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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

This is a momentous edition. We begin the 4th year of serving diabetics and letting them learn alternative ways to help themselves with their diabetes — to see improvement, remission or cure.

I’m also going to introduce an important therapy this time.

Today also marks the 51st anniversary since my father brought us back to America, the land of his birth, and I often wonder if we would have had a healthier life if we had remained in Australia, where my sisters and I were born. I’ve seen massive changes in health in both places in the past 5 decades.

Unfortunately, only recently, Australia has joined the ranks of nations-in-trouble as its populace is generally over-weight and unhealthy, too. All the more reason to learn this landmark therapy!

In the same 5 decades, Dr. Brice E. Vickery, DC has been a caring, pro-active, observant physician who has put a vital piece of the Health puzzle together!

What Dr. Vickery has found confirms the accuracy of the foundation of Ayurveda, humanity’s first medical system, established in India 5,000 years ago — death and life begin in the colon — and that excellent digestion is the basis of Health.

In a world rampant with prescriptions of antacids of all kinds, this imbalance of digestive factors is a disaster. Usually, instead of excess acid, the symptoms of bloating, gas, burping etc., are really indicative of a stomach and digestive system which is under-served. It actually needs the ability to make MORE hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes and bile etc., to have proper digestion.

Without well-functioning digestion, protein components, especially, are not broken down properly into their individual amino acids.

Your body needs individual amino acids to build EVERYTHING!

These are called Free Amino Acids (F.A.A. – FAA).

Not only do most of us not have the critical FAA cellular building-blocks we need every second, but if whole or partly-digested proteins pass through the crypts in the intestinal wall, then our immune system reacts and food “sensitivities” or full-blown “food allergy” is born.

And, along with that, it means NONE of that improperly digested protein can be used by your body!

That issue also creates a “toxic load” as your body can’t use it, but must store it — the start of obesity —  and reflective of your overworked liver.

Dr. Vickery noticed many of his patients, with chronic conditions, like:

___   diabetes // hypoglycemia

___   fibromyalgia

___   chronic fatigue syndrome

___   Parkinson’s disease

___   GERD (gastro-intestinal esophageal reflux disease)

___   autism

___   celiac disease and Crohn’s disease

did well when he gave them a certain set of pharmaceutical-grade FAAs, using a patented  formula he invented and refined for decades.

Just any-old-formula won’t do, and the SOURCE and FORM of the FAAs is critical too. His formula also has other vital nutrients likely to be needed when your body is so depleted that its biochemistry is incredibly awry.

Why is protein important?

Even though many of us think we are succeeding in eating decently, did you know 9 out of 10 people lack the proper amount of protein in their organ systems for their bodies to function properly?

That’s amazing!

And, contrary to popular belief, a sufficient intake of protein in the diet does not automatically insure that your body is getting what it needs, because of improper digestion – both with hydrochloric acid in the stomach and with vital alkaline enzymatic buffers from your overwhelmed pancreas.

With excellent digestion, your body can manufacture thousands of systemic proteins which build and keep your body intact.  Without that ability, you’ll wither.

Protein is distributed throughout your body, providing:  structure, function, and organization of body systems. It is the foundation of your skin, nails and hair, and your blood, lymph and plasma. It is protein which  enables your muscles to contract and provides critical integrity to intestinal walls, so they can absorb the nutrients you need.

A bombed-out, caustic colon cannot absorb your nutrients properly and this is especially true in Crohns disease and also in celiac disease (where gluten allergy corrodes!).

Various internally-made proteins fight infection in your body and repair any tissue damage.  Your bone, lung and brain cells, and thousands of enzymes (that run the biochemical reactions to digest your food, repair damaged DNA and regulate all chemical reactions in your body) need protein for their structure and function.

Proteins help to carry oxygen to your cells! Other proteins remove toxins from the liver – which cleanses your whole body. The digested levels of protein vitally determine if your body makes 95% of all your hormones as well as whether there will be sufficient specialized proteins carrying hormones, vitamins, fatty acids and minerals to your cells.

When we talk about protein we are talking about your whole life-system itself. When we properly assimilate protein into our body-system daily, we are keeping the entire system intact, and it is catastrophic if we are lacking in vital amino-acids.

FAAs are the building blocks of thousands of proteins and enzymes, without which we cannot have Health.

Our body tries mightily to adapt if we are low on certain vital amino acids due to improper food choice and / or incomplete digestion. It will re-route and try other chemical pathways with up to 500 detours, but even then it is beaten, without success, oftentimes.

Protein is not stable, and it is constantly being used up and exchanged for new protein daily in a process called “protein turnover“.  About one pound of protein a day is lost in this process, so it needs to be replenished from your diet on a daily basis.

Here are some examples of turnover times for some of the most vital body proteins:

___   enzymes- 7-10 minutes

___    insulin- 30 minutes

___    liver protein- 10 days

___    muscle protein- 60 days.

In 1 year all the protein in our body has “turned over”, in good balance, or not.

Animal and vegetarian sources of protein provide the critical nitrogen element essential to your biochemistry.

There are 20 amino acids and at least 10- 12 of them are considered “essential” (most of these are critical life-long and some are “essential” only at critical times of development) because your body must get them everyday in food as you cannot manufacture them.

Nothing but protein sources can supply protein.

The carbohydrates and fats we eat are not part of the process, although they are also vital — especially the “good fats”, the Essential Fatty Acids from flax, hemp, borage or fish oils, and adequate vitamins and minerals — for proper biochemistry. Seaweed is a great source for the minerals, especially much-needed Iodine, as I have advocated for a long time.

And, to be digested properly, fats and carbohydrates need proper levels and types of proteins to make complete digestion happen.

EFAs must be carried to your cells by proteins and then absorbed there for your cellular energy to be produced!

And, diabetes prevents the conversion of EFAs to vital GLA and EPA — so diabetics need supplements for these vital fats, as well as proper digestion and transport proteins. Angstrom-sized, chelated zinc, magnesium and sulfur along with B vitamins and vitamin C are also necessary for proper conversion.  The minerals require proper types and levels of protein to be transported to your cells (that is, minerals must be chelated — on a label, that means it ending in —ate, for example the best form of magnesium is magnesium citrate).

Dr. Vickery says: “Adrenal fatigue, nutrient deficiencies and yeast metabolites all affect blood sugar and there is much information available about how the diet can be controlled in order to help a badly unbalanced secretory system regulate the blood sugars. What is not well known is the important role of protein in this whole system. Three things are core essentials for proper blood sugar regulation: a healthy nervous system, a healthy secretory system and properly functioning proteins dealing with sugar uptake and release from the cells.”

The blood detoxification process in your liver is an amazing two-phase operation in which the blood is filtered and toxins are broken down and prepared for removal from the body. This is known separately as the Phase I and Phase II detoxification pathway.

In a single minute of time, a healthy liver filters and detoxifies 99% of the waste material from two quarts of blood!

But, because the enzyme pathways of a sick or damaged liver will be unable to effectively break down and clear the body of this needed amount, toxins so poisonous material will end up in the blood again and then be  stored in body tissues (creating malfunctioning organs and obesity).

I hope you can see how important the complete digestion of adequate protein is!

So, if you are already ill with one or more of the imbalances (“dis-eases”) above, then you already know that this protein system is broken in your body. Pouring more (expensive) protein is not going to help and without great digestion, your supplement money is likely not benefiting you as it should, either.

The ONLY way known out of this vicious biochemical swamp is to have the full benefit of predigested, top-notch, single amino acids in the correct form and balance of FAAs. Dr. Vickery’s Platinum Plus Formula provides this, along with the needed companion vitamins and minerals.

Don’t go to the health store for FAAs. They won’t be sourced properly, sized-properly and won’t give you the benefit that Dr. Vickery’s patented formula will do. Period.

You can learn a great deal more on Dr. Vickery’s own site, where you can also purchase his products.

Spend time at http://www.supernutrient.com in the Science section, if you feel comfortable, otherwise surf the site to understand as much as you can to feel confident and especially read the Hypoglycemia page

Dr. Vickery says that the status of your spinal disks is a lesser known source of blood sugar problems, as compaction causes autonomic nervous system aberrations which result in poor blood-sugar sensing capabilities.  Glucose sensing neurons in the autonomic nervous system, are also involved in pancreatic and adrenal secretions.

He adds:

“There is also a certain protein, AMPK, that researchers suspect may also be an important part of the body’s blood sugar metabolism regulation. The AMPK apparently senses low levels of energy molecules(ATP) within the cells and activates processes such as glucose manufacture by the liver and cellular glucose uptake by glucose transporter proteins (GLUT4) within the cell.

An AMPK related protein is an enzyme made up of a total of 661 amino acids, 325 of which are the essential amino acids (those that can only be gotten from the diet). Studies also show that amino acids enhance the activation of AMPK.”

DO discuss this all with your physician, too.

Some diabetics, with severe kidney disease, especially need an expert to help them with this therapy.

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Best to all — Em

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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

I cannot express the grief I feel about the senseless carnage which took the life of this gracious, bright and loving child in Tuscon, Arizona last week. I will miss you, Christina Taylor Green, and mourn all the good you could have contributed to the world, if given the chance.

A few days ago, your Spirit returned to Source from whence you came; today, your Earth Mother holds you close. Now safe. Rest. Your job is done. Now, it’s our turn.

As I am trained in Psychology and Education, I continually read the articles about how the mentally-ill and mentally-vulnerable are not being attended to (starting in the ’80s with Reagan), and without a caring and effective life-line, this young man’s poor choices can be the senseless result.

Tonight, CBS News anchor, Katie Couric, reports that 30% of Americans have some form of mental illness, 5% of them with severe cases. I think a lot of this is from decades of casual drug use among many Americans – parents (drug use before, during and after – affecting genetics and parenting skills), sometime-to-be parents and kids.  And the other major source: decades of poor nutritional choices among even more people with jeopardized or broken genetics and / or biochemical imbalance as a result. And, for some, it is poverty which causes poor nutrition, but it can have the same results.

In this incident, so many lives needlessly lost, and mostly because the talking heads – official and otherwise – have raised the level of disrespect and unsupported rhetoric SO high.

They had better be reversing this in the halls of Congress, the halls of FOX News, radio chat shows and in the churches and organizations of hate and vitriol.

Let’s see statesmanship, civil and honest discourse which attempts to find common ground and compromise; let’s aim for a centrist agenda. All that counts is the Good of the Nation, not corporations, special interests, power-mongers. It needs to be central and all that is attended to. Get to The People’s Business, only.

And, healthcare reform needs to be settled, fairly, now!

For, without access to preventative care (and at a fair fee which people can afford), the nation cannot have a citizenry with a healthy, trim and  vigorous body,  and with a mentally-stable, well-nourished mind. This nation’s destiny is at-risk in ever-increasing increments, from within and outside our borders, and we are turning into weaklings.

Whether it be the drug-cartel violence at the Mexican border and the havoc their product produces in our vulnerable young people, while society is ineffectually fighting it OR whether it’s China with their aggressive, ready, million-man army (and it’s successful recent missile tests), the world is very scary at the moment.

We can reverse ALL this if we work together and don’t disengage.

Each of us has to become an instrument of positive change, like Gabe Zimmerman and Rep. Gabrielle Giffords were trying to be, and like the interested, involved citizens, who attended her Meet “N’Greet “Congress on your Corner”.

Our prayers are with all the families.

As balm for Christina’s family, John and Roxanna Green, their 11 year old son Dallas and extended family, as well as for the others personally touched by the larger tragedy, we pledge this as a time for reflection.

Figure out what you can do to make the world around you a better place.

Start small and keep working. No endeavor is insignificant. Just start. And, hold your elected officials’ feet-to-the-fire. Pay attention to what they are and what they are not doing on your behalf and the Nation’s behalf.

Things just can’t be business-as-usual because, for decades, the People’s Business has NOT been done!

Listen to and READ many sources. Get many points of view. Then, make your own opinion. Next, work to make your voice heard.

At the same time, settle on a set of steps as to how you can make your own and your family’s “lot” better if these officials act, and even more if they don’t act!

The American Dream is, at best, on hold. Whether we can speak of it in a hopeful Future, depends on us seeing the return of a vibrant, reasonable-size middle-class. THAT  will determine the fate of our country.

And, in turn, this time, the middle-class has to help those below them better than they did before.  And, all of us need laws to put the top 1% – 2% of the wealthy on notice, that the land and money and power grab is over.

Get Campaign Reform in place and that cuts off the power-mongering immediately!

When this Congress and this Executive can kowtow to special interest and pressure from the powerful to enact tax-cuts for the wealthy, giving away another 800 billion dollars of now uncollectable tax money from the wealthy, officials are left with unacceptable choices for making “cuts”.

Only trying to tear-down so-called “entitlements” for those who paid into these systems and now need them OR for the most-needy, least healthy of us who need the services is a heinous, unfair plan to be thinking of as the source of fiscal re-balancing.

And, for the military spending-cuts, their wisdom remains to be seen.

But, clearly, the wealthy 1%-2% are NOT paying their share and have undue influence while owning more than 50% of the wealth of this wealthiest nation in the world. And, no, the science shows that their wealth does NOT “trickle-down” nearly as much as it should. They actually don’t stimulate the economy with their money.

America needs to be better on all levels and I think her citizens must insist upon it and contribute their own actions to Positive Change.

So what, that Congress voted to extend the tax-cuts for the wealthy. Go back, re-visit the issue and re-craft the Law. That’s where huge change needs to begin.

And, the Federal government needs to make sure that the states don’t go under. The purse is too unbalanced in Federal favor. The states are the one’s best able to deliver what their citizenry needs, and several are destitute, or on the brink.

More than 30 states cut their mental health budgets, by a total of 2 billion dollars, and that’s part of why there is a lack of treatment options. It opens the chance for these tragic occurrences, and people have to be willing to alert authorities to those who are behaving irrationally, with a strict set of published criteria, so that the system is not abused.

Nothing is cast in stone, but when people are “hurting” as desperately as many people are, without acknowledgment that means anything concretely, then more trouble can happen.

So, let’s make sure we are walking in a better direction. It starts with each of us. Tell your Congress that you want the tax-cuts for the wealthy revisited and that you want real healthcare reform, with the public option as a central underpinning. Hop to it!

I received an email recently, and part of it said:

“They say it takes a minute to find a special person,
an hour to appreciate them,
a day to love them,
but then an entire life to forget them.”

That’s how I feel about you, Christina. May your Light always shine in our hearts, and may we be worthy of that.

Best to all — Em

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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

How would you like to end up in jail for growing your own healthy herbs and vegetables and fruits and maybe for giving some to your neighbor? If you think it’s absurd and will never happen here in the Land of the Free, think again! The bill is in the US Senate now!

Congress is back in session after a late-summer recess, and one one of the first bills they will consider is Senate Bill 510.

This bill imposes draconian oversight on food production.

Undoubtedly fronted and financed by Big Pharma, Big Agriculture and Monsanto – the Frankenfood genetically-modified organism (GMO) chemical giant, it imposes extremely burdensome requirements on thousands of small farmers and food processors, and many of these may be who you depend on for your food, already. In fact, if you shop in Farmer’s Markets or stores showcasing local suppliers, these small food producers might be selling directly to you in your local area.

This bill easily could wipe out the small organic farmer.

But it could be much worse. It aims to take away your right to garden, and to grow your own food!

Conceivably, you could even become a criminal simply for growing herbs and giving them to your friend. We don’t have the full understanding yet of how far the “benevolent” government wants to go in “protecting your food”.

We have to stop this bill. But it won’t be easy.

After the big egg recall, recently, Americans are clamoring for protection by the government.Well, it was US Government inspections which failed to protect us. In looking at the records for that egg farm, there were hundreds of previous violations. Yes, we need to be protected against unscrupulous corporations, of all types, including the ones financing the Bill!

Dr. Robert Rowen, MD says he has” little doubt that the unseen pushers of bills like this are Big Agri which seeks to destroy the small farmer. But they’re not the only ones behind this horrible bill.

My sources say that this bill will remove our rights to own and store seeds and place that otherwise inherent right into the hands of the likes of GMO Frankenfood giant Monsanto.”

In the name of  (pseudo) “food safety”, the government could move to promote antibiotics, hormones and GMO Frankenseeds, likely wiping out the small conscious farmer” who uses safer, organic, natural seed.

Bills like this present a great danger to freedom.

Right now, the U.S. Code mandates that the government must find “credible evidence” before launching an attack on a food producer.

The authors of this bill and their minions want to replace that phrase with “reasonable probability.”

Hold on! You don’t need to be an attorney to see where this is heading. Who will be making that determination of “reasonable probability”? Some bureaucrat 3,000 miles away?

Dr. Rowen, MD continues – Might s/he decide that the raw milk which restored your health be removed for “reasonable probability”?

We certainly  do NOT need this bill.

Dr. Robert Rowen, MD states: “I’d rather take my chances on a rare outbreak of food bacteria than let the government control what comes to the food stores or what I personally can produce.”

He says, “I can treat the food-borne bacteria. I can’t easily treat pasteurization’s toxicity, Monsanto’s Frankenfood, the hormones, pesticides or other petrochemicals that are dumped into your food in the name of “safety.” ” That says it all.

This is our natural birthright – to garden, to forage and to store our seeds. It is fundamental to our independence and therefore to our Freedom!

Prevent this Power Grab!

Read the Bill and watch its progress, here:
Senate Bill 510

And, learn about the actual influence peddling and desire to pressure public health officials and scientists –
Pressure from Big Business

Please call your senators and demand that they stop this bill dead in its tracks. Tell them you want to demand oversight on the use of chemicals, GMO Frankenfood, hormones and antibiotics, and that freedom for you and the small farmer is essential to our Liberty.

Look under US Government in your phone book for your US Senator’s local office, and write to their office at the Capital in Washington, DC by searching for the URL for your 2 senators, online.

If you are outside America, make sure your legislators are not helping these multinational corporations take over your lives, too!

The time is NOW. Don’t sit back and do nothing. Once lost, home-production and small farming will be outlawed!

Having the right to grow your own food is the most basic human right, and it is foundational for your Health, especially as a diabetic! Well cared for home-grown will always be best. Small farm production by a knowledgeable farmer, preferably organic, will always be next best. Both are far superior to the product produced by Big Ag’s factory farms. Period.

And, while you’re at it, tell your legislators to not allow high fructose corn syrup – one of the most deleterious substances in the food supply, and a cheap sweetener for Big Ag – to be allowed a name-change to benign-sounding “corn sugar”. What crafty S.O.B.s they are.

You can read many articles about high fructose corn syrup dangers, in my article archive, above on the tool bar. Thanks.

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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

Diabetics need LOTS of fresh vegetables, and some fresh fruits. Even in season, these cost a lot for people on small food budgets. So, whether to save money OR to know exactly how and where your food is grown (carefully and without pesticides), then you need a garden.

In fact, everyone needs to garden. No excuses! If you are in an apartment without a balcony, there are now many solutions. If you have a balcony, there are great new choices! If you have a patch of ground, there are several ways to increase it’s yield. And, if you are lucky enough to have your own yard (or a plot in a community garden), then you can behold the bounty of Nature big-time.

This is a busy fortnight for me, so I’ll be making this a series and will add more posts over the next few weeks. But, the gardening season has started, so you need to, also!

All of us have a major problem unless we follow through on this project. In this era of food illiteracy, financial insecurity, possible societal insecurity, when climate change is impacting food prices too, it behooves you to act for your own Health and survival by planting a garden.

Now is the time. The season has begun in most of the Northern Hemisphere, and if you are in the far North (or in autumn / winter in the Southern Hemisphere), there are still projects you can be doing to bring fresh, nearly free, clean, wholesome food into your diet.

Everyone needs fresh, raw food (and veggies lightly steamed or gently roasted, when cooked). Fruits need to be whole and kept at minimal levels for diabetics. The emphasis is getting at least 6 vegetable portions a day of lower glycemic index vegetables and 2 fruit (including one citrus or Vitamin C source – like kiwi) – no juice.

Each meal, fill 2/3 of your plate with a variety of vegetables and you are well on the way to Health, with a teaspoon of olive oil and a piece of protein the size and thickness of the palm of your hand.

So, let’s tackle the steps to making a garden in this series. This is not rocket science. It’s not hard; Nature knows HOW. All you have to do is to start and support the natural process.

If you only have window/s in your apartment:
___ you can still grown an amazing amount and variety of fresh food in any window, even in highly concentrated places like New York City
___ learn a lot more at http://windowfarms.org
___ learn what one window farm can grow!
___ Plants that have been grown by this method include —
Fruiting Plants: okra, cherry tomatoes, scallop squash, small cucumbers, beans, strawberries, peppers, peas, Japanese eggplant.
Leafy Greens: arugula, bok choy, broccoli rabe, kale, chard, radicchio, watercress, chives, various microgreens, and many varieties of lettuce.
Herbs: rosemary, cilantro, basil, thyme, oregano, parsley, mint, and sage.
Edible Flowers: nasturtium, violets, and marigolds.
___ start gathering 1 liter soda pop bottles from friends, family, co-workers (who already have this nasty drinking habit). Don’t start drinking soda pop at all — any version. Just become a new source to recycle some bottles.
___ If you have multiple windows, then use the sunniest ones, but be aware in bedrooms, that at night, plants will use your oxygen and release carbon-dioxide, so don’t close your door and do have fresh air coming in. It’s better not to use bedrooms.

___ alternatively, you can also use grow-lights and or hydroponic solutions. Search for these terms and you will find lots of information.

___ all groups of residents can learn to grown sprouts, indoors. Make sure that you and anyone who touches your sprouts and sprout bottles wash their hands after bathroom and other dirty chores. Sprouts need to be eaten raw to get their best enzymes and nutrition, but they must be kept fastidiously clean to be able to eat them raw. Sprout-growing is a very easy, inexpensive, relatively-fast way to get healthy raw food in any season.

If you only have a small balcony or patio area:
___ in the sunniest part of the area, start a vertical wall of plants using a system like the one at Wooly Pocket
___ use a pottery urns called strawberry jars. Their pockets, as well as Square Foot Gardening principles, with taller plants in the least sun-blocking position, will help you grow a lot in a small space.
___ use a specifically-designed food-grade 5 gallon plastic pail to grow food. Do not use paint containers or any plastic other than designated food-grade. Restaurants may allow you to get their 5 gallon food grade containers for free or a small charge, instead of them recycling them. Learn more at: Video – 5 gallon garden

Diabetics Need to Garden, Part 2
Diabetics Need to Garden, Part 3

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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

I missed posting last week (for only the 2nd time in 3 years) as my Mum was hospitalized. She’s on the mend, but it was a big scare.

Today, is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, and my other Mother is in danger, too! Our planet just cannot continue to sustain the damage we inflict upon her. Just like many human children, for a period of time, we are immature and disrespect our parent(s) and turn our back on their innate Wisdom. We’ve been doing this with our Earth Mother, and we continue at our peril.

As the two largest countries, India and China, now seem to be producing massive numbers of diabetics and pre-diabetics, as they reach for now-proven ecologically unsound pathways to prosperity, Mother Gaia will suffer even more when 1/3 of humanity (2 billion people in these countries) want and get “more” regardless of the ecological consequences.

As the dubious notion of a global economy has American’s food being “imported!” from countries all over the world and massive factory-farms at home, we see huge rises in toxic chemicals in our food supply (especially from Chinese grown foods, a huge new source and percentage of foods used in America). We used to grow our foods, in our own more-regulated soil. What happened?

Well, you can learn more in a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) movie called Food, Inc. which explains about 6 corporations control America’s food supply and that they are rapaciously extending their reach and their grief into other countries, seeking to control their food supply, also. This monopoly has to be regulated out of existence, as we did that of the tobacco companies, which also had products which only harmed our Health.

This corporate food-supply rape campaign has already begun in India, and there, 200,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide, leaving their families destitute and letting their land be gobbled-up by the corporations. The ordinary farmer overseas cannot pay for “modern” seed or equipment and then an otherwise capable independent businessman goes under. This is serious.

And, in China, the ecological damage is tremendous and largely unregulated. Staple food items are now being brought from China, foods which we would normally think were still being grown in America. Meanwhile this cheap, poor, often-toxic food is being brought to our shores — talk about a national-security issue!

It was bad enough that the Chinese do not regulate the methods and ingredients in their toy production, but food goes way beyond that in posing a danger for all of us who use Chinese food products. And, their air pollution is heading for North America, daily.

Both India, and especially China, argue that we had our chance to become “prosperous”, so they should be able to also. But, what’s spurious here is that governments, scientists and all of us had to find out that “industrialization”, as we practiced it it in the 19th and 20th centuries, had major consequences and that it is a flawed system that must be changed for the planet and all Life to survive.

Belching coal plants in China; open-pit mining (anywhere) and its release of unacceptable quantities of certain minerals (like mercury and cadmium) into the landscape; nuclear power; deforestation; lack of habitat for plants and animals as well as lack of riparian habitat to protect water sources have massive repercussions on every continent.

When food is toxic, not only does it put us at risk for a slow or fast death, but it impairs our health so the quality of our days is severely curtailed. Poor, toxic food creates psychological and physical impairment. Toxins are walled-off in fat cells — the more toxins, the more fat cells needed — the obesity crisis, the pre-diabetes crisis, the diabetes crisis stem largely from this (and the poor nutrition in this food as well as poor food and activity choices by the individual only seal the deal).

The illusion is that our food-chain is inspected, safe and healthy. Nothing could be further from the truth, except food from organic, sustainable farms, with good practices.

Please watch – Food, Inc. This knowledge from Dr. Michael Pollan, PhD and other experts will change your life and it is imperative and critical for your health, and especially children’s health. It will only be freely shown from April 22 – 29, 2010.

Also, see the short preview of DIRT! – The Movie

In one of these two movies, I don’t remember which, an expert stated we have only about 120 years’ window to save the planet from the devastation it has sustained since the Industrial Revolution (started in the 1800’s) and from factory farming (started in the 20th century).

The problem is he didn’t say how much was left of his projected 120 years, but I suspect we have very little time left to save Mother Earth — I’d say a max of another 20 years, if that, as my guess, when I see how fast the change has been in the last 40 years!

The problems build on each other to a tipping-point, where Life cannot be sustained and our weather has permanently become hostile and clean water (or even water, at all) will be more precious than gold.

We have to get our priorities right on a personal, local, national and global level. You cannot depend that your “leaders” will do this for you. They have had decades of strong signals that our industrial life was unsustainable. Yet, they did nothing. You have to start being an active advocate!

Since I was married, in 1969, I chose a different path than most people of my generation and the 2 that followed.

I was never a hippie, but I understood we had to take care of our Mother Earth and I have. I kept oodles of clean recyclables in our garage, for decades, until there were recycling programs; I supported the fledgling organic farmers and organic food companies (many of whom have been quietly bought out by the big demons – Unilever, Heinz and many more); I was aware of the need to reduce my carbon footprint and never leave the house on errands unless at least three chores can be done in that area of town, and preferably more than that, and on and on. Our garbage can is rarely more than 1/3 of its small capacity; we compost food waste and return it to excellent soil.

All this is not to pat me on the back, it’s to say, that even among my family, I have not been able in the past 40 years to change THEIR attitudes and THEIR ways. I’m worried. They represent the best, most-educated people. What are the rest of you open to? Is the handwriting on the wall enough, now, for you to change to help the planet?

For your Health and for the Health of our most-precious Mother, please change. Then, spread the word!

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Best to all — Em

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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

I always wish I could start to post “serious” discussions first thing in the morning, when my mind is clearest and when I have a chance to remember ideas and thoughts which settled-in overnight … but something always ‘needs attention right away’ and tends to obliterate or obscure these more intangible thoughts or make them permeable.

So, finally, I’ve tried to keep my promise of the last few weeks, to write about gaining perspective and edging towards a more-Balanced Life, which, in turn, usually leads to better physical and mental Health. I’m finding it a tall-order right now. The words are not flowing like they did in the wee hours, when I was ruminating!

Yesterday, the Universe answered with help, and I gave up 2 hours last night to watch the PBS special “The Buddha”. It was a fascinating program and it brought me back to my understanding that Siddartha’s Journey is the one we must all make to find Peace, the Balance necessary to live a good Life and Completion.

Buddhism is not a religion in the way that “religion” is thought of in the West, and I think it can be combined with other thought-patterns (religions) or “divine” pronouncements (religions).

Buddhism is a way to take the Middle Path — not bow to excess — and it supplies ways to temperately approach Life’s Journey, with a Dharma (set of instructions), to help you guide your Search. And, it is an individual Search. It is work; it is dedication. It is thinking and doing.

As a Jew, I can agree with that. That’s why many Jews also embrace Buddhism. All sincere, peaceful, truthful paths lead to the Divine. I believe that. Even if you do not, I think being open to other people’s ideas is essential and their way can be helpful to you, if you choose.

The 613 commandments in the Old Testament which orthodox Jews follow and actively use daily, is another road-map, but can be taken on many levels. Those 613 acts can be a personal, pro-active Journey, too, not just a rote one.

Whatever “Way” you choose, it is essential to find Balance.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD was showing some more scientifically based approaches recently for a person who was not clinically-depressed, but who was deeply dis-satisfied and could therefore not find Happiness. That’s what the Buddha “understood” was the source of imbalance — “dis-satisfaction”.

If you are not Happy, there’s a reason “why” and you must ferret it out and try to remedy it — whether it be physical or psychological or spiritual. You just can’t go through Life without tending your whole Garden, all that IS YOU!

Most of us are doing a poor job of this; we are putting the most-important last! We are not put on this Earth to automatically just ‘earn money’, ‘make families’, ‘engender world Peace’.

We have an individual Gift of Life which has a Purpose for the betterment of All of us. We have to find it, or Life will hammer on us until we pay attention to the Greater Reason we are alive. Maybe it is “to make money” but maybe it is to create music and live differently because of that choice.

One of the greatest Gifts the Buddha brought into the minds of ordinary people, who do not spend years as a wanderer and questioner, is that in order to make the most of our Life, we must be “present” in each moment. We need to attend to the present, not the past and not the future. Just be “in the Now”. You can make better choices and handle anything if you are just dealing with “Now”.

Interestingly, the word count just went by 613 as I finished the last paragraph. A sign? OK, I’ll think so. I gave you a road-map.

___ Science? Sure, you can use it for  information. I try to help you here.

___ Religion? Maybe yours will help you, but I think only if YOU! are required to actively be the one on the Journey and have to take responsibility in this Life.

___ Personal Choice? Maybe, if you do take time aside each day to assess where you are and make a road-map day-by-day (with only a vague pass at what “Future” means, otherwise you become too “attached” to that Plan and only that Plan).

Whichever the road-map base you choose, get one started! Take thoughtful, aware Action on your Life moment-by-moment. You can handle that. If you fall down, then get up and start again in the next moment. Put together many moments and that means Success.

Best to all — Em

The Buddha – a video at PBS.org


DrOzShow.com 28 Days to a Happier YOU!

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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

Here’s some new dietary information to help diabetics make better choices.

Hawaiian researchers recently examined the influence of dietary fiber, magnesium (Mg) and glycemic load (GL) on diabetes.  They found these offer protection against diabetes and can be achieved through food choices.

After taking into account body weight, there still are differences in commonly consumed foods due to ethnicity and culture, so risk estimates may differ by ethnic group (J Nutr. 2010 Jan;140(1):68-74).

In the study, the 75,512 Caucasian, Japanese American and Native Hawaiian participants aged 45 to 75 years at baseline completed an exam and questionnaire. After 14 years of follow-up, 8,587 incident diabetes cases were identified through self-reports and via health plans.

When comparing, total fiber intake was associated with reduced diabetes risk among all men. High intake of grain fiber reduced diabetes risk significantly by 10 percent in men and women.

Interestingly, high-vegetable fiber intake lowered risk by 22 percent in all men but not women. (Maybe the women were already eating more vegetables than men … I think this stat is strange as a finding and needs explanation.)

Magnesium intake reduced risk, which may explain the protective effect of fiber, as it is found in high Mg foods.

Ranking in the top Glycemic Load quintile was associated with a significantly elevated diabetes incidence in Caucasian men and in all women except Japanese Americans.

So, eating lower glycemic foods is important, period! Junk food, too-high carbs food, sugary foods and too-low fiber foods all have too high GL.

Overall, several associations were more pronounced in Caucasians than in the other groups. So whites may have gotten on the junk-food wagon more than other groups with stronger ethnic ties to traditional foods OR there may be inherent physical weakness towards diabetes in Caucasians OR both. All that remains to be figured out, but eating low glycemic foods, high-fiber foods and lots of fresh vegetables helps everyone, and Japanese Americans are traditionally better at this.

I believe that the Japanese and Okinawan diets are the world’s healthiest.

And we all know mild exercise, like walking daily at a conversation pace, is helpful to diabetics. Now, the research shows that after exercise is a good time for a higher protein / lower carb meal, that is not low calorie. Aim for a 200 to 400 calorie snack-meal after exercise, and a maximum of 200 grams of carbohydrate at that time.

The study is a follow-up on other research which revealed how the biochemical benefits of exercise occur from the most recent exercise session.

For 20 years, my neighbor was a prominent endocrinologist and he was always happy to see me walking-the-circle near our homes. He always told me to do long-steady exercise, daily, as the benefit carried-over for a small amount of time. If I linked the exercise, then the biochemistry was more likely to still be in exercise-benefit mode.

This study bears that out. Since the benefits of working-out can die off after a few days of no activity (or even in a few hours for some people), health experts now are suggesting that diabetics eat a low-carb, but not low calorie, meal after exercise. Discuss this with your doctor.

The study revealed how low-carb (but not low calorie) meals improved blood sugar control for hours after activity, or even into the next day.

BUT Diabetics, and overweight people at risk for diabetes, should not start a strict low-carbohydrate diet, Atkins type diet any time soon, if ever. Popular low-carb diets restrict far more than what’s recommended, and those plans have too much protein which can overload diabetic kidneys.

But focusing on the meal just after regular exercise is important, and that is the best time to intervene. Carbohydrate deficiency after exercise, but not energy deficiency, is encouraged.

Participants in the study ate as much as 200 grams of carbohydrates after working out. Of course, there are many factors when it comes to diet; age, weight, size and current health or activity level.

Every person should eat about 12 calories per pound of body weight, unless they are severely overweight or clinically obese. Doing the Math, a person weighing 200 pounds should consume 2,400 calories per day, unless the person is overweight, then calories should be cut to approximately 1600 for women and 2000 for men. Lower than this level is not good.

After balancing out the needed calorie amount, fat, protein and carbohydrate percentages must be weighed in. Experts and trainers suggest that 50 percent of most diets should consist of calories from fresh, mostly unprocessed carbohydrates (organic as much as possible), while 30 percent consist of calories from lean, natural, organic protein (as much as possible), and 20 percent, calories from healthy fatmonosaturated like olive oil and omega-3’s like in salmon, hempseed, flax seed and walnuts.

Fats do not affect blood sugar levels and provide satiety.

Our bodies need the foods which help control blood sugar. High-protein diets are NOT the answer as when only (or mostly) protein is consumed, then calcium isn’t absorbed as well, heart conditions worsen, exercise benefits weaken and it can effect the body’s ability to control blood sugar.

Healthy forms of alkaline, low glycemic load carbohydrates are a very important part of a balanced diet, and especially in people who exercise regularly.  It is important to replenish at least some of the carbohydrate stores your liver used up during exercise, so you have this major fuel source ready for your next exercise session or emergency when your blood sugar dips.

The study is called, “Energy deficit after exercise augments lipid mobilization but does not contribute to the exercise-induced increase in insulin sensitivity,” and it appears online in the Journal of Applied Physiology.

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