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Periodically, we have medicines which expire or are not fully used. Without harming our environment and other lives, how do we responsibly dispose of these medications?

Most people throw outdated or unused drugs and supplements into the sewer system thinking that “somehow” the waste-water “treatment” process will magically eliminate them! IT DOES NOT.

Animals all over the planet are being poisoned by human drugs, and in the ones we hunt, fish and farm, we are getting miscellaneous drugs into our bodies, when we have NOT been prescribed them.

This is a serious problem!

Ways to be responsible:

___   Contact your city, county and / or state’s Department of Environmental Quality and find out what is available locally for responsible disposal.

___ Check out information at:

Earth 911
No Drugs Down The Drain
More Info

Stericycle – Medical Waste – mail-in the items – call for more information:

(866) 783-7422 Nashville, TN 37210

Please share this information far and wide!

Best to all — Em

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