

Women who have only 1 – 2 drinks of wine per day increase their breast cancer risk 10%, scientists announced in 2007. Three drinks raises the risk to 30%.

As breast cancer is the second largest cause of death in women, we need to pay attention! No use trying to help heart health if you create a greater problem. By the way, the same heart-protective substances are in grape juice, before it is made into wine, so use grape juice instead and have the best of both strategies. But, as all juice is high glycemic load food, blood sugar is impacted more, and diabetics can have little of it, so use a proper exchange’s measure of organic red grapes, instead. (Grapes are one of the most-highly sprayed fruits, so pay the extra for organic), and only use organic juice when fresh fruits is out of season.

Dr. Robert O. Young would explain the problem of alcoholics and cancer patients being so magnesium depleted by saying that ‘alkaline magnesium is protective, and that all cancers show a state of cellular acidity. Alcohol, itself, is a very acidifying substance. If you do not have enough alkaline minerals to buffer all forms of acid, then you are putting yourself at risk for all diseases.’


Magnesium will also likely be life-saving if it is part of the Emergency Room treatment of heart attack and strokes. Magnesium can be administered intraveneously, transdermally with patches and slathered on your whole body, in emergency situations. You can more about this at: http://subtleenergytherapy.org/cellmag.html



Magnesium-carrying chlorophyll is fat-soluble, and is extracted from oil seeds, as well as from foliage. When oils are unprocessed, they look green because of the chlorophyll they contain. If you look at the best, least-refined extra-virgin olive oils and also hemp oil, you will see how green they are. But these oils must be taken care of more carefully than other oils.

Food Sources of magnesium: Best: seaweeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, avocado, spinach, Swiss chard, bananas, raisins, quinoa, buckwheat, millet,  Chinook salmon, whole soy beans, black beans, navy beans and chocolate. (Yes, that’s why women LOVE chocolate, but that’s a very acidic way to get magnesium. Bittersweet, dark chocolate is best.) 

Good sources are: halibut, soy tempeh, mustard and turnip greens, parsley, fresh peppermint leaves, molasses, brown rice, green peas, baked potato with skin, broccoli and summer squash.

Fair sources: cucumber, kale, green beans, celery, basil, ginger, pinto beans, spelt grain, oats, rye, sunflower, sesame and flax seeds.


And, as far as retaining the magnesium in foods, it depends on the food as to what form the magnesium is in and how it will be affected by cooking. In vegetables and beans, it is usually in a water-soluble form of magnesium, and therefore huge amounts can be lost by boiling, steaming, blanching etc. unless all the water is also used.  In nuts and seeds, it is more fat-soluble and is more stable.


Only about 1/3 to 1/2 of dietary magnesium from food is ever successfully absorbed through healthy intestinal walls to be made bio-available to the rest of your body. Healthy kidneys can prevent the loss of the rest of the magnesium, but that is not going to happen with people who have kidney disease already, as many diabetics do, and whenever diabetes is poorly controlled.

The lack of healthy kidneys OR even sub-optimal kidney function harms your ability to manage magnesium levels – whether too little or too much – and people who excessively use laxatives and antacids can be casuing grave magnesium imbalances, too.


It takes 3 – 4 months to drive up magnesium levels using trans-dermal patches. Learn more at the subtle-energy site and discuss their use beforehand with your knowledgeable physician!

Chelated supplements like magnesium aspartate, magnesium glycinate or magnesium taurate are good sources; magnesium citrate is too. Other forms are less recommended.

As an adult, you can take up to 1000 grams of magnesium in a supplement daily, according to James B. Pierce, PhD in his book Heart Healthy Magnesium. This dose is best split throughout the day, so use 250 mg tabs. If you take them without food, the magnesium is likely to be absorbed better. Take your morning pills before 8 AM, as an inordinate number of heart-attacks occur at work, at about 9 AM.  I find I cannot tolerate 1000 mg in pills, even spread over a waking day’s time, (at least not so far), and I strive for 500mg and a magnesium rich diet.

Pierce says, that when supplementing, you should start with one 250 mg tab in the morning for one week, and add one pill each week, if doing well, over the course of the following 3 weeks (the 2nd pill should be in the evening).  After four weeks of gradual rise, total will then be (4) pills x 250mg = 1000mg, if your doctor allows this level.

Signs of excess supplementation include: drowsiness, weakness or increased weakness and  diarrhea — not just loose stools, but real diarrhea. Get clear guidelines from your physician, especially for children, who require less to begin with, especially if younger than 9 years old.

If you are angry regularly or are being kept awake at night, you might add another pill only until this stabilizes, Pierce says.

Pierce also advises us to make sure we READ THE LABELS CAREFULLY. We are talking about MAGNESIUM NOT Manganese! And, do NOT use antacids as your “supplemental” source of magnesium!

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Best to all — Em


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* Magnesium Questionnaire to assess deficiency status:




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