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Here’s your ticket to the most important event – Your Life!

“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

Begin the New Year well. Here’s a few pointers. I may continue to add to this post, so check back. Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, make a New Year Checklist. I think you will find you will be able to execute that better.

Here’s a starter:

___   I have made time for myself today.

___   I have put organized steps in place for healthy menus and shopping.

___   I have set aside time to relax and to laugh.

___   I have spent time with loved ones.

___   I have learned to cook simple, healthy meals.

___   I have helped others learn about Health.

___   I have kept the promises I have made to myself.

___   I have begun to advocate for children’s Health.

___   I am thinking only positive, peaceful, life-affirming thoughts.

___   I respect my body, mind and spirit.

Now, use your 2010 Another Chance ticket to initiate the Opening Day of the most important production of your Life. This is the year to learn more and turn around your diabetes.

I’ll continue my life-giving information next week.

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