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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

For diabetics, even though Egypt is reaching out to enter a new epoch in its long history as a nation, its recent events brings up the issues of navigating the modern world for diabetics. For those with diabetes, worrying about family in Egypt during the recent revolution probably found their diabetic blood sugars upset or even out of control blood sugar levels. Stress does this. Those diabetics caught in the midst of the unrest also potentially found access to medication, food and medical care upset. All this means you always have to have a personal back-up food and medication plan and when you travel, even doubly so.

In solidarity with the hopes of the Egyptian people, in their quest for clean elections and honest self-government, I will share a recipe for Koshari – Egypt’s national food.

Like our hamburgers and fries, this is the food Egyptians love. It is usually vegetarian, filling and inexpensive. With fewer Egyptians eating at home, especially for lunch, the Koshari cooks work from street carts in the marketplace.

Their clanking serving spoons on the bowls holding the diverse grains, legumes, spices, and sauces makes a tapping sound, like music, and that draws the hungry shoppers and workers walking by. For the humblest workers, a breakfast of Koshari may be the only meal until just before bed, late at night.

Usually Koshari is a combination: of lentils, garbanzo beans (chickpeas, ceci), Egyptian basmati rice and a macaroni pasta. It is topped with: spice blends, garlic and  tomato sauce, then garnished with caramelized onions, vinegar and a tangy traditional Shatta salsa.

The preparation is important – all the legumes, macaroni and rice must be kept to small dollop-size portions, and each must be cooked separately, so that each item holds its flavor.

Rinse the cooked beans ( matpe or brown lentils) in boiling water, after cooking to remove any residual starch film – the impact of that technique is to feature each item’s taste, purely, then enhance them with a generally applied sauce that elevates the  dance into a whirlwind of flavor and aroma.

French green lentils (preferably organic) may not be a traditionally-used lentil, but these are much more nutritious.

This is a dish with many sources of vegetarian protein, so in the combination, there’s probably sufficient amino acids BUT as Egypt is not a wealthy country for the general population, the balance of carbohydrates in the dish is very high. This would be better to bring the meal more in a Zone recipe balance by adding 4 – 6 ozs. of a steamed or poached or grilled fish fillet, and a large green salad (including deep greens like kale, romaine, parsley and cilantro) which can stand up to Koshari’s spicy sauce while adding a counter-point.

I first saw Anthony Bourdain enjoying this dish on his series No Reservations and I was intrigued. It was hard to decide which Koshari recipe to use to represent a nation, but you’ll easily find more online if you want. Just remember, as diabetics, carbohydrates are the issue! Carbs must be fewer in quantity and frequency if they are from grains, period.

By adding oil and the fiber from beans and the salad, the blood sugar response timing is slowed down. Then, by only having a small portion of Koshari, bolstering the meal with healthy lean protein from fish and incorporating a salad, you have a better Zone meal, safer for those with diabetes.

There’s approximately 360 calories in the Koshari portion of the meal, along with about 63 grams of carbohydrate and only 14 grams of vegetarian protein — that’s why you need the 4 – 6 0z. portion of fish. My notes are included in parentheses.

Guardian.co.uk Koshari


Serves 4

2 C  pasta (macaroni and broken-up angel hair pasta)
1 C Egyptian basmati rice, washed
1 handful vermicelli, cracked (this is like angel-hair pasta or thinnest spaghetti) (or chicken flavored Rice-A-Roni)

1 C brown lentils, washed (I suggest French green lentils)
2 medium onions
2 tomatoes, juiced (or equivalent of organic canned tomatoes)

1 T sunflower oil (or organic, extra-virgin olive oil is even better)
3/4t sea salt
1t   pepper

chili powder (optional)
chicken stock bouillon cube (optional)

tomato paste concentrate
4 cloves garlic
3 limes (or small lemons)
1 heaping teaspoon cumin

Additional Garnish: Bragg’s organic apple cider vinegar, cilantro, parsley
4 – 6 oz. fish fillet – poached and put on the side
Salad ingredients – as desired, in a separate dish


• Boil the second set of pasta, separately, in salted water till cooked (less than 10 minutes or instructions on box).
• Meanwhile, bring the lentils to the boil in water then simmer (20 minutes), taking care not to over-cook.

• Fry the rice and vermicelli briefly in 1T of oil then add 1C of water. Bring to the boil and season with a little salt. When the water recedes so that it is just a film on the surface, put on the lowest possible heat and cook undisturbed for 20 minutes. (OR you could use a box of chicken flavored Rice-A-Roni, if you want.)

For the Basic Red Sauce

• Put the juiced tomatoes into a saucepan.
• Heat some oil in a frying pan. Dice one onion finely and fry till golden.

• Pour the onion mixture into the juiced tomatoes. (You could now add the chicken stock cube to the mixture if desired.)
• Add 1t of pepper and 3/4t of salt. (If you like your food hot, this is the moment to add chili powder, to taste.)

• When the sauce has reduced nicely, add half a small carton or can of tomato paste concentrate and 1 ½  cups of water. Simmer.

For the tangy sauce – the “takhdi’ah” or “shatta

• Peel and crush 4 cloves of garlic.
• Mix with the juice of the limes (or lemons).

• Season with salt and up to 1 teaspoon of cumin (add in increments).
• Add spoonfuls from the red sauce into the shatta mixture. Start tasting after 12 spoonfuls. When you like the taste, stop. Finally, add a drop of oil to give it a shine.

Poach, steam or grill your fish portion, to balance the meal.

For the garnish

• Slice 1 onion into fine crescents and fry it dry in a frying pan for about five minutes (this is to get rid of the water in the onion).

· Add 3T of oil and fry till dark brown, but not burned. You must watch the pan!

• Drain the onion of any excess oil and spread on some kitchen paper towel.

To serve

• Place on a flat plate or in (rimmed) bowls. Put 1 layer of pasta, followed by 1 layer of rice, followed by 1 layer of lentils. Each layer is slightly smaller than those below. You make a dome.

(OR, add as dollops of the pasta, pasta mix and lentils, with the sauce and garnishes just in the center, so you can mix and combine more individually. This is the way I believe I saw the plate Anthony Bourdain was served.)

Spoon over the tomato sauce, then add some takhdi’ah in the middle. Add the fried onions on top of the  takhdi’ah sauce.

• Serve with the poached fish and a green salad on the side – preferably dark green, like rocket, spinach or watercress and fresh serve a non-acidic juice or water.

Follow with a glass of fresh mint tea. (This is very traditional end to an Egyptian meal.)



Next week, it will be 4 years since I started writing this blog. I hope I will continue to be able to be of service to you, Dear Reader.

Best to all — Em

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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

Valentine’s Day, the sweetest day of the year, is a demanding time for diabetics. With diabetes and obesity rampant, we have to show love in other ways, and not just one day a year either. Here are some healthier suggestions! And, as it’s my husband’s birthday soon, I get to do this double!

Start off with great, delicious breakfast and end with a romantic, healthier dinner dessert, and spend a life-affirming, balanced day in between. Let’s start!



2 poached Omega-3, free-range eggs
2 toasted crumpets (Trader Joe’s and other fine supermarkets) *
4 oz. packet wild salmon lox (smoked salmon) without nitrites (Trader Joe’s and maybe Portlock brand)
1 t organic butter
2 oz. sliced Provolone cheese (i.e. 2 one-ounce slices)

Fruit or veggies on the side – preferably 1/2″ diced steamed sweet potatoes = 1 whole sweet potato**

___   Preheat your broiler. Start your kettle of water.  Prepare the 1/2 inch diced sweet potatoes in a steamer – either full cook or just rewarming from those made yesterday.

___  While the oven is heating, use the wide slots on your toaster and toast the crumpets a couple of times, so they are a little crisp. Prep your fruit or other veggies (better), if using more than the sweet potatoes.

___   Meanwhile, start poaching your eggs in an egg poacher.

Then spread organic butter lightly over their tops of the warm crumpets.

___   Wash the lox packet, dry and open it. Watch you animals if you have any — this is snatching time!

___   Next add one slice of provolone cheese to each crumpet and put it on a tray under the broiler — briefly — just until the cheese melts.

Make your warm drinks.

___   Once the cheese melts, remove the warm crumpet to the plate. Top with the poached egg and then the smoked salmon lox. Using kitchen scissors, you may feel ambitious enough to cut the lox into a heart shape, or not.

Set up the plates. Use the steamy sweet potatoes as a golden-ring around the crumpet. Serve.

* use crumpets, as with all their holes, they actually aren’t a big carb hit. So with the fat and with the protein, you have a slower glycemic meal. If you have veggies, it will be easier on your digestion than if you have fruit. But, if you have strong digestion, then you should be “covered” to add a few more grapes, apples or berries on the side.

** made day before and reheated, or made fresh. The sweet potatoes are important to use, as they are a very pH alkaline food to help offset the more pH acidic foods of the eggs, grains and dairy.

Also, I designed this recipe to compete with Eggs Benedict. I think it’s lots healthier and just as creamy and decadent tasting. Enjoy!

(c)2011 Em at http://DiabetesDietDialogue.wordpress.com

And now for that decadent dessert …


Make these the evening before Valentine’s Day, if you want.
Prep time: 15 minutes
Inactive Prep time: 15 minutes
Makes 12 clusters

1 C        toasted almonds (I leave them raw)
1/2C   dried cherries, coarsely chopped
6 ozs.   dark chocolate, finely chopped *
In a medium bowl, toss together the almonds and the cherries. Line a baking sheet with waxed paper.

Melt half the chocolate in the top of a double boiler over slightly simmering water, over the lowest possible heat, stirring frequently. Make sure the water is not touching the top pan.

Remove the double boiler from the heat and stir in the rest of the chocolate. Remove the top pan with the chocolate in it, gently wipe the bottom of it and set it aside for a moment.

Replace the simmering water in the bottom pan with warm tap water. Put the pan of melted chocolate on top of the warm water this time. This will keep the chocolate at the right temperature while you make the clusters.

Stir the fruit-nut mixture into the chocolate. Spoon out heaping tablespoon-sized clusters of the chocolate mixture onto the lined baking sheet about 1-inch apart.

Put them in the refrigerator to set for 15 minutes. Store and serve at room temperature.

* It is important to only use dark chocolate – 70% – 80% cacao is best, but “bittersweet” is the lowest you should use. NO milk chocolate!. Ghiradelli Bittersweet Baking Chocolate is a good choice, in America. Callebaut, elsewhere. Both of these are 60% cacao and a good balance of cocoa butter and chocolate nibs as well as sweetness. You do not need to use a 70% source.

Dark chocolate is filled with healthy compounds, especially anti-oxidants. If to find the cherries don’t sweeten it enough, then add some luo han guo, or 1 teaspoon of REAL maple syrup (which has some benefits for diabetics if used carefully).

Luo han guo is a natural sweetener available in good health stores. OR get something even better for a natural diabetic sweetener, online, Lakanto at Body Ecology.


Enjoy a relaxing day and a Valentine’s walk somewhere beautiful, with a loved one. Valentine’s Day is not just for sweethearts, it’s for all those you love.

Make it an important day that sets the pace for many more during the year.

Live long and be happy and healthy. Each day is a Gift. Please treat it that way.

Happy 69th Birthday to my sweet husband of more than 40 years. You are a really special person!

Best to all,

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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

When Cathie, a Samoan, posted her comment last week, my heart went out to her and her family, for this ethnic group, as the most afflicted by obesity,  symbolizes all our struggles to attain Health. What can help, them and you?

___   Well, the first thing that I am going to say is read all the pertinent articles in the Titles Archive, which is on a tab on the upper navigation bar, as soon as you can! It has my thoughts for nearly 4 years of concerned activism and information to help.

Every family has to have people like Cathie who are sharing the information-gathering needed to help everyone stay healthy. It’s not going to happen without education, as most families have lost the skills and know-how to accomplish healthy eating. Brava Cathie, for starting to advocate for you and your whole family!

___   Meanwhile, be realistic about where you are starting from and realistic about setting goals.

Learn how to measure your body fat properly or get it done by a professional. There are several ways to get answers as to percentage body fat, percentage lean mass etc.

All calorie limits are based on your lean body mass NOT your weight.

My state university’s medical school has a weight research lab where I was measured in a water tank for % fat composition. The Seventh Day Adventist Hospital in my city also had the same bariatric equipment, for a little larger fee. Some gyms may offer this. Ask your doctor where to go in your area.

This is a clearer process than just a caliper skin pinch test, but even that is better than nothing.

The Biggest Loser website also mentions other options, possibly using the same software they do on the show.

___   The Biggest Loser this week showed the doctor telling a 26 year old woman that she was about 60% fat! Neither he or I had ever heard of such a high number for someone who weighed originally about 270 pounds max, after huge weight gain due to inactivity and then lack of concern, as she gave up.

She’d been bed ridden after a car accident 2 years before and her leg muscles had atrophied. Shame on the caregivers for not providing rehab and physical therapy to strengthen the musculature. After all, regardless of her personal health coverage, insurance should have been paying from the car accident policy.

Our leg and butt muscles are meant to be large, vigorous metabolic engines. With almost no leg muscles, she turned into a giant fat popsicle.

___   So, let’s talk about exercise. It should be moderate and consistent.

Use walking to get those leg muscles metabolically active and strong. Aim for a long session, at a conversation pace. Fat-burning does not kick-in until about 45 minutes after you start to exercise, so you need to have 60 – 90 minutes of a minimum exercise work-out, time-wise.

After that 45 minutes, fat-burning kicks in; then you will burn fat until you eat again. As a diabetic, no-one should wait any longer than 5 hours between meals or snacks. Some people will need to eat sooner, especially if you exercised for one long session.

If that’s the case, then maybe break up your exercise into 2 episodes:  walk 50 minutes at lunchtime and 50 minutes after your evening meal, or better – in the morning. Then you get 2 chances to start the fat-burning cycle.

Exercise in the morning is better than at night, if you have the time and (indoor) equipment or the weather and light co-operates for you to safely go outdoors. Otherwise, consider a gym membership where you can exercise, shower-and-dress and head off to work.

___   The simplest diet to accompany this is to be “true” to the needs of your blood type and know the needed proportions of food families.

In any blood group, as Dr. Barry Sears, PhD, founder of The Zone Diet Plan says, make sure that your plate is about 80% covered with low carb vegetables, one small portion (1/4 – 1/2 cup, max.) of a carb vegetable (like regular potatoes, carrots, beets, parsnip, corn, peas, beans or a combo [grains — not used here]), a dash (about 1 teaspoon) of mono-saturated oil (organic extra-virgin olive oil or macadamia or other nut oils [not peanut — which is really a legume]) (I include organic, extra-virgin coconut oil – a special vegetarian saturated fat that forms important medium-chain fatty acids) and a piece of lean protein* no larger or thicker than the palm of your hand (without the finger area) — or 2 eggs, or half a palm size for a light meal — and half again less, for a “snack” (i.e. 1/4 palm = snack) along with unlimited low-carb veggies.

*Lean protein: any fish (I recommend no shellfish), grass-fed beef, bison** or lamb (all the way through, NOT “finished” with feeding grain before slaughter) – look online for farmers who just grass-feed; goat; free-range poultry (if desired; I don’t eat poultry for good reasons) and no pork or fatty cuts of the other meats. ** bison (buffalo) is always only range fed, so if in doubt, use bison, but cook low and slow as it’s not fatty; I suggest ground bison rather than steaks or roasts.

___   Everyone needs to drink at least 64 oz. of spring water — spread through the day. Or, drink an alkaline water, like Essentia or Evamore, unless you have kidney disease or are a high-risk diabetic having problems controlling it, in which case ask your doctor to assess the mineral content of your alkaline water and its impact on your (damaged?) kidneys.

Do NOT drink tap water, especially if it is fluoridated!

No other liquid counts as fluid except water! Everything other than just plain water dehydrates your body — some more, some less but all these other “drinks” leave you with less hydration. Use a pinch of Celtic sea salt to replace vital electrolytes lost in sweat. Do not use sports drinks.

___  Eating by your historical, genetic profile — that is, by Blood Type.

If you are Blood Type O, your diet plan is a moderate animal protein one (preferably cold-water fishes and organic, grass-fed meats) and lots of veggies diet – no dairy, no gluten grains (wheat, oats, barley and rye) approach. Wild rice and quinoa are OK to use, as are nuts and seeds. As a Samoan, Cathie, you are most likely Type O, but you must have a blood test to know for sure.

If you are Blood Type A, stay pretty much on veggies (especially the leafy ones), organic brown rice, wild rice, organic quinoa, organic free-range eggs (kept whole, not scrambled; medium boiled and poached are fine), almonds, almond milk, hemp seed, kiwi, other nuts and seeds — no dairy, no gluten grains if you are overweight — this already shows you are not handling one or more of these highly-sensitive food groups.

(A sub-group of A’s [like me] need a little cold-water fish, weekly.) Make sure you know the cleanliness of the ocean waters where the fish came from. In the USA the source of all fish must be labeled.

If Blood Type AB, then mostly stay with the vegetarian diet just shown, but add a little cold-water fish more regularly – salmon, cod, herring, sardines, mackerel are best.  Same for Blood Type B, although you can get extensive guidelines for these less frequent blood types in the following book.

Get Dr. Peter D’Adamo, ND series of books like Eat Right For Your Type.

___   For diabetics of all types,  de-emphasize fruit and have no juice (except 1 dose of pomegranate daily, explained below in heart health OR use lemon with stevia or agave to sweeten once in a while) (lemon is a natural diuretic, so make sure that you are drinking plain water, too).

___   Each day you need at least one Vitamin C source, whether that’s whole citrus fruit, kiwi, tomato or other decent source.

___   For heart health, kiwi has Omega-3 essential fatty acids, so that’s an important vegetarian source for your heart. Organic walnuts and almonds also have great heart-healthy fats (but buy European almonds, as all California almonds are irradiated!). Get the European nuts online.

Pomegranate is the only juice I allow – 2 oz. of pomegranate will start to clear out arterial blockages if taken daily. Do not take more — it’s expensive, and that’s the clinically effective dose.

Do have beets – they are a source of natural nitric oxide, which your body needs to dilate arteries and keep healthy blood flow. Dr. Louis Ignarro, PhD won the Nobel Prize for this work. Uncooked, raw beets do bot bleed all over the place, so use them but wash them well. If you bought their nutritious tops, then steam the beet greens lightly or stir fry them – eat only a bit of the greens if any of you take Coumadin or Warfarin.

The natural nitrates found in beets are VERY different from the ones used in hot dogs, sausage and other cured meats. Do not use those nitrates; they are a huge source for stomach cancer.

___   Try to take the pressure off your pancreas by eating and drinking in a pH neutral or pH alkaline way. I’ve written lots about how to do this, but this is key, as fat walls off toxins and you have to have tissue alkaline pH to be available to neutralize the toxic acids as they are released in weight loss.

Your pancreas is the source of these pH alkaline buffers, but your food choice can help by adding alkaline foods so the organ has less work.

___   Learn about 8 essential, healing sugars (saccharides)!

These are: mannose, glucose, galactose, xylose, fucose (NOT fructose – from fruit!), N-acetylglucosamine, N-acetylgalactosamine and N-acetylneuraminic acid.  Only glucose and galactose are common in our diets. Fucose comes from seaweed, which is another reason it’s so healthy for us, apart from its minerals. Most of the rest are scarce in our diets, but we need them; that’s what “essential” means!

Not all of these saccharides are sweet-tasting. Some are tasteless; others are even bitter. Strange, huh?

The amount needed is 1/2 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon of all of them, in total, daily. They won’t make you fat or raise insulin levels. In fact, you need them to help you lose weight, heal and boost your immune system! They help prevent cancer, help memory, sleep, prevent anxiety and depression, too.

These healing saccharides also help with levels of blood fats (triglycerides), cholesterol and raise HDL – the good kind. These needed sugars also protect bone and muscle mass. They are a foundation of Blood Type, too. I will write more about them next time.

Sugars are either monosaccharides (1 molecule), disaccharides (2 molecule structure – like lactose, found in milk or sucrose from sugarcane or sugar beets), or oligosaccharides which are 3 – 6 molecular structures (found in human breast milk and plants). Linking hundreds or thousands of monosaccharides together, produces polysaccharides (starch is one kind, as is your liver’s back-up energy source called glycogen).

These 8 essential saccharides are vital for cell communication, for cell structure and for cellular ability to work together as an organism.

But, fructose, from fruits, is NOT an essential saccharide and in its pure form, it is showing to be detrimental. Do NOT use fructose to substitute for table sugar.

As suitable, low-glycemic sweeteners, use stevia or agave nectar (in small portion, once or twice a day). Real, ORGANIC maple sugar (in a small portion, once a day max.) as maple sugar has been shown to be helpful to diabetics. Maple-flavored doesn’t count.

Learn more about these 8 essential healing sugars in “Sugars That Heal – The New Healing Science of Glyconutrients” by Dr. Emil Mondoa, MD.

___   Try to take the pressure off your liver, as it’s your main detox organ. When losing weight there’s lots of residue to be exposed to and have to neutralize (detoxification). Eating organic cuts down the “load”. There will always be metabolic waste and environmental toxins breathed in, but you can cut down food and drink sources by eating organic and not drinking tap water.

___   To have a chance at losing a substantial amount of weight in a reasonable time frame, you have to make healthy food choices (as described above),  with portion control (related to activity level and metabolic efficiency level – basal rate).  Also eat no artificial chemicals in your food!

___   Eat NO table salt. The only type of salt to use is Celtic sea salt or a regular whole sea salt from clean waters.  Regular “salt” is only sodium chloride; it has been stripped of the other 90 or so minerals originally in it.

Your cells mirror the exact waters of the ocean, therefore you DO need the trace minerals which were stripped off. You must not drink sea water, but you can use the minerals which were in it, in small quantities. Learn more from The Grain and Salt Society. Their founder, Dr. Jacques de Langre, PhD,  did copious research. Get these Celtic salts there, if you can’t find them near you.

The products known as “Real Salt” (from a dehydrated ocean in Utah) and “Himalayan Pink Salt” (from a similar source) are not as good in my opinion, as they have been diluted by mixture with other land sediments, possibly distorted by pressure etc.,  but still, even they are much better than regular table salt.

___   Exercise helps oxygenate your tissues which is important as your cellular mitochondrial furnaces need oxygen to “burn” food for energy. There is a product called CellFood from Lumina Health which is a specially-produced oxygen molecule, which is able to reach to the deepest levels.

The formula was made industrially by a Nobel Laureate scientist, Dr. Everett L. Storey, PhD (Albert Einstein called him a “genius”!) and you will be healthier for getting more oxygen into tissues, as long as you are also taking plenty of anti-oxidants: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, glutathione and alpha lipoic acid.

___   Be sure to be getting plenty of Vitamin D3. As a tropical people, now largely relegated to indoor work, this becomes even more important. But, it is true for everyone. I have written previously about this need for Vitamin D3 — be sure to get it only in that form. Read labels carefully. Look up the articles to learn more.

___   Learn about deep-breathing and stress reduction. The adrenaline “drip” from stress, alone, is enough to make you fat! Stress is very powerful chemistry and it is balanced by proper breathing (and/or a quieting yoga practice) which activates the parasympathetic nervous system and stops “flight or fight” tendencies from the autonomic nervous system. Learn about your physiology; it’s fundamental.

___   Get 8 hours of nourishing sleep. Do not underestimate the importance of sleep. If your sleep is interrupted or not of good quality, make sure to get 1 – 2 twenty-minute power naps during the day.

___   Cut-out caffeine sources except for green tea — no coffee, no sodas.

___  No table sugar, tobacco or alcohol if you want to lose weight and the least use possible of any drugs, certainly over-the-counter drugs.

___   Set a reasonable goal of 2lb. a week of weight loss. Your skin can keep up with this pace. If you have lots of water weight, you may lose more than that in the beginning, but it is essential to eat 1,200 – 1,400 calories per day for women and 1,600 – 2,000 calories a day for men — all dependent on height, lean-body weight, basal metabolic rate and activity level. It’s best to keep good amounts of balanced healthy food and up your activity in order to lose weight. You need food to fuel your weight loss. Do NOT starve. It’s unhealthy and sets you up for failure!

At this pace, it’s about 35 pounds of weight loss before mid-June, if all goes well. Let us know how it goes, Cathie, and anyone else who joins you!

These are the biggies that I suggest, that I can put in one post. If I think of something really necessary, I’ll add it during the week.

But this is a good start off plan – beginning by just the plate proportions of the various food families and the correct ones for your blood type and to start consistent, gentle exercise, drink your daily water quota and get quality rest.

Best to Cathie and family. Best to all — Em


Mannose – Help For Diabetics

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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

I cannot express the grief I feel about the senseless carnage which took the life of this gracious, bright and loving child in Tuscon, Arizona last week. I will miss you, Christina Taylor Green, and mourn all the good you could have contributed to the world, if given the chance.

A few days ago, your Spirit returned to Source from whence you came; today, your Earth Mother holds you close. Now safe. Rest. Your job is done. Now, it’s our turn.

As I am trained in Psychology and Education, I continually read the articles about how the mentally-ill and mentally-vulnerable are not being attended to (starting in the ’80s with Reagan), and without a caring and effective life-line, this young man’s poor choices can be the senseless result.

Tonight, CBS News anchor, Katie Couric, reports that 30% of Americans have some form of mental illness, 5% of them with severe cases. I think a lot of this is from decades of casual drug use among many Americans – parents (drug use before, during and after – affecting genetics and parenting skills), sometime-to-be parents and kids.  And the other major source: decades of poor nutritional choices among even more people with jeopardized or broken genetics and / or biochemical imbalance as a result. And, for some, it is poverty which causes poor nutrition, but it can have the same results.

In this incident, so many lives needlessly lost, and mostly because the talking heads – official and otherwise – have raised the level of disrespect and unsupported rhetoric SO high.

They had better be reversing this in the halls of Congress, the halls of FOX News, radio chat shows and in the churches and organizations of hate and vitriol.

Let’s see statesmanship, civil and honest discourse which attempts to find common ground and compromise; let’s aim for a centrist agenda. All that counts is the Good of the Nation, not corporations, special interests, power-mongers. It needs to be central and all that is attended to. Get to The People’s Business, only.

And, healthcare reform needs to be settled, fairly, now!

For, without access to preventative care (and at a fair fee which people can afford), the nation cannot have a citizenry with a healthy, trim and  vigorous body,  and with a mentally-stable, well-nourished mind. This nation’s destiny is at-risk in ever-increasing increments, from within and outside our borders, and we are turning into weaklings.

Whether it be the drug-cartel violence at the Mexican border and the havoc their product produces in our vulnerable young people, while society is ineffectually fighting it OR whether it’s China with their aggressive, ready, million-man army (and it’s successful recent missile tests), the world is very scary at the moment.

We can reverse ALL this if we work together and don’t disengage.

Each of us has to become an instrument of positive change, like Gabe Zimmerman and Rep. Gabrielle Giffords were trying to be, and like the interested, involved citizens, who attended her Meet “N’Greet “Congress on your Corner”.

Our prayers are with all the families.

As balm for Christina’s family, John and Roxanna Green, their 11 year old son Dallas and extended family, as well as for the others personally touched by the larger tragedy, we pledge this as a time for reflection.

Figure out what you can do to make the world around you a better place.

Start small and keep working. No endeavor is insignificant. Just start. And, hold your elected officials’ feet-to-the-fire. Pay attention to what they are and what they are not doing on your behalf and the Nation’s behalf.

Things just can’t be business-as-usual because, for decades, the People’s Business has NOT been done!

Listen to and READ many sources. Get many points of view. Then, make your own opinion. Next, work to make your voice heard.

At the same time, settle on a set of steps as to how you can make your own and your family’s “lot” better if these officials act, and even more if they don’t act!

The American Dream is, at best, on hold. Whether we can speak of it in a hopeful Future, depends on us seeing the return of a vibrant, reasonable-size middle-class. THAT  will determine the fate of our country.

And, in turn, this time, the middle-class has to help those below them better than they did before.  And, all of us need laws to put the top 1% – 2% of the wealthy on notice, that the land and money and power grab is over.

Get Campaign Reform in place and that cuts off the power-mongering immediately!

When this Congress and this Executive can kowtow to special interest and pressure from the powerful to enact tax-cuts for the wealthy, giving away another 800 billion dollars of now uncollectable tax money from the wealthy, officials are left with unacceptable choices for making “cuts”.

Only trying to tear-down so-called “entitlements” for those who paid into these systems and now need them OR for the most-needy, least healthy of us who need the services is a heinous, unfair plan to be thinking of as the source of fiscal re-balancing.

And, for the military spending-cuts, their wisdom remains to be seen.

But, clearly, the wealthy 1%-2% are NOT paying their share and have undue influence while owning more than 50% of the wealth of this wealthiest nation in the world. And, no, the science shows that their wealth does NOT “trickle-down” nearly as much as it should. They actually don’t stimulate the economy with their money.

America needs to be better on all levels and I think her citizens must insist upon it and contribute their own actions to Positive Change.

So what, that Congress voted to extend the tax-cuts for the wealthy. Go back, re-visit the issue and re-craft the Law. That’s where huge change needs to begin.

And, the Federal government needs to make sure that the states don’t go under. The purse is too unbalanced in Federal favor. The states are the one’s best able to deliver what their citizenry needs, and several are destitute, or on the brink.

More than 30 states cut their mental health budgets, by a total of 2 billion dollars, and that’s part of why there is a lack of treatment options. It opens the chance for these tragic occurrences, and people have to be willing to alert authorities to those who are behaving irrationally, with a strict set of published criteria, so that the system is not abused.

Nothing is cast in stone, but when people are “hurting” as desperately as many people are, without acknowledgment that means anything concretely, then more trouble can happen.

So, let’s make sure we are walking in a better direction. It starts with each of us. Tell your Congress that you want the tax-cuts for the wealthy revisited and that you want real healthcare reform, with the public option as a central underpinning. Hop to it!

I received an email recently, and part of it said:

“They say it takes a minute to find a special person,
an hour to appreciate them,
a day to love them,
but then an entire life to forget them.”

That’s how I feel about you, Christina. May your Light always shine in our hearts, and may we be worthy of that.

Best to all — Em

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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

Last week I tried to connect the need for moderation with the Holidays, celebrations, exercise and the Globesity Epidemic and said there’s reasons to make this a personal and family Quest, immediately. Let’s start, right!

Before New Year, you can mitigate the “damage” of holiday parties, so there’s less “need” for New Year Resolutions or for being behind the 8-ball with lots of holiday weight gain. You want a better outcome, right!

Last week I showed numbers that almost ALL of humanity is getting seriously fat, as a species. You can read additional stats here, and at Global Obesity Statistics.

More nations in perspective — some new:
Worst American Samoa. 94% of population is obese

Kiribati is at 82% overweight.

French Polynesia – 75% overweight

Saudi Arabia — 74% overweight

Panama — 67.5%

United States — 66.9% of us are overweight

Germany — 66.5% are fat

Egypt —  66%

Kuwait —  64% overweight

Bosnia and Herzegovina — 63%

New Zealand —  62.7% overweight

Malta —  62.3%

Israel — 61.9% fat

Croatia —  61.4%

Bahrain  and the United Kingdom —  61% overweight

Australia — 60.8%

Macedonia and Barbados —  60.4% fat

Seychelles —  60.1%

Chile —  59.7%  overweight

Canada —  59.1%

Italy  — 57.4% fat

Spain —  55%

Brazil —  54.7% overweight

France —  46.5%

China — 41.1% fat

India —  37.5% overweight

Japan — less than 30% are overweight

Laos and Ghana — Best


Where does this leave us and why?

What I’ve learned in researching this over the years is that knowledge and behavioral choices count!

The French are, I believe, keeping their weight down successfully because overweight is so taboo there. Women are savvy about eating healthfully on small amounts of food, so much so that it is an art form, especially necessary in the upper classes.

Contrary to being “good” numbers, even though at the bottom rankings, those of China and India are huge wake-up calls to the governments of those countries. The numbers of overweight people in those statistics are massive (and would be enough for whole country populations, elsewhere). Their future health care will bankrupt them. Nutrition education; farming practices for healthy food for everyone; return to heritage foods and meals; not too many empty, deleterious carbs (like white rice, grain flours or sugar) is necessary to instigate as progressive, immediate change.

The Campbell studies in China point out a massive problem, and as affluence arrives, it will only be greater. And, with the massive pollution plaguing the land, more obesity will happen as individual bodies try to cellularly protect themselves from the toxins, by using “fat” to segregate them. Pollution causes tissue pH acidity — the cause of disease. This is a massive problem in the making.

India has begun to have an out-of-control, huge diabetes problem, even though the obesity stats are not as bad as many countries. It’s a crisis for the country and is almost exclusively caused by rampant sugar use from candies and desserts, from upwardly-mobile Indians getting better paychecks. Losing this affluent class would be an economic blow, so educate them. Only if they are healthy people as the spearhead of all your economic hopes can you have a future!

The Samoans have had representation from several individuals on The Biggest Loser, because their culture lauds big bodies — possibly as an acknowledgment of famines or long sea journeys in the past, where only the fat and fit survived.  This may be a version of  Wilson Syndrome OR of the Thrifty Gene Theory.

Wilson’s Syndrome is discounted by some, but that’s self-serving, when the accuracy of blood tests for thyroid hormones is seriously questioned by just as qualified practitioners! And, when people are treated for Wilsons and FEEL better and can lose weight better, that counts, more than anything!

Groups most at risk for Wilson’s Syndrome are those who have experienced repeated episodes of famine. These groups include: Jews, Russians, Scots, Welsh, Irish and Native Americans. And, if your ethnicity combines several of these, become much more aware of what Wilson’s is all about! Regardless of ethnicity, 80% of victims are female. Anyone can get Wilson’s. Read more about the work of Dr. Broda Barnes, too. (I think you’ll find reference in my archive.)

Stress is at the Core of the obesity problems in many countries, and with this huge economic downturn, and personal finances in decline, I expect a lot more obesity and a lot more diabetes to surface. Stress makes more adrenaline hormone and that affects how much insulin hormone we are dealing with!

It doesn’t matter if the stressor is war — as it was in Central Europe (like the numbers from Bosnia, Croatia etc.,)  or famine or lack of food or less nutritious food (for the Native Americans).

The work of Dr. Barry Sears, PhD and his Zone Diet Program, along with the work of Dr. Robert O. Young, PhD and his pH Alkaline systems are central, as is understanding your ethnically optimal diet, which can be elucidated somewhat in the work of Dr. Peter D’Adamo, ND.

Countries are putting forth their most beautiful young people as “typical” and that’s before the statistics just claim them as more victims. There are barely any countries that are doing a decent job, citizen by citizen. Most are either thin because they’re poor and / or malnourished, rather than successfully managing their normal, healthy weight themselves.

Even those beautiful Scandinavians are not exempt.

So, that’s the reason to laud those who are doing the needed steps for health.

Among those, I include the Okinawans on traditional dietary foods (they are the main reason the Japanese stats look so good).

And, I include the Native Americans who have embraced a return to their ancestral foods and meals, eschewing the modern foods which were killing them from amazing rates of diabetes and heart disease. Those tribes include the Pima Tribe — highest in diabetes, worldwide (50+% of tribe members).

Native Americans and Alaska First Nations who have embraced modern foods have at least double the diabetes incidence of other Americans!

Most cultures with large numbers of fat people also tend to NOT be good at distinguishing when they start on the obesity path themselves. This is a scientific fact borne out in statements by participants in The Biggest Loser.

And, we know that people “start” getting fat, on a cellular level, with aberrations of metabolism etc. beginning 7 years before one starts to “look” fat.

Diet — portions and access to fresh vegetables and fruit as diet basis; enough fresh water daily; moderate exercise and stress reduction techniques  are the key to solving this Globesity Epidemic.

More, next time.

Best to all — Em

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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

This is the first day of Hanukkah. We’ll light the 2nd. candle tonight, so the Holiday Season is in full swing. Where does that leave diabetics?  The modern process of self-examination daily, through blood monitoring etc., leaves us with the potential to be too self-absorbed, and not involved enough in the real world outside ourselves. I think that we need to find a Middle Path, being safe but not obsessive, and work with a physician who is like-minded.

The diagnosis of  “being diabetic” causes a stress all its own. We have to learn to be comfortable in our own skin; be disciplined in ways that may be counter to much of current medical advice (i.e. be willing to use a proper, non-American Diabetes Association, diet based on whole, fresh food and few or no grains); think for ourselves, and think beyond ourselves to make a real contribution in the world to others (which in turn raises our self-confidence, self-esteem and view of ours as a worthy life — rather than any chance to be in a victim-mode).

Every year, for the past several years, I have given people information about how to help others at this time when most people are just thinking far too much about “gifts” to give and get, within their circle of family and friends. This year, more than any other since the Great Depression, we need to use our resources well, and not just be a mass-shopping herd.

Dr. Robert Reich just wrote a column which helps to expose the fallacy thinking which is prolonging this global financial crisis, which all of us are caught in, and any of us can become a casualty or even-more-of-a-casualty than we already are.  Diabetics have to become involved. Diabetes is a life-style disease and management and cure require a good, financially-adequate life!

Even if I think mainstream medicine is not treating diabetes appropriately, I laud courageous holistic MDs who are taking the best of alternative medicine and western medicine to find the best Middle Path (even one to cure).  I want to preserve our access to healthcare, and preserve our ability to pay for medications and supplements which we actually need. None of this is a given, any more, as Mr. Obama has said ‘everything is on the table’, even Social Security and Medicare.

So, please, again, get involved and politically active. Also, please help those of us who are struggling more than you are now. There are many ways to do that — from lending or giving money to help save someone’s home — all the way to making sure parents can see Joy on their children’s faces.

Here are a few ideas that are current and some from the past. Please use them to Help. Thanks.

Teddies for Tragedies:
Teddies For Tragedies – History
Teddies For Tragedies – Patterns
Teddies For Tragedies – Knitting

Teddies For Tragedies
c/o Barb Drozdowich
PO Box 2128, Sumas, WA, 98295, USA

Gift of Giving NYT
Haiti Help – Haiti Bracelet
at Patricia Arquette’s Haitian NGO or at Jewelry for Haitian Relief wear it proudly!

Good Works for the New Year

Charity and Last Minute Gift Giving

Learn more about Hanukkah here, and why it is important for ALL people. Hanukkah and Religious Liberty

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I sincerely wish all of you a Happy, Peaceful, Secure Holiday Season and I fervently hope all will be much better when I write, again, this time next year.

Best to all — Em


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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information”! (TM)

Thanksgiving is usually respected as a “time-out.” It’s a break from the distractions, delusions and crassness which prevent us from remembering that everything we have in this life —  every single breath, every ounce of health and every person we love — is a pure Gift.

Some of us even allow ourselves to be humbled a bit by how good we have it. How can we not bow our heads in Gratitude? Sometimes all I can do is shed a tear, because there just are no words to describe how much I appreciate those I have in my life and the talents and gifts I was given to use well. I try.

And all the financial turmoil, which we think of as travail, will help Americans and other Westerners understand and be more empathetic to those on the planet who still have FAR LESS than even the poorest among us has. In the blather of “our” nation’s financial turmoil, it is incomprehensible, but true, our “poor” are wealthier than most of the rest of the world is in their “normal” lives. All these people need help to better lives — those suffering at home and abroad. Don’t be stingy, if you have resources, please share.

This year a couple of things troubled me. I think people have to stand-up for principles. So, I’m spending part of my Thanksgiving on this Food for Thought.

A few weeks ago on November 11, in Canada, there was a hue and cry when retailer Eddie Bauer (an American company) had the audacity to tarnish Remembrance Day in an attempt to “commercialize” it with a “holiday sale”.  I hope they learned their lesson. The day is not for commercial interests; it’s for remembering those who died to help keep us free.

Are Americans going to be principleD or the usual under-thinking herd? Today, is the first Thanksgiving I can remember when commercial interests (Sears, K-Mart and WalMart, for sure) decided to open stores from around 5AM – noon so people could come “buy”. Instead of being together, helping to cook a family meal and spend time with one another, commercial interests are invading — for the good of THEIR finances.

They have made their workers give up their holiday or chance to have anything other than a haphazard celebration, with little time to dwell on Gratitude. Shame on them!

We’ve always understood that a few gasoline stations and a few supermarkets stayed open, and we hoped that they worked things out fairly for their staff, but this widening commercialism needs to be criticized heavily, and stopped in its tracks, economy or no economy!

It is especially egregious if the worker has to get up again on Black Friday morning and be at work at 2 am for the store to open at an insane 3am (that’s the earliest ad I saw). Ridiculous. Unsafe. Crass. And, for any consumer taking the carrot — shame on you too.

Life is not about THINGS! It is not important if you are “saving” money to bring more Things into your life or others lives. What is important is sharing yourself and making your money do Good in the world for others more desperate than you are. And, to spend your mind’s capital on THINKING how to make a better world and then acting on your ideas.

Excess is rampant in our society, except for the items that really count. Do we ever have an excess of Love? Do we have an excess of Caring? Do we have an excess of Gratitude. I think not.

What our minds dwell on, become actions or inactions, and we become the sum of that. We need quiet time to contemplate a course through Life, and time to make adjustments when necessary. Make sure you make that time. Society is not giving it to us. We must choose to find it and guard that time.

If you are under great stress, you need Your Plan in place. So start. Respect your needs. Don’t live in limbo or be tossed in the storms of others making without any choices.

So, if you are alone today, use the day well for this project. If you are with family, enjoy and maybe even see how you can support one another in these tumultuous times by a larger family Plan as well as your own.

Be sure to eat moderately for this and the successive Holidays between now and the end of the year.

And, if you are one of the diabetics who get tough news in this holiday season, especially the dreaded, silent pancreatic cancer diagnosis, I pass along some news from Dr. Robert Jay Rowen, MD.

Dr. Rowen’s news is particularly poignant for me, as a good friend died of pancreatic cancer about 6 years ago, and my husband and I often spent some of the holidays with her and her husband (my husband’s best university friend) for decades.

I hope you do not need this information, but Carolyn had the best care in the world (Stanford Medical School) where she was on staff, for decades, and yet, she did not have the open-minded, full-choice therapies like this one, below, and several more I know about.

A diabetic’s pancreas is hard-pressed to keep up with excessive acidic foods and drinks during the holidays. The pancreas’ job is to produce “alkaline buffers”. We can help this over-worked organ. Everyone needs to, whether diabetic or not.

Here’s Dr. Rowen’s news:

There’s a nutrient/drug combination that cures Pancreatic Cancer, which is one of the hardest cancers to cure. Traditional oncologists really have nothing to offer to treat it. (In fact, the honest ones won’t even treat you because they know they have nothing in their arsenal that will work.)

But now I know “a very simple treatment on terminal pancreatic cancer that’s just astounding”.

Case reports for 3 patients with stage-4 pancreatic cancer, involving spread to the liver or beyond, received intravenous alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) and low-dose Naltrexone. Their cancers disappeared and did not return, even on long-term follow-up.

Why it works: ALA reduces oxidative stress from natural metabolism and from free-radicals. It stabilizes NF(k)B, a potent inducer of inflammation*. It encourages apoptosis in cancer cells (cell suicide) and it discourages their proliferation.   * Em: the pH acidity in tissues causes inflammation — these 2 states are the root-cause of all disease.

Naltrexone is a “narcotic antagonist”, and when you take low doses (4.5 mg at bedtime), it blocks your production of endorphins (your own self-made narcotics — Em: like the “runner’s high”). When the naltrexone wears off, your brain responds by making an incredible explosion of endorphins.

“These molecules directly talk with your immune cells.” When this happens, your brain and immune system actually become more integrated, like a greater, unified organ. This activation of your immune system may enable it to overcome the defenses cancer puts up.

Dr. Rowen says this is a very easy to do treatment that’s “quite safe”; show the protocol to any alternative physician or holistic physician. It’s not going to help everyone; no cure does that. But it sure beats the chemotherapy and radiation “poisons the conventional pundits will pump into you.”

“The dose of Naltrexone is only 4.5 mg” and it is at bedtime. Any compounding pharmacy can make it for your doctor (Em: I just saw a sign at my local Walgreen’s saying they could compound medicines; I am not sure if all branches do).  “The dose of the intravenous ALA starts at 100 mg per treatment and works up to 600 mg if well tolerated. And you have to do it just twice weekly.” Thanks, Dr. Rowen!

And, I suggest that you can also read about Dr. William D. Kelley, DDS who cured himself of Pancreatic Stage 5 cancer about 60 years ago (his protocol is online) (he is the one who found all the different Metabolic Types — to have his work stolen by his lab-tech son-in-law) and Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, MD – Park Avenue, NYC (who was trained by Dr. Kelley and who has expanded on Dr. Kelley’s protocol); learn more at Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, MD.

Some more background for why this Kelley-Gonzalez alternative medicine protocol successfully treats pancreatic cancer: Dr. Jeffrey Dach, MD

Hopefully, you will always be able to be Thankful for not needing this information, but I think it is important to know about, and I am Thankful for the brave doctors out there who are insisting on cure, not cover-up, and not slash-and-burn “medicine” which favors Big Pharma, and which cost Carolyn her life. My gift, as a legacy for Carolyn, is to give you this better information.

Try to stay pH alkaline everyday. This will also help your pancreas need to produce less alkaline buffers, in addition to making insulin. Help your pancreas heal in every way you can.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

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