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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

Still trying to catch-up after my California trip! Dr. David Brownstein, MD – a long-time holistic physician from Michigan –  sounds the alarm bell and we all need to listen! It’s about how your thyroid’s health is connected to diabetic health, heart health, brain health and more!

First thing — watch Dr. Brownstein’s video at: Dr. Brownstein Explains Low Thyroid and there’s an important FREE OFFER, too. You only pay only $5.95 for shipping and get a DVD and 2 books and 2 editions of his newsletter (I think)! Great help for a fabulous price.

And then read another 2 of his newsletters at the following links!
Diabetics and Low Thyroid – 59 Diseases  — and many of these diseases are: 1) life-threatening and 2) avoidable when you know how.

I’ve discussed the importance of the 2 forms of the mineral Iodine many times — now, Dr. Brownstein connects all the dots and shows you what happens when you are malnourished by lack of Iodine, as most people are in the world, now — either due to poor soils, poor food access or poor food choices. Read  Diabetics and Iodine – A Critical Nutrient.

I found all this information very clear and have taken the free offer myself. I try to keep up with thyroid issues as I think it is a multi-generational problem in part of my family. Even I learned new things from Dr. Brownstein and I expect the 2 books will be worthwhile, too.

Do make sure that you learn all you can about hypothyroidism as low thyroid can be causing or contributing to your diabetes!

While you are waiting for more of his information:

___    start eating sea vegetables and edible seaweeds – they are Nature’s blood-thinners and are a great alkaline source of unpolluted Iodine. (If you are on blood-thinners, consult your physician. You can still eat these, but the dose of meds may need to be adjusted.).

___   You can make sure that you erase man-made foods with nitrates, as nitrates wreck our thyroid!

For example – breads are “fortified” with the synthetic B vitamin Thiamine Mononitrate (make sure your flours, pastas, dry cereals and doughs [and vitamin pills] do not have it! Use natural whole grains, instead.)  Do not use processed meats, sausages, bacon which have nitrates added. Check labels on other processed foods.

___   Iodized salt is NOT a good Iodine source! (Dr. Brownstein explains why it is not). Instead, use a complete, whole sea-salt like Celtic Salt from Brittany, France  OR Eden-brand Sea Salt.

___   Avoid most baked goods, dry cereals, pasta and pizza doughs which are literally killing you, for a second reason. Because of a changed-process in industrial baking made in the 1970s, Bromine was added instead of the long-used Iodine.  Business hasn’t changed even though the problems with Bromine came to light a long time ago.  Sodas also contain a form of this killer, Bromine.

More when I can!

Best to all – Em

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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

There’s been lots going on this week, and I want to share a new diagnostic modality I’ve been investigating which has had a constantly-improving track-record for the past 30 years. You’ll be surprised!

There’s a healing discipline called Bio-Acoustics and it was begun from a natural-gift bestowed upon Sharry Edwards.  At school, once she mentioned her extra powers of observation (and proved them), her professors advised her to keep her special-talent hidden. But, when Sharry realized how much Good she could DO, she took the Path of Courage and stepped into the frey.

Sharry can hear way beyond the normal range of human hearing. What has that to do with helping diabetics? Wait and see; it’s a fabulously interesting Journey.

When Sharry walks around, she is able to hear the quite real “Individual Sound” we each emit. (I would think this would be difficult to bear, but she does not mention it bothers her. Like others with paranormal senses, she is used to her Gift, I guess.)

The Individual Signature is emitted FROM your ear! All of us could be unconsciously picking up these waves, but for Sharry, this is conscious input. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the ear is on the Kidney Meridian which certainly is where Stress lands. So, it all makes sense.

About 30 years ago, she began to realize that there were differences among people, but there were also similarities., especially among people with similar health challenges.

She was hearing it even more when they spoke, for the Human Voice is like a “reporter” of every energy-transaction happening in your body.

I know that I have always noticed that when I am unsettled and certainly when I am too stressed or ill, that I can no longer sing well. In fact, I have used that for the past 40 years as a personal guide to when I am over-doing it!

For Sharry, it’s much more important when she hears what’s “missing” or “in excess” as a person speaks. The frequencies in your Voice are reflective of processes deep within you, and, in fact, over the years, Sharry and her fellow researchers have found that your brain uses this bio-feedback to make vital decisions!

Very few people have a perfect set of frequencies in their Voice Profile, when tested by the increasingly sophisticated computer programs which Sharry and her trained practitioners use. Those who do are those few people you see once-in-a-while and then you KNOW what Health really looks like. (Except for young children, I think I have seen only 3 people in adulthood — who don’t work on their Health with a daily energetic-healing practice — and I’m nearly 65 years old.)

We feel those people’s “magnetism” as like no other.

Sharry worked patiently sorting out the frequency-energy signatures — for each organ, each organ system, each metabolic and chemical bio-process. She mapped the human body in a totally new way, using an Individual Voice Signature to show what was in-Balance and what was not. Then, she learned what to do to attain and regain and maintain Balance.


Many of her patients (and she always works with physicians) were leaving to have their diagnosis verified by lab tests. Sometimes the path out of illness was quick (even minutes for some, no matter how long the condition had existed) and for others it took several visits and several adjustments of the healing frequencies.

The brain is quick to entrain itself to pick-up “missing” frequencies. It may take a little different path for “excessive’ ones, but sooner rather than later, your brain is reBalanced for that issue.

So, here’s the gist of the treatment and how to contact her and the practitioners she’s trained.

She is still the only one who can hear the Individual Signature and match the tones needed to re-Balance. So, as others don’t have the Gift, she had computer engineers developed programs for analysis of our spoken words, at her instruction.

The practitioner then must be fastidious in choosing what’s needed to Balance. Some frequencies are “thin”, others are “missing”, yet others are in “excess”, others show patterns of disorganization, microbial invasion, poor assimilation of nutrients or poisoning (even by foods and supplements) and also such things as lack of discernment.

The practitioner does the Math (only high school level needed) and calculates the frequencies or combination of frequencies needed to start the Healing right there.

Then, a portable device is programmed so you can listen on a prescription time-frame or as needed.

A return visit, a new Voice sample, a new status and you may or may not need a new Sound Prescription.

What is basically happening is Everything in the Universe has a Frequency, especially living things, which have quite individual signatures within their Kind.

The given prescription sounds start to entrain your brain and re-organize it to Balance. The bio-feedback then helps your brain send healthy messages out to your body. Systems and biochemistry and individual organs, bones and even individual muscles all respond.

And, taking new Voice Prints show if more needs to be done, or not. Sometimes there are layers to dis-ease, which just peel back like an onion. Other times, it’s fairly straight forward.

Balancing the Voice Print even heals the most traumatic and life-threatening situations. One of the situations happened to Sharry’s child who was in a diving accident in a remote place, waiting 45 minutes for emergency help to arrive. She could have easily bled to death in minutes, but Sharry was able to perfectly-intone the frequencies which kept her child alive because there was NO bleeding from a MASSIVE wound. Yep!

Now, they have researched causes for the imbalances for many conditions, including Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Gout, Parkinson’s, AUTISM, allergies and many more.

If you want to get in touch, then go to Sound Health Inc. You’ll see a list of practitioners there, too, and when classes are being given if you would like to learn the real-healing edge of modern medicine. We certainly need more people to be willing to learn this.

Best to all — Em

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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information” (TM)

With the radiation jeopardy in Japan looming on the horizon and poised to spread into our air, water and soil, I want to share 2 emails and an article I received to help people make educated choices, for themselves and most importantly, for their children, who are even more at risk because of their much more active thyroids.

The two scientists who sent the information are:  Dr. Robert Jay Rowen, MD and Dr. Nan Fuchs, PhD, representing their colleague and supplement formulator Dr. Isaac Eliaz, PhD. at Advanced Bionutritionals in Northern California. And the recipes are from Jim Healthy at http://MyHealingKitchen.com

Dr. Fuchs discusses some research to show an individual’s Environmental Toxic Load and how that applies to Diabetes. She informs us:  ‘with an epidemic of diabetes in America, scientists now believe they have found out (one) of the reasons why’.

I think this hearkens back to what I’ve mentioned about Dr. Vickery‘s theories in the past fortnight. When our bodies are NOT properly nourished, they cannot DO the detox they are meant to do and are normally capable of doing. (Look for those articles in the sidebar … and later, in the archive.)

Dr. Fuchs reports: scientists tested 2,016 Americans for the presence of 6 toxins known as POPs (persistent organic pollutants). The researchers then compared the levels of these 6 toxins in the participants’ bodies to their history of blood sugar problems and diabetes.

This is what they discovered:  the people with the highest levels of these 6 toxins were 38 times more likely to have diabetes compared to the people with the lowest levels!

These toxins can destroy the beta cells in your pancreas (which produce your insulin, the hormone that regulates your blood sugar levels).

These toxins can also interfere with the cell receptors that carry glucose  to your muscle and fat cells. And the toxins can limit your cell receptors’ ability to use insulin. When your cells have a hard time accepting and using insulin, then your blood sugar rises, automatically.

Dr. Vickery’s protocol is designed to help you overcome this illness and debilitation body-wide cycle, in a total-Health aiming process using Platinum Plus and his seaweed-based supplement. These will build your body’s Health, not just help you to effectively detox. See those supplements at supernutrient.com .

Whereas, Dr. Fuchs’ suggestion will deal just with the immediate problem, radiation exposure and generalized detox.

Dr. Fuchs informs us that the good news is, PectaSol® Chelation Complex by Advanced Bionutritionals can help you safely and easily eliminate these dangerous environmental toxins from your body before they can destroy your health.

The heavy metals  everyone talks about most are mercury, lead and aluminum. But, now, when we talk about “heavy metal toxicity” we must include uranium — the heaviest heavy metal there is — and its spewing out of those Japanese nuclear power plants along with Iodine 131, a dangerous isotope of Iodine instead of the healthy Iodine form our body needs.

The best solution she has found to remove uranium is an oral chelation product made from modified citrus pectin and sodium alginate: Pectasol Chelation Complex. The specific pectin in this formula is the only one studies show to effectively bind to heavy metals and remove them. The sodium alginate comes from brown seaweed, long shown to bind to toxins in the intestines.

This works for environmental exposure and for those undergoing radiation treatments for cancer.

Dr. Robert Jay Rowen, MD adds that potassium iodide, which the media are discussing as preventative, is NOT good enough and we’ll talk more about why next time. And, for heaven’s sake, DON”T think that iodized table salt is going to protect you. It won’t. It doesn’t have enough Iodine in it, and your blood pressure will go up eating it more than usual.

There are MUCH better food sources of Iodine. I will talk about some of them at the end of the article, but we’ll finish the pectin discussion, as it will take time to order the supplement. Then, once you have the supermarket list, from the foods that I mention below, you can buy those foods, start using them, and be protected better,  TODAY!

Back to pectin — during the Chernobyl disaster in Russia, about 25 years ago, they used pectin to reduce radioactive radiation with great success. In exposed children, (the people most at-risk),  body radioactivity among children with elevated readings was reduced by over 50%.

And the Pectin Formula also removes any traces of mercury from fish and from old dental amalgams (“silver” fillings), which also poison us.

Please understand, that if you’re an average American between the ages of 58 and 92, new research shows your body is polluted with 700 synthetic chemicals as well as heavy metals like mercury, lead and arsenic.

And, if you are like me, trying to eat organic etc., for the past 40 years, you may still not have dodged-the-bullet. As Dr. Fuchs relates: Charlotte Brody had eaten organically for 20 years — BUT:

“Charlotte volunteered to have her blood tested for the presence of 210 different toxic chemicals as part of a recent scientific study, she thought her blood would be relatively clean —

Charlotte was shocked when scientists at Mount Sinai Medical Center discovered 85 different chemicals in her blood including more than two dozen types of PCBs, seven dioxins, and a banned household insecticide. “I’m proof that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t shield you,” she said after seeing the results.

Unfortunately, Charlotte’s story isn’t unique. Every person tested by Mount Sinai Medical Center in the same study was contaminated with an average of 91 chemicals each.

The evidence is clear: everyone, regardless of their lifestyle, needs to detox their body.”

Every time we eat in a restaurant or at a friend’s home, we don’t know the source of the food. Many towns have water that is not safe enough. When you were a child, you were exposed to chemical cleaners and water pipes at school etc., and meals there sourced from who-knows-where that may not have been what was best. And, don’t forget lead paint in homes, especially if you are a baby-boomer.

Just breathing the air and being stuck in “traffic” will bring in pollutants our bodies were never meant to deal with! No-one is immune. Period.

Most citrus pectin is composed of large long-chain carbohydrate molecules which are too big for your body to digest, so the pectin from the inner peels of citrus fruits simply passes through your body without binding to toxins.

The good news is, her friend and colleague Dr. Isaac Eliaz has found a way to modify citrus pectin.  By changing the size of the pectin molecules, now it becomes very easy for your body to digest.

First he broke down large citrus pectin molecules into smaller, easily absorbed pieces, while also changing the pH of the pectin molecule to make it easier for the molecule to bind to heavy metals, especially in the low-pH environment of your stomach.

The result is a patented form of modified citrus pectin called PectaSol®.  which is SO powerful, that it can trap and remove significant amounts of toxins in as little as 24 hours!

In addition to Dr. Eliaz’ patented citrus pectin, PectaSol® Chelation Complex also contains a second, natural chelating substance called alginate (from seaweed) (it’s usually in ice-cream, too).  Extensive studies at McGill University in Montreal show that alginates help prevent your body from absorbing lead, cadmium and other toxic metals.

The alginates in PectaSol® Chelation Complex bind to the toxins in your food right in the digestive tract so the toxins are eliminated before they even enter your blood stream or your tissues.

This specific pectin and these alginates were the only ones used in successful human clinical trials. This formula dropped their body levels of toxic metals by a whopping 74% on average.

Don’t just go grab pectin off the health store shelves. Go to the Advanced Bionutritionals site and see these products.

For the immediate, first-response foods to start building your body’s ability to neutralize these radiation isotopes showing up in our air, soil and water now, buy and use the following foods and the first 2 do most of the best work:  seaweed, miso (a savory Japanese fermented soybean paste) and whole soybeans (edamame)(less effective).

Japanese studies show miso strengthens people’s resistance to radiation poisoning by up to five times, and after all, the Japanese already have the most experience with radiation poisoning after America dropped 2 atomic bombs on them at the end of World War 2.

Much less effective sources of iodine, but still worth using are:  asparagus, garlic, sesame seeds, spinach, summer squash, Swiss chard and turnip greens. Read more of my Iodine and seaweed articles in the Title Archive, on the upper navigation bar.

If you think you’ll have a hard time introducing seaweed to your family, just do it! You’re helping to save their lives. Hide it or serve it openly. It’s delicious and so don’t let them them intimidate you.

Seaweed comes in simple forms like at this link, Maine Sea Seasonings. They have kelp, nori and dulse, which are in shakers, which you can buy online or in good health stores (Whole Foods only sells the kelp sprinkles). You’ll never know it’s in the recipe, but all-the-while it’s bringing Health.

In fact, I just put MSS kelp sprinkles into my little grandson’s baby yoghurt last Tuesday (the first day the radiation was supposed to reach West Coast America), and he looked up at me detecting the slight difference in texture (until the kelp would have softened), but he “understood” it WAS good for him, and immediately ate it all. His body told him it was good for him; he listened.

You and your children have to over-come any false messages born of poor food choice or ignorance in the past. These are the foods you need to NOURISH yourself!

And the Iodine in seaweed is not effected by cooking, so you can put it in soups, stews etc., too.

By the way, “Brava!” to my daughter, who has often been resistant (as an adult) to the “health food” she had her whole childhood, but she was giving my 22 month old grandson and herself a green protein drink from Bolthouse Farms, which they both loved. I think it was called Green Goodness. It had blue-green algae, spirulina, dulse,  chorella, jerusalem artichoke (very good sweetener for diabetics), and lots of other delicious veggies and fruits like: broccoli (you can’t taste it), barley grass, apple, pineapple, mango puree, banana puree and kiwi juice. My grandson came back for seconds and even thirds.  It tasted absolutely delicious.

That juice would be a good choice too, in these circumstances. It’s available at Walmart — dare I say it! and for much less money — and many other markets. I may actually have to go to Walmart and buy this, if the price really stays low there. Yeah, I know, I really don’t want to help Walmart, and this would be only the second time I have bought from them, but Health comes first, and if I can buy twice as much of this particular Bolthouse juice, for the same money, then I will.

Annie Chun makes a seaweed snack and you’ll find others at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and other good health stores, but eating the seaweed directly will give you MUCH more of what you are really eating it for.

Use the following link to get only organic seaweeds! Eden brand is the best sourced. You can get them at good markets and from their site.

For recipes which won the taste test for American palates, Jim Healthy at MyHealingKitchen shares the following recipes:

___ I’m drinking this delicious Miso-Ginger beverage as I write this — Jim Healthy’s recipe uses savory miso: first, fill a quart jar (or thermos) with hot water, add 2 teaspoons of grated fresh ginger (or minimum 1t dry ginger) with 1 tablespoon of miso (soy-based) (I am not sure if the barley-based will work the same), and enjoy it from a thermal bottle for hours. If you add a bit of kelp, or kelp sprinkles, call it a soup, and you’ve got twice the protection, as long as you eat the seaweed.

___ Nori-Wrapped Crab Rolls with Wasabi and Roasted Red Pepper or any other sushi recipe which contains seaweed
___ Seaweed Cucumber Salad

Jim continues: “Radiation causes cancer by creating free radicals molecules that damage DNA. So it makes sense to eat more foods and supplements that are rich in antioxidants. ”

NOTE: I am NOT including the cruciferous brassica foods: cabbage, cauliflower, mustard greens and more as they are also goiterogens, which impact your thyroid’s ability to function. When this gland is already under siege, I am NOT going to be eating these otherwise nutritious foods for awhile.

For Vitamin C, I suggest: any citrus fruit, tomatoes, kiwi, berries, cherries, cucumber, garlic, kale, onion, parsley, organic papaya, persimmon, fresh pineapple, potato with skin, red bell pepper, organic rosehips, watercress, spirulina and sprouts!

Vitamin E foods to choose: sunflower seeds, organic, non-irradiated almonds (you can only buy these online at nutz.com), olives and spinach, avocado, organic barley or barley grass, organic Brazil nuts, carrot, organic extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil, brown rice.

For selenium, a mineral needed by diabetics and also part of the detox process, use: organic Brazil nuts, wild salmon, non-farmed, clean-sourced shrimp and organic turkey. All of these are cancer-blocking heavyweights. Let your eyes guide you: think Rainbow. The brightly-colored, fresh, raw plant foods tend to be antioxidant treasures.

You also should consume more organic brown rice, too. It is rich in fiber, phosphorus, antioxidants and selenium, all of which help escort toxins from your body.

And, Jim says, ” don’t forget herbal aid — Spanish researchers published research in the British Journal of Radiology demonstrating that nothing fights the free radicals created by radiation like fresh rosemary. Since rosemary’s essential antioxidants are fat-soluble, they provide critical protection in areas water-based antioxidants can’t reach.”

Other supplements that should be protective against radiation damage are Vitamin D (sunlight, seeds, dandelion greens, alfalfa sprouts, avocado, carrot and garlic) and Vitamin K (sprouts, carrot, cayenne pepper, ginger, grains, deep leafy green vegetables, kelp, oats, peas, potato with skin, soybeans, strawberries). Both of these Vitamins support cell “apoptosis”, which is the programmed cell-death of those tissues which accumulate various DNA errors (due to radiation and other causes). Vitamin D also supports DNA repair and is critical for proper function of your immune system.

And, I encourage you to help raise money for Relief Efforts in Japan! Please do NOT give money to the American Red Cross (I have LOTS of reasons to say this). Instead, please support Nobel Peace Prize recipients Doctors Without Borders or Mercy Corps who are effectively and selflessly delivering medical aid to the Japanese people.

More next week on radiation and detox.

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My thanks to Dr. Rowen and to Dr. Fuchs for all the help as their education is invaluable, and to Jim, whose recipes are always healthy and tasty.

Best to all — Em

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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

I get angry when I see people’s choices in the supermarket. Why should I be SO concerned? Well, if you saw people spending their precious food dollar on worthless food, thinking they were nourishing themselves and their children, when they are NOT, then wouldn’t you be upset? Wouldn’t you want to unveil the lies that con people into buying products because of convenience, but at the total detriment of their and their childrens’ Health? I bet you’d want to speak out! So, do Dr. Marchione, MD and myself. Here goes!

Dr. Marchione reports that food manufacturers’ claims and the truth aren’t always the same. As The Food Doctor, he has exposed foods such as:

___   so-called “fresh” deli turkey or chicken or whole turkeys excessively high in sodium – which has been used as a preservative, in the basting solution

___   most commercial granola bars are high in trans fat and calories

___   dairy foods are often rampant with fillers – this is especially true of many commercial yoghurts and processed cheeses

He and I expose these pretenders and he names the brands so you can avoid them. You can learn more at his site: Dr. Marchione’s homepage.

At the crux of the current, wide-spread problems is the issue of hidden toxic food ingredients. This is well illustrated by the excellent case-study by Hannaford Brothers, a New England grocery chain.

Hannaford Brothers devised a star-rating system for identifying the nutritional value of all food and beverages which were in its stores. Based on the ingredients used and the nutrition, each food would get a rating from zero to three stars. What the company found was amazing …

Of 27,000 products reviewed, a whopping 77% received a “Zero” Health Rating. NO stars at all. None!

That means that nearly 8 out of 10 products on the store shelves were judged to be unhealthy due to on e or more:

___   low nutritional content

___   high levels of sugar

___   trans fats or other unhealthy ingredients

That’s why it takes vigilance to overcome the constant barrage of noise from the food manufacturers, and many times, it’s shamelessly still true that the cardboard package has more nutrition than the “food” inside.

(These are probably the same selections of common processed foods as in any mainstream supermarket, which is not a health store.)

Em: I suggest all of the following.

As money is tight, I keep saying, “grow your own“. Even in winter, you can grow highly nutritious sprouts in very small space inside, and even have a more complex indoor garden. Look in the archive on the upper navigation bar to find those articles (many are on page 3).

I also still say, “buy organic“, as the food is at least twice as nutritious for 1 1/2 times the price, so it’s a bargain!

Make more of your own food. If you arrive home tired every night, then use your time to learn quick prep meal techniques OR ones that don’t need tending:

___ stir-fry (in water, broth or extra-virgin olive oil) and grilling on your stove — you must tend those

___    OR less tending for these: steaming, steaming en papillote (little parchment packages),  poaching and crockpot (used all day or all night)

___   never microwave. Science has consistently shown that this alters the food on a molecular level! Dairy is especially effected. Talk about Frankenfood!

Plan meals ahead in a way that makes things simpler. Yes, it means time in the kitchen. Get a TV and put it in there and move around doing these chores instead of sitting on the couch, if that has been your reason to do nothing.

Promise yourself to make a healthy shopping list every week and only buy from that, unless there are exceptional seasonal buys on fresh, healthy food once you get to the store!

Once home prep the food into portion sizes you need, ready to be made later.

Have a plan of at least 14 different meals to make in double or triple batches, over a month. Use the first 2 weekends each month to get yourself started. Cook once or twice a month and then freeze the food for reheating on nights you don’t use a quick-from-scratch technique and recipe.

Make lots of soups along with the cooking, anytime, quick-cook and slow-cook.

And, don’t say this bulk-cooking can’t be done.

My daughter did this for 6 years, while working full-time at an executive, high-tech job, with 2 kids at home (beginning at about age 6 and age 8) and a non-cook parent. Long before the 6 years were over, the non-cook parent could do all this, with the kids.

Everyone was empowered. My daughter wasn’t being treated as a slave; there was quality family-time and a sense of team-work; the other 3 people learned valuable life-skills; they were “invested” in eating the Healthy food they chose to make and on and on.

Just do it! No excuses.

Use snippets of time during the week ahead to make the food processor work at cutting, slicing and dicing so you are ready for your twice-a-month cook day. Do this a max of 2 – 3 days before. Save the onions and garlic until cooking day; otherwise, valuable nutrients dissipate in them.

I do not recommend this pre-prep for shredding cheese. That’s an arduous, frustrating job. Just buy it shredded, if you use it.

Just like Professor Michael Pollan at University of California, Berkeley, I am making these food rules as guidelines for Health:

___   always choose seasonal foods

___   always eat fresh, raw vegetables and a few steamed ones. Use at least 5 different veggies per day between raw and steamed. More is even better. The Okinawan Japanese average 16 per day, and they are the healthiest people on the planet when eating traditionally.

___   have 1 -2 seasonal whole fruits a day, not juice. One must be a Vitamin C source. Kiwis are excellent for diabetics.

___   cut down your use of all grains, but when you use grains, make sure they are whole grains and the only bread is sourdough whole grain as that gets rid of a lot of the problems grains cause people

___   use wild rice. Yes it’s “expensive”, but it is very beneficial for diabetics and it is NOT a grain. It is a grass, botanically, and in a family all its own

___   use plenty of fresh garlic, fresh onion, cinnamon and turmeric (it’s in curry powder, too) — these are excellent for diabetics

___   use quinoa as a grain substitute. It is a high-protein fruit! Yes, fruit, again, botanically, but you don’t need to “count” it as a fruit. Count it as a protein

All right, we’re done for today. Look online for once a month cooking sites and cookbooks. You’ll just use them for ideas, because the writers are not necessarily making healthy recipes.

Adapt your own healthy recipes to this technique by just doubling your normal recipe and not including any potatoes into it (yet); they don’t freeze well. Try to add any cheese later, too, whenever possible for the same reason.

Then package your prepared food into week-night portions, date and label. Organize the freezer to use the oldest food first.  These dishes usually last for about 2 – 3 months of storage in a zero-degree freezer, less time in a refrigerator-freezer combo.

Best to all — Em

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Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

Diabetics have only a little leeway for error and indulgence under the current regimens, and so for those following traditional diabetic diet advice, this diabetic diet information is crucial. Mainstream diabetic diets place too much emphasis on food groups, especially carbohydrates, without enough emphasis on individual foods and more in-depth nutrition.

Dr. Robert Rowen, MD has alerted diabetics for the need to protect their eyes from damage from computer screen radiation. In fact, this is a  nutrient all computer users must take to protect their eyes.

Most educated people, worldwide, spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen.  Have you ever thought about the visual effects of light coming from computer screens?  Now there’s reason to do so!

A new  Chinese study says computer light can damage your eyes. Fortunately, the study also found a common nutrient which can protect your eyes from the damage.

In the study, the researchers followed 37 healthy subjects, aged 22 to 30 years old. Like most of us, all of the participants had regular exposure to computer screens.

The researchers randomized the participants into three groups, and then, for 12 weeks, they gave Group One 6 mg of lutein daily. They gave Group Two 12 mg daily. And Group Three got no lutein; they took a placebo.

At the end of the study, Group Two had the best visual acuity.They had taken the most lutein supplement.

Additionally, both groups taking lutein had better contrast sensitivity. (This simply means they can distinguish objects clearly from the background. They don’t blur together.)

Dr. Rowen said this  is the first report he’d seen that suggests that a computer display light might have a negative effect on vision. I have read about other issues about monitor exposure in the past.

He says that he can’t make any conclusion at this point, as it’s hard to determine from this study if the computer screen did the damage — or if the lutein just improved their eyesight.

In his practice, he  knows from patients taking Advanced Vision Formula, (from Advanced Bionutritionals brand) a supplement he recommends, which contains a whopping 15 mg of lutein, that this nutrient does improve eyesight.

Regardless of whether the computer screen causes damage or lutein improves eyesight (or some combination of the two), this study indicates that anyone who uses a computer regularly needs to take lutein, and as diabetic eyes are at especially high risk, for all kinds of reasons, this is a prudent step.

Also, I will mention that the mineral chromium, which is important in regulating blood sugar levels, additionally helps the small muscles in the eyes, so that mineral which is usually low in Western diets, is one to talk to your doctor about. Take a normal dose of 200mcg (micrograms) of chromium GTF (Glucose Tolerance Fator) supplement and monitor your blood sugars closely, as you may need less diabetic medication after being on chromium. Keep up the chromium regularly once you start.

If you’re eating a colorful, varied vegetable-based diet, there’s likely little cause for concern, as you’ll get plenty of lutein naturally. But, if youare under extra stress, already have worsening eyesight or spend long-hours in front of a computer monitor, then please add lutein to your daily regimen.

Cooked tomatoes are an excellent source of lutein, but don’t have it with lots of pasta! You can drink low sodium tomato juice just as well or make it into a tasty gazpacho – a cold summer soup with Spanish heritage. Here’s my friend Meg’s recipe.


Meg’s Summer Gazpacho

1 quart                    Organic Tomato Juice (use Knudsen), chilled

2                               Organic garlic cloves,  wash, peel and mince

1/2 to 1                  English cucumber, washed and diced small

1 handful               Organic, fresh cilantro – wash and chop finely

1/4 – 1/2               Organic red onion, washed, peeled, sliced thinly, then diced

dash                        Organic cayenne pepper

dash                        Organic, whole Celtic sea salt, if needed

dash                         Bragg’s Organic apple cider vinegar with enzymatic “mother”

optional                a sprinkle of organic dried seaweed like dulse or nori

Add the prepared vegetables, spices and dash of vinegar* to the cold juice and serve.

* organic apple cider vinegar with the “mother of vinegar” is important — Spectrum and Bragg’s are 2 brands which can qualify. Read labels carefully. Regular commercial vinegars, like Heinz, do NOT make an acceptable vinegar product. This specific vinegar is used because it becomes alkaline in the body and helps to “pH balance” the acidity of the tomatoes. The seaweed is also very alkaline, as is the cilantro. It is important to try to make most of your food alkaline.



Best to all — Em

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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

Diabetics need LOTS of fresh vegetables, and some fresh fruits. Even in season, these cost a lot for people on small food budgets. So, whether to save money OR to know exactly how and where your food is grown (carefully and without pesticides), then you need a garden.

In fact, everyone needs to garden. No excuses! If you are in an apartment without a balcony, there are now many solutions. If you have a balcony, there are great new choices! If you have a patch of ground, there are several ways to increase it’s yield. And, if you are lucky enough to have your own yard (or a plot in a community garden), then you can behold the bounty of Nature big-time.

This is a busy fortnight for me, so I’ll be making this a series and will add more posts over the next few weeks. But, the gardening season has started, so you need to, also!

All of us have a major problem unless we follow through on this project. In this era of food illiteracy, financial insecurity, possible societal insecurity, when climate change is impacting food prices too, it behooves you to act for your own Health and survival by planting a garden.

Now is the time. The season has begun in most of the Northern Hemisphere, and if you are in the far North (or in autumn / winter in the Southern Hemisphere), there are still projects you can be doing to bring fresh, nearly free, clean, wholesome food into your diet.

Everyone needs fresh, raw food (and veggies lightly steamed or gently roasted, when cooked). Fruits need to be whole and kept at minimal levels for diabetics. The emphasis is getting at least 6 vegetable portions a day of lower glycemic index vegetables and 2 fruit (including one citrus or Vitamin C source – like kiwi) – no juice.

Each meal, fill 2/3 of your plate with a variety of vegetables and you are well on the way to Health, with a teaspoon of olive oil and a piece of protein the size and thickness of the palm of your hand.

So, let’s tackle the steps to making a garden in this series. This is not rocket science. It’s not hard; Nature knows HOW. All you have to do is to start and support the natural process.

If you only have window/s in your apartment:
___ you can still grown an amazing amount and variety of fresh food in any window, even in highly concentrated places like New York City
___ learn a lot more at http://windowfarms.org
___ learn what one window farm can grow!
___ Plants that have been grown by this method include —
Fruiting Plants: okra, cherry tomatoes, scallop squash, small cucumbers, beans, strawberries, peppers, peas, Japanese eggplant.
Leafy Greens: arugula, bok choy, broccoli rabe, kale, chard, radicchio, watercress, chives, various microgreens, and many varieties of lettuce.
Herbs: rosemary, cilantro, basil, thyme, oregano, parsley, mint, and sage.
Edible Flowers: nasturtium, violets, and marigolds.
___ start gathering 1 liter soda pop bottles from friends, family, co-workers (who already have this nasty drinking habit). Don’t start drinking soda pop at all — any version. Just become a new source to recycle some bottles.
___ If you have multiple windows, then use the sunniest ones, but be aware in bedrooms, that at night, plants will use your oxygen and release carbon-dioxide, so don’t close your door and do have fresh air coming in. It’s better not to use bedrooms.

___ alternatively, you can also use grow-lights and or hydroponic solutions. Search for these terms and you will find lots of information.

___ all groups of residents can learn to grown sprouts, indoors. Make sure that you and anyone who touches your sprouts and sprout bottles wash their hands after bathroom and other dirty chores. Sprouts need to be eaten raw to get their best enzymes and nutrition, but they must be kept fastidiously clean to be able to eat them raw. Sprout-growing is a very easy, inexpensive, relatively-fast way to get healthy raw food in any season.

If you only have a small balcony or patio area:
___ in the sunniest part of the area, start a vertical wall of plants using a system like the one at Wooly Pocket
___ use a pottery urns called strawberry jars. Their pockets, as well as Square Foot Gardening principles, with taller plants in the least sun-blocking position, will help you grow a lot in a small space.
___ use a specifically-designed food-grade 5 gallon plastic pail to grow food. Do not use paint containers or any plastic other than designated food-grade. Restaurants may allow you to get their 5 gallon food grade containers for free or a small charge, instead of them recycling them. Learn more at: Video – 5 gallon garden

Diabetics Need to Garden, Part 2
Diabetics Need to Garden, Part 3

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