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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

There’s been lots going on this week, and I want to share a new diagnostic modality I’ve been investigating which has had a constantly-improving track-record for the past 30 years. You’ll be surprised!

There’s a healing discipline called Bio-Acoustics and it was begun from a natural-gift bestowed upon Sharry Edwards.  At school, once she mentioned her extra powers of observation (and proved them), her professors advised her to keep her special-talent hidden. But, when Sharry realized how much Good she could DO, she took the Path of Courage and stepped into the frey.

Sharry can hear way beyond the normal range of human hearing. What has that to do with helping diabetics? Wait and see; it’s a fabulously interesting Journey.

When Sharry walks around, she is able to hear the quite real “Individual Sound” we each emit. (I would think this would be difficult to bear, but she does not mention it bothers her. Like others with paranormal senses, she is used to her Gift, I guess.)

The Individual Signature is emitted FROM your ear! All of us could be unconsciously picking up these waves, but for Sharry, this is conscious input. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the ear is on the Kidney Meridian which certainly is where Stress lands. So, it all makes sense.

About 30 years ago, she began to realize that there were differences among people, but there were also similarities., especially among people with similar health challenges.

She was hearing it even more when they spoke, for the Human Voice is like a “reporter” of every energy-transaction happening in your body.

I know that I have always noticed that when I am unsettled and certainly when I am too stressed or ill, that I can no longer sing well. In fact, I have used that for the past 40 years as a personal guide to when I am over-doing it!

For Sharry, it’s much more important when she hears what’s “missing” or “in excess” as a person speaks. The frequencies in your Voice are reflective of processes deep within you, and, in fact, over the years, Sharry and her fellow researchers have found that your brain uses this bio-feedback to make vital decisions!

Very few people have a perfect set of frequencies in their Voice Profile, when tested by the increasingly sophisticated computer programs which Sharry and her trained practitioners use. Those who do are those few people you see once-in-a-while and then you KNOW what Health really looks like. (Except for young children, I think I have seen only 3 people in adulthood — who don’t work on their Health with a daily energetic-healing practice — and I’m nearly 65 years old.)

We feel those people’s “magnetism” as like no other.

Sharry worked patiently sorting out the frequency-energy signatures — for each organ, each organ system, each metabolic and chemical bio-process. She mapped the human body in a totally new way, using an Individual Voice Signature to show what was in-Balance and what was not. Then, she learned what to do to attain and regain and maintain Balance.


Many of her patients (and she always works with physicians) were leaving to have their diagnosis verified by lab tests. Sometimes the path out of illness was quick (even minutes for some, no matter how long the condition had existed) and for others it took several visits and several adjustments of the healing frequencies.

The brain is quick to entrain itself to pick-up “missing” frequencies. It may take a little different path for “excessive’ ones, but sooner rather than later, your brain is reBalanced for that issue.

So, here’s the gist of the treatment and how to contact her and the practitioners she’s trained.

She is still the only one who can hear the Individual Signature and match the tones needed to re-Balance. So, as others don’t have the Gift, she had computer engineers developed programs for analysis of our spoken words, at her instruction.

The practitioner then must be fastidious in choosing what’s needed to Balance. Some frequencies are “thin”, others are “missing”, yet others are in “excess”, others show patterns of disorganization, microbial invasion, poor assimilation of nutrients or poisoning (even by foods and supplements) and also such things as lack of discernment.

The practitioner does the Math (only high school level needed) and calculates the frequencies or combination of frequencies needed to start the Healing right there.

Then, a portable device is programmed so you can listen on a prescription time-frame or as needed.

A return visit, a new Voice sample, a new status and you may or may not need a new Sound Prescription.

What is basically happening is Everything in the Universe has a Frequency, especially living things, which have quite individual signatures within their Kind.

The given prescription sounds start to entrain your brain and re-organize it to Balance. The bio-feedback then helps your brain send healthy messages out to your body. Systems and biochemistry and individual organs, bones and even individual muscles all respond.

And, taking new Voice Prints show if more needs to be done, or not. Sometimes there are layers to dis-ease, which just peel back like an onion. Other times, it’s fairly straight forward.

Balancing the Voice Print even heals the most traumatic and life-threatening situations. One of the situations happened to Sharry’s child who was in a diving accident in a remote place, waiting 45 minutes for emergency help to arrive. She could have easily bled to death in minutes, but Sharry was able to perfectly-intone the frequencies which kept her child alive because there was NO bleeding from a MASSIVE wound. Yep!

Now, they have researched causes for the imbalances for many conditions, including Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Gout, Parkinson’s, AUTISM, allergies and many more.

If you want to get in touch, then go to Sound Health Inc. You’ll see a list of practitioners there, too, and when classes are being given if you would like to learn the real-healing edge of modern medicine. We certainly need more people to be willing to learn this.

Best to all — Em

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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

This post contains helpful health information and the request for some advocacy to support a particular health-oriented Bill in the US House of Representatives! Read on.

First, the legislation, as you need to contact your Congressional delegate. Read about the situation and go to the letter-to-respond site, below.

From our friends at The Life-Extension Foundation: Thanks for alerting me!

April 5, 2011, a bipartisan bill was introduced in the US House of Representatives. It’s  called the Free Speech about Science Act (H.R. 1364). This landmark legislation protects the public’s right-to-know by protecting basic free speech rights as they pertain to the current censorship of science.

The Bill enables the natural health community to share peer-reviewed scientific findings with the public – which will help introduce the public to efficacious therapies and natural products for alternative (and mainstream) physicians to use or for self-administration from a position of educated choice.

The Free Speech about Science Bill has the potential to transform medical practice by educating the public about the real science behind natural health, instead of it being demonized by an actually organized, self-serving campaign, especially from an online group (Quackwatch) that serves no-one’s best interest. It’s been exposed that some of those people have links to Big Pharma, in varying degrees.

The Bill will have opposition:

___   from the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) (which has many members increasingly “muffled” or others with deep ties to Big Pharma) – who will oppose it since the Bill restricts their ability to censor the dissemination of published scientific data.

___   from drug companies fearing competition from natural health approaches based on diet, dietary supplements and lifestyle. These pharmaceutical companies show they are motivated by self-interest and with their “deep-pockets”, they have held Congress captive. Just the fact there is a courageous Bill is real progress. Now you have to boost individual law-makers to have the courage to pass it!

___   and possibly from mainstream medical associations, who pipe-their-own-tune as they desire, but constantly want to “muffle” others, including their own members!

The public,  wants and needs access to credible information they can use to make wise dietary and Health choices. Please don’t let any special interest groups stop this bill.

Here’s where to write your Congressional delegate. Do it for yourself, and more importantly, do it for your children and future generations. The world needs people to be proactive about their Health as dis-ease and poor health is spreading because of ignorance. Society needs this information to turn-things-around before poor Health robs us individually and as a nation.

Next, Magnesium is critically depleted in most Westerners, especially Americans, and even more so within diabetics, anywhere!

Please read my previous article about MAGNESIUM
– click on link.

Among other critical functions, magnesium is needed for over 300 enzymes, your nerves and your bio-electric cellular ion-transport system. Many of your immune system cells require magnesium to fight for you effectively. Read the article above!

Very few scientific studies utilize women as subjects, but women are at risk for cardiac death because many doctors aren’t monitoring them well-enough, preferring to think it’s mostly a male problem.

Well, I had a savvy, otherwise-healthy friend keel-over and die, when she could afford the best care. So, here again, take this study into your doctor and let him watch over you without thinking you’re being a hypochondriac.

The Life Extension Foundation Magazine reports:

“Greater dietary intake of magnesium and higher plasma magnesium levels are associated with a reduced risk of sudden cardiac death in women, according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  It’s long [been] known for its anti-arrhythmic properties in cellular and experimental models … .

Scientists examined dietary intake data collected from more than 88,000 women enrolled in the Nurses’ Health Study. During 26 years of follow-up, 505 cases of sudden cardiac death occurred. In a case-control analysis, the scientists compared plasma magnesium levels between 99 sudden cardiac death cases and 291 control patients. Higher dietary intake of magnesium and higher plasma magnesium levels were associated with lower risks of sudden cardiac death.

These findings suggest that increasing magnesium intake and plasma levels may protect women against sudden cardiac death by preventing abnormal heart rhythms.”  Dr. E. Wagner, MD reported.

Best to all — Em

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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

Last time, I introduced the revolutionary ideas, research and results of the 50 year career of Dr. Brice E. Vickery, DC who has solved one of the largest health puzzles of them all, one with serious implications for healing diabetes.

Some people look down their noses at Alternative Medicine’s practitioners, but a caring healer, of any discipline, who uses astute observation and organized responses, can find out answers which less interested or less capable physicians miss. Period.

I’m not going to get involved in The Debate, although you’ve probably figured out which side I’m on, because what I deal with here is RESULTS, and Dr. Vickery has them, by the boatload.

Read Part 1 here:
Diabetes Solutions – Dr. Brice Vickery

Now, to continue —

How does Dr. Vickery find out about these imbalances which most other physicians miss, in their typical “exam” —  barely examining or questioning you in detail  or just interested in reading off your “lab test results” and then disengaging, regardless of your continued complaint and symptoms?

Dr. Vickery says: “When I discover viral or bacterial infections in my patients, one of the most frequent questions I am asked is, “Other doctors I’ve been to never found these things, how do you identify these infections?” The answer is simple, I am using a testing method that will allow me to search for diseases I suspect may be harbored by the body.”

“The currently accepted methods for testing in the field of status quo medicine are mainly biochemical. There is nothing wrong with these methods; they work well in certain instances. For instance blood and throat cultures for strep are fine if the strep is in either of these locations. But what if you are harboring strep, or hepatitis C, or Staph, etc., somewhere else, maybe your heart, spine, or brain? How do I find it? ”

“If I used a blood test, it may come up negative. Does this mean that the diagnosis for the pathogen is negative? No, it means I have to find the method that will allow me to test for strep in all areas of the body. The biochemical testing methods used today are not invalid, it’s just that these methods only allow them to find diseases part of the time …”.

And, all of us who have ever felt frustration at our physician, when dealing with “chronic” and “real” symptoms, know this all too well.

Dr. Vickery explains that these “usual” biochemical diagnostics are an outgrowth of Newtonian physics. In the 1700s, scientist Isaac Newton showed us that there are Universal Laws, by which the cosmos and our planet work.

Einstein did not prove Newton wrong, rather Albert just proved that Newtonian laws only applied in certain spheres, which did not always include energy.

Albert Einstein’s brilliant formula E=MC2 proves that Mass IS Energy, so the mass (our body) IS made of energy. We are Energy, living-energy.

So, in the recent past, many innovative doctors have developed  testing methods based on energy (quantum physics) in order to find out things that Newtonian methods could not.

Ancient Ayurveda, humanity’s first medical system, from 5,000 years ago in India, along with Traditional Chinese Medicine all understood the unseen biological energy pathways — which today we call “meridians” and acupuncture’s mapping makes them fully accessible.

Then, Dr. George Goodheart, DC, founder of Applied Kinesiology verified and showed the meridians to be an effective source of deep, personalized, location-specific information of Health and of Illness. Use the link to learn more about Applied Kinesiology.

Energy medicine will be as Thomas Edison said a century ago, “the Medicine of the Future”. Well, it IS here today.

Energy Medicine has been evolving since the nineteenth century in Europe and America, and the FDA and the FTC, finally,  now recognize certain of these testing methods as emerging science (often they are shamed into doing so because Europeans have long since approved and are benefiting from these techniques and equipment for diagnostics).

Dr. Vickery has been using these methods for many years now. I personally had a “work-up” done 20 years ago by my Naturopathic physician, and it was spot-on; he used both applied kinesiology and a form of the other energy diagnostic tool  –  a type of electro-acupuncture diagnostic machine developed by Dr. Reinhardt Voll, MD.

Dr. Vickery says: “Using either electro-acupuncture or kinesiology with homeopathic medicines I can locate in just a few minutes the presence of many different pathogens and toxic metals, measure their levels, and pinpoint the tissues and organs in which they reside“.

No need for expensive and mostly ineffective lab tests. Why does this work?

Everything in the universe has an energy footprint.

One sees that in inanimate objects (e.g. using a spectrometer) AND in human and other biological forms (which is why Royal Rife‘s machine in the 1920’s was able to cure “incurable” diseases, once the pathogens energy-frequency was found, and that was validated by visiting physicians from the Mayo Clinic as well as physicians and academics from UCLA — before US Government Hooligan “Agents” stole the machine, lab notes and set the research back another 80+ years).

Energy signatures of all imbalances and pathogens involved, blocked and open pathways, strength of response — all provide the crucial information for an effective diagnosis and treatment.

Understanding the complex biochemistry of living systems, and with these energetic sign-posts, has enabled Dr. Vickery to understand the Whole Picture. And, smartly, he saw that giving the ill person’s body the most effective, natural building blocks (what your body uses very effectively to heal itself) was what was needed for Healing.

Just as the father of European Medicine, Hippocrates, said thousands of years ago, “Let Food Be Thy Medicine“,  Dr. Vickery took that one step farther.

Brice made a way for people to be able to ABSORB the vital  nutrients their bodies needed but were NOT getting, no matter how much healthy food they were eating, because their digestion was SO impaired. We learned what that special formula was and where to get it last time.

So, how does this help those struggling with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and diabetes (hyperglycemia – high blood sugar)?

Well, the source of most diseases is pancreatic overload or pancreatic burn-out, which means that you cannot DIGEST the food you take in. Period.

Because of the lack of alkaline pancreatic enzymes, your food will not be processed in a way that helps you to fuel and heal your body, and each successive day that this continues just adds to the downward spiral.

You ARE malnourished, especially in regard to protein, no matter how much protein you have tried to bring into your body. And, just any old enzyme supplement does NOT apply here.

Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is the common condition that Dr. Vickery finds in Fibromyalgia (FM) patients, too, leading to the root cause of FM, protein deficiency.

Hypoglycemia is a condition which has at least 100 different symptoms associated with it. For example, symptoms are: weakness, disorientation, headaches, slurred speech, tiredness or nervousness. If blood sugar levels become too low, even coma and death can happen. Sadly enough, doctors will often end up misdiagnosing this simple problem because they fail to administer a 6 hour glucose tolerance test or they misinterpret the results.

Diabetes and FM, along with all other disease, really starts, with pancreatic overload, which leads to loss of digestive function and then to protein deficiency in the body.

As mentioned, Dr. Vickery developed a highly efficient and accurate form of applied kinesiology, called the Vickery-Voll Test which allows him to test the three specific pancreas acupuncture points:

___  protein(1)

___   carbohydrate(2)

___   and fat(3).

If the number 2 point shows up, he knows that carbohydrate metabolism is impaired, which is the defining attribute of hypoglycemia.

This will happen when a person consumes too much sugar or refined carbohydrate, because your pancreas will work overtime secreting insulin to lower blood sugar and your adrenals will become stressed by producing high levels of adrenalin so that the liver cannot convert amino acids and fats to glucose to raise blood sugar back up again.

In this process all 3 acupuncture points will eventually register impaired metabolism.

But, it is with Point 1, protein deficiency, that FM finally occurs.

Meanwhile the thyroid gland is attempting to control the rate for utilizing blood sugar in your body, so it is working overtime also. That explains the epidemic of thyroid disease and obesity, too, from another source beyond the lack of detox mentioned in last week’s article.

The weakest link in your system determines how your body fails.

___ If the adrenals are the weakest, hypoglycemia will occur.

___ If the pancreas fails, diabetes will follow.

___ If the thyroid crashes, Hashimoto’s Disease could happen.

___ If the liver malfunctions, cirrhosis will develop.

Other glands also become involved in the imbalance including the hypothalamus, the pituitary and the sex glands.

Digestion becomes impaired as the pancreas stops making the necessary digestive enzymes, and now the entire body becomes deficient in proteins, its structural and functional building blocks, as well as necessary for nutrient transport and healthy immune response.

If the pancreas does not have the necessary amino acids it will not make digestive enzymes or glucagons (which allows the liver to convert glycogen, a sort of stored sugar, into glucose), nor will the adrenals make adrenalin (which allows the liver to convert protein and fats to glucose for balanced blood sugar.)

If the body cannot do these things blood sugars can never be properly balanced (no matter what medicine you take), and the glands will always be overworking to try to control an out-of-control situation.

Two things are necessary:

1. a low glycemic, low refined-carbohydrate, no sugar diet (gives over-worked glands a rest) (The Zone diet would be a good start.)
2. a balanced blend of immediately-available essential amino acids to start the system working properly again.

Dr. Vickery’s decades of experience shine through in his statement:

“But don’t make the mistake of thinking any amino acids will work, we already tried that, I had to develop a very specific blend of essential amino acids in the correct balance to one another. I want to make that very clear because if the amino acids are taken in the incorrect amounts or out of balance, you could just end up doing yourself more harm. All of my FM patients who have followed my FM program faithfully have gotten well. ” And, FM is the most-complex response in this symptom-cascade.

I may come back to another facet of this next time. Meanwhile, try to find a Holistic Physician who is “open” to working with you and to work with Dr. Vickery, (who wants to train more physicians in his method, before he dies).

What a shame it will be if we lose this opportunity. Jump on it!

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Best to all — Em

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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

I cannot express the grief I feel about the senseless carnage which took the life of this gracious, bright and loving child in Tuscon, Arizona last week. I will miss you, Christina Taylor Green, and mourn all the good you could have contributed to the world, if given the chance.

A few days ago, your Spirit returned to Source from whence you came; today, your Earth Mother holds you close. Now safe. Rest. Your job is done. Now, it’s our turn.

As I am trained in Psychology and Education, I continually read the articles about how the mentally-ill and mentally-vulnerable are not being attended to (starting in the ’80s with Reagan), and without a caring and effective life-line, this young man’s poor choices can be the senseless result.

Tonight, CBS News anchor, Katie Couric, reports that 30% of Americans have some form of mental illness, 5% of them with severe cases. I think a lot of this is from decades of casual drug use among many Americans – parents (drug use before, during and after – affecting genetics and parenting skills), sometime-to-be parents and kids.  And the other major source: decades of poor nutritional choices among even more people with jeopardized or broken genetics and / or biochemical imbalance as a result. And, for some, it is poverty which causes poor nutrition, but it can have the same results.

In this incident, so many lives needlessly lost, and mostly because the talking heads – official and otherwise – have raised the level of disrespect and unsupported rhetoric SO high.

They had better be reversing this in the halls of Congress, the halls of FOX News, radio chat shows and in the churches and organizations of hate and vitriol.

Let’s see statesmanship, civil and honest discourse which attempts to find common ground and compromise; let’s aim for a centrist agenda. All that counts is the Good of the Nation, not corporations, special interests, power-mongers. It needs to be central and all that is attended to. Get to The People’s Business, only.

And, healthcare reform needs to be settled, fairly, now!

For, without access to preventative care (and at a fair fee which people can afford), the nation cannot have a citizenry with a healthy, trim and  vigorous body,  and with a mentally-stable, well-nourished mind. This nation’s destiny is at-risk in ever-increasing increments, from within and outside our borders, and we are turning into weaklings.

Whether it be the drug-cartel violence at the Mexican border and the havoc their product produces in our vulnerable young people, while society is ineffectually fighting it OR whether it’s China with their aggressive, ready, million-man army (and it’s successful recent missile tests), the world is very scary at the moment.

We can reverse ALL this if we work together and don’t disengage.

Each of us has to become an instrument of positive change, like Gabe Zimmerman and Rep. Gabrielle Giffords were trying to be, and like the interested, involved citizens, who attended her Meet “N’Greet “Congress on your Corner”.

Our prayers are with all the families.

As balm for Christina’s family, John and Roxanna Green, their 11 year old son Dallas and extended family, as well as for the others personally touched by the larger tragedy, we pledge this as a time for reflection.

Figure out what you can do to make the world around you a better place.

Start small and keep working. No endeavor is insignificant. Just start. And, hold your elected officials’ feet-to-the-fire. Pay attention to what they are and what they are not doing on your behalf and the Nation’s behalf.

Things just can’t be business-as-usual because, for decades, the People’s Business has NOT been done!

Listen to and READ many sources. Get many points of view. Then, make your own opinion. Next, work to make your voice heard.

At the same time, settle on a set of steps as to how you can make your own and your family’s “lot” better if these officials act, and even more if they don’t act!

The American Dream is, at best, on hold. Whether we can speak of it in a hopeful Future, depends on us seeing the return of a vibrant, reasonable-size middle-class. THAT  will determine the fate of our country.

And, in turn, this time, the middle-class has to help those below them better than they did before.  And, all of us need laws to put the top 1% – 2% of the wealthy on notice, that the land and money and power grab is over.

Get Campaign Reform in place and that cuts off the power-mongering immediately!

When this Congress and this Executive can kowtow to special interest and pressure from the powerful to enact tax-cuts for the wealthy, giving away another 800 billion dollars of now uncollectable tax money from the wealthy, officials are left with unacceptable choices for making “cuts”.

Only trying to tear-down so-called “entitlements” for those who paid into these systems and now need them OR for the most-needy, least healthy of us who need the services is a heinous, unfair plan to be thinking of as the source of fiscal re-balancing.

And, for the military spending-cuts, their wisdom remains to be seen.

But, clearly, the wealthy 1%-2% are NOT paying their share and have undue influence while owning more than 50% of the wealth of this wealthiest nation in the world. And, no, the science shows that their wealth does NOT “trickle-down” nearly as much as it should. They actually don’t stimulate the economy with their money.

America needs to be better on all levels and I think her citizens must insist upon it and contribute their own actions to Positive Change.

So what, that Congress voted to extend the tax-cuts for the wealthy. Go back, re-visit the issue and re-craft the Law. That’s where huge change needs to begin.

And, the Federal government needs to make sure that the states don’t go under. The purse is too unbalanced in Federal favor. The states are the one’s best able to deliver what their citizenry needs, and several are destitute, or on the brink.

More than 30 states cut their mental health budgets, by a total of 2 billion dollars, and that’s part of why there is a lack of treatment options. It opens the chance for these tragic occurrences, and people have to be willing to alert authorities to those who are behaving irrationally, with a strict set of published criteria, so that the system is not abused.

Nothing is cast in stone, but when people are “hurting” as desperately as many people are, without acknowledgment that means anything concretely, then more trouble can happen.

So, let’s make sure we are walking in a better direction. It starts with each of us. Tell your Congress that you want the tax-cuts for the wealthy revisited and that you want real healthcare reform, with the public option as a central underpinning. Hop to it!

I received an email recently, and part of it said:

“They say it takes a minute to find a special person,
an hour to appreciate them,
a day to love them,
but then an entire life to forget them.”

That’s how I feel about you, Christina. May your Light always shine in our hearts, and may we be worthy of that.

Best to all — Em

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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

Diabetes - act Four SeasonsAs this 2010 year leaves, I won’t be sad to see it go. It wasn’t a good year for my family and me, in many ways, but I am grateful that we weathered it. I really appreciated the Simple Joys and they sustained me. You may feel the same way, but “what’s next!”?

Here are some year-end thoughts.

___   Firstly, Dear Reader, I want to say how much I enjoy serving you, and how much I appreciate your readership, comments and private emails. I only accept to post about half the comments and most questions, but I read every comment and answer about 90% of questions.

___   I am very gratified to find more offers of collaboration from physicians and professionals whom I’ve written about or who have contacted me after reading my work. It began with a naturopathic physician, multi-generation herbalist in Italy, many years ago, has continued and most recently, a Belgian natural-oriented MD of 50 years experience just contacted me and asked to collaborate. I am grateful that they see promise in this approach.

___   Quite a while ago, I was asked to write for Wellsphere. I haven’t taken them up on it, and by the time I answer, they may have enough people, but I want to only take-on what I can handle in an already busy life. This blog is almost 4 years of faithful posting. Please use the Archive!

___   Yes, I know my perspective is unique, but I believe that my approach will be the way that diabetes and many other chronic diseases will be treated, successfully, by more and more practitioners and clinicians very soon. By familiarizing yourself with it, you may end up helping yourself faster and / or more completely.

Some of you are lucky enough to have a forward-thinking, knowledgeable physician already or nearby. I encourage you to seek one out, or to take the books of such practitioners so you can discuss them with your doc and start some new protocols. I have even been known to give doctors these kinds of books written by their peers.

___   I am hoping to offer more of my own work in a commercial way in 2011. I will try to have time to get my thoughts and guidelines into an ebook, at least, and maybe more.

___   I want to continue my encouragement for you to learn more so you can be very proactive in your own Health, day by day. Being able to make other than mainstream media food hype choices is vital. Healthy food, peace-of-mind, a clean natural world are your birthright, but you now have to fight for them. I’ll try to arm you and forewarn you, when needed.

___   Personally, my view of 2011 is that it will still be very hard, and I expect it will be for at least a decade (and certainly 3 – 5 years before we see a sustained positive upswing).

That means YOU have to be on the frontlines of preserving and regaining your Health. At any time you can lose your health insurance (if in America), for years (as I have). Then, where will you be?

Knowing how to survive on almost no money (unemployment money would be a joke if it weren’t so serious; my husband has been only able to get short seasonal professional work for 3 years now, after losing a six-figure job).

I encourage you to have a food garden, year-round. I’ve written many articles about how to garden indoors in winter. See the Archive; the tabs are on the upper Nav Bar.

___   Avoiding the regular American, “western” diet based on grains and trans fats and too much poly-unsaturated fat, fat in meats from non-grass fed animals, and nutritionally weak “foods” is critical.

The less processed a food is the better.

Eat fresh, whole foods, preferably organic, but for sure learn the worst-pesticide sprayed foods:

  • Peaches
  • Apples
  • Nectarines
  • Strawberries
  • Cherries (an important food for those with arthritis)
  • Imported Grapes (and their wines)
  • Pears
  • Sweet Bell Peppers (especially red bell peppers)
  • Celery
  • Kale
  • Lettuces
  • Carrots

Those must be purchased as organic, if you use them. Only buy organic bagged salad mixes. Realize that kale and apples are nutritional power-houses, so do use them — just buy organic!

Environmental Working Group estimates are that if consumers get their USDA-recommended 5 daily servings of fruits and veggies from the 15 most contaminated list of fresh foods, they could consume an average of 10 pesticides a day!

Those who eat the 15 least contaminated conventionally grown produce ingest less than 2 pesticides daily, and those eating certified-organic will not even get that. It’s imperative for children to eat organic!

And for the healthiest, least-pesticide, conventionally-grown foods, EWG’s recommends:

  • Onions
  • Sweet Corn (worry: GMO alteration, unsustainable farming, poor nutrition)
  • Asparagus
  • Sweet peas
  • Cabbage  (moderate if low thyroid)
  • Eggplant (moderate if arthritic)
  • Broccoli (moderate if low thyroid)
  • Tomatoes (moderate if arthritic)
  • Sweet Potatoes (one of Earth’s healthiest foods!)
  • Avocados (excellent, necessary for brain growth, and brain health)
  • Pineapples
  • Mangoes
  • Kiwis
  • Papayas
  • Watermelon (only melon I will use)
  • Grapefruit (check it’s compatible with your medications)

And, the “official” 5 fresh fruits and vegetables a day as a goal, itself, is no goal at all. The Japanese eat 16 different fresh vegetables and fruits a day. That’s one reason why their traditional diet is the healthiest in the world. Juices do NOT count as a fruit. Do not consume juices or any other fragmented, processed food; nutrition is always lacking and your body may not even recognize it as “food”, due to lost components not triggering certain biochemistry.

___   It’s important to cook your own food or to be in a trusted coperative of families which share the cooking or using a once or twice a month cooking technique.

___   How to know what foods to emphasize — yesterday, after minding our 19 month grandchild all day, we stopped at the main employee-owned supermarket chain in transit, right as the just-off-work crowd descended.

I was shocked to see hordes of large families going into the store. Obviously, they were there to try to get a careful consensus so everyone would “agree” on the food for (hopefully) a healthy meal. And, stretching the food dollar included buying things that would be eaten. However, parents have to have the knowledge to “guide” decisions as well as having children understand that food cannot be wasted — not “liking” something doesn’t count, if you have checked that there is no physiological incompatability as the basis for disliking it.

The easiest way to ascertain this, without paying for panels of blood tests for every family member’s possible allergies or sensitivities, is to know each person’s blood type. Then, use the work of Dr. Peter D’ Adamo, ND to sort out what foods make sense to use in your family (paying attention to where and how they are grown, too).

There are foods which work for all blood types, and they serve as the foundation in a mixed-type family. Luckily, generations of my my whole family is A+, but new son-in-law is O, so my grandson will have to be tested. Blood types A and O have180 degree differences in the foods to eat!

Eating the wrong foods and eating too much of even the right foods, heads us into at-risk turf.

___   So, make a new year’s resolution to put your Health, and your family’s Health, at the top of the list, just after or on a par with adequate, sustained financial survival. Everything else is a far second or third. Believe me.

___   Spread the word! Tell people about this blog – offline and online at your favorite Social media sites! Opt-in here for email alerts when I post. See the box at the top of the right side-bar. You are my best helpers, and I appreciate your efforts!

So, again, I wish you and yours the happiest 2011. I’ll do my best to keep writing here for you!

Best to all — Em

Dirtiest and Cleanest Food List download for the supermarket when you shop.

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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

Not wanting to be the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, it is still necessary to discuss a few important relevant topics for diabetics as you go through a round of parties and holiday eating, especially if you want to be reasonably healthy at the end of this Season! How do you do it?

___   Be open to a wake-up call!

Example 1:  What do I mean by that? Well, for example, I just gave my sister, who had spent the summer and fall successfully losing weight by increasing exercise (swimming) and cutting back on food quantity and making smarter food choices, a copy of Dr. Rosedale’s landmark book about diet biochemistry. Bad choice. She wouldn’t read it.

I backed off as she’d been self-motivated and was being successful. She’d just asked for and received a pair of top-notch running shoes and was prepared to start her running regimen in winter. But, the information I was trying to share with her would have made it all “easier”, as she would have been learning how to work WITH her body, instead of trying to bash-it-into-compliance.

She’s off to California. The book is here. I’m sad. I wish her well, and I know I was helping. She doesn’t know what she missed. I think she will succeed, but it will be harder than it needed to be.

Example 2: You all know that I try to respond to the good and the bad on the TV program “The Biggest Loser”. Next week will be this season’s finale, and America is voting for the last of the three contestants who will make it to the finale. I am voting for Ada, as she has had the bigger obstacles in her life, least support from family and shown herself to be a person of great determination and fortitude which I want to reward. She just made a new record when winning the Biggest Loser Marathon! Brava! You can vote, too, here Biggest Loser Vote.

Surprisingly, I am proud of Americans. They are starting to get the wake-up call and starting to see that, especially in tough economic times, their Health is even more precious and in need of protection by their own Good Choices! If we lose our health insurance (which I did for the second time, several years ago and still have none), all you have is Knowledge and good judgment to protect you! Many more people are in that boat now.

Being practical — going in to try to apply for a job looking overweight and unfit is not going to “cut it” when employers are concerned about health costs and there are 5 times more applicants for every job, than usual. Time for you to start to re-invent yourself, with your doctor’s permission and guidance.

If you have no physician, then my suggestion is to just walk for at least an hour, everyday, at conversation pace (not being breathless, but being able to constantly talk to a companion, comfortably, if you wanted to for the whole time). You need to try to carve out the whole hour, as biochemical steps “kick-in”. But, if you can’t do the whole hour at once, then next-best choice is to cut it into either 40 minutes at lunchtime, 20 minutes in the morning or evening OR 20 minute chunks: morning, lunchtime and evening. Do this everyday. Walking isn’t strenuous enough to say “one day off, one day on ” or using “cross-training” rules, as we were meant to walk everyday.

___   Learn all you can about your body, food and exercise!

You’re here, so I am patting you on the back! Stay away from the American Diabetes Association food pyramid like the plague. Remove most grains from your diet (even if whole-grain). Get celiac, non-gluten recipes and start to try them. Use quinoa and wild rice (this is not a grain) as your main “grain” substitutes; both are very good for diabetes.

Use no artificial sweeteners. Use low glycemic stevia and agave nectar for natural sweetness and maple sugar, prudently. All these are good for diabetics. Eat way more than the 5 a day vegetables and fruits recommended by the US Government health bureaus. Eat less fruit, more vegetables. Include Vitamin C veggies and fruits everyday – kiwi is a good choice as it has Omega-3s, too.

Learn how to make your body pH alkaline everyday. I’ve written about this many times and have given you charts of pH alkaline foods. Look in the Titles Archive on the navigation bar above.

When you go to holiday parties, eat ahead at home, first. Then, at the party, with the roster of good pH alkaline foods remembered, indulge moderately. Also, calculate the empty calories of alcoholic drinks, the seriously acidic pH of any soda pop. Consider club soda with a twist and a shot of lemon or lime juice and 2 T of a little sweeter juice like pomegranate — with beneficial ellagic acids. It looks festive and has beneficial aspects to it. Do NOT use Seltzer Water. On the Club Soda label, look for either sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate, only.

If it’s a sit-down dinner, enjoy the healthiest parts of it.

There is time for celebration on the Middle Path. But, it’s important to know just when and how much is the time to choose. Not every office and collegial friend’s party is an “excuse”, but maybe you just really enjoy the time you spend on your main meal with family.  Choose a time to truly celebrate, in a moderate way.

___   Become a role-model for others!

The severely overweight, morbidly obese contestants who succeed on The Biggest Loser are very aware about Pay It Forward actions. You can too. Here are some amazing numbers about global obesity. These statistics come for  the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO), but they are not perfectly meshed (as the country details are sometimes from different years and vary in sample size). But this is the best snapshot we have, so far, for the Globesity Epidemic.

The “healthiest” countries, which have at least 70% of their population still at “normal” body-mass index are, in order (best first): Laos and Ghana

The next tier has 60% – 70% of their populations at normal weight, in order (best first):  Madagascar, Japan (mostly because of Okinawa), Viet Nam, Mongolia, Philippines, South Korea, India, Kyrgyzstan and  Estonia

This third tier has 50% – 60% healthy weight, in order (best first): Morocco, Switzerland, China, Singapore, Thailand, Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Denmark, Romania, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, France, Finland, Italy, Sweden, Cuba, Iran, Latvia, Norway, Colombia, Bulgaria

The fourth tier has only 40% – 50% of the population at normal body mass index, in order (best first): Cyprus, Iceland, Malaysia, Vanuatu, Slovakia, Lithuania, Canada, South Africa,  Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Hungary, Portugal, Jordan, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Turkey

This next group is in serious trouble, with only 30% – 40% of their populations at normal weight, in order (best first): Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, United States of America, Croatia, Malta, United Kingdom, Kuwait, Panama

And, the worst country in the world, for obesity, where only 18% of the people are at normal weight, is Kiribati.

Next week, I’m going to give my thoughts as to why these numbers and what more can be done, but find your country of residence; find your ethnic heritage and start thinking about where you get your food behaviors from and exercise outlooks from. Then, you’ll be ready to take part in next week’s important conversation.

Meanwhile, prepare for your holiday season carefully and thoughtfully.

I sincerely wish all of you a Happy, Peaceful, Secure Holiday Season and I fervently hope all will be much better when I write, again, this time next year.

Best to all — Em

W.H.O. stats Global Obesity
21 Fattest Countries with great photos!

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