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For all of us, I’m always looking for farms, producers and vendors that still make real, healthy food and I’m always looking for easy ways for you to have better, healthier food on a budget. So, this post has information that will really help you!

For those of you who still use dairy, then check out Straus Family Creamery and especially pay attention to the temperatures and longer, gentler process used for pasteurization than is currently being used by other dairies, including organic dairies. Also note Straus’ use of glass bottles and ecologically responsible energy recycling of their cow’s methane production.

Now, on a different topic — as I’ve stated before, veggies have plenty of protein in a form that is surrounded by minerals, vitamins and alkaline pH and enzymes we desperately need. The largest animals on earth are all vegetarians. Great success has happened for diabetics when they increase the amount of high caliber, low-glycemic index, raw, plant foods. Learn how to do that by using my suggestions below, regardless of season, and by eating less animal-based protein, you will help detoxify yourself, aid the Earth and use the greens’ B vitamins as potent stress relievers.

Mesclun is a traditional mix of salad greens, available from the wild or the garden, and now different kinds of leaf and loose-headed lettuce, mustards, cresses, purslane and parsleys are often included. Originating in Provence, France, the traditional recipe requires chervil, arugula, lettuce and endive in precise proportions.

In the 1970’s, an American, Joy Larkom, visited Italy and was intrigued by the magnificent salad mixes called Misticanza as well as by the French mesclun mixes. She came home and started to mix her own, and “Saladini” was born.

The purpose was to make a nutritious salad that includes every taste and texture sensation: bitter, sweet, tangy, crunchy and silky. Mesclun’s and Misticanza’s beautiful colors and forms are a treat for the eye as well as the tongue, with its mix of textures, but the main reason I am suggesting it is to get more power-house raw food into YOU!

And to grow your own salad mixes (so not to pay outrageous prices for mesclun salad mixes), then check out  Territorial Seed Company Summer Saladini Mix. and Territorial Seed Company’s Winter Mesclun Mix. They have many more options and flavor levels; check out their site well.

You’ll find other mesclun and salad mix choices and seeds to use for sprouts at Thompson & Morgan and Cooks Garden; see links in Reference section, below.

Mesclun and other salad-greens mixes have far more nutritive value than just plain lettuces, even power-packed romaine. Safeway and Costco offer large tubs of organic mesclun “Spring Mix” for less money, but many people do not have access to these stores. So growing your own is a good solution, as it is easy!

I have a carton of Saladini that I just unpacked, years after our last move. I am going to see if any of the veggie seeds are still viable. I should know in about 30 days. It can’t hurt to try, as seeds are often viable for many years (even beyond the stated date). This mix was made by White Swan, 8030 S.W. Nimbus,  Beaverton, OR 97008.  Phone: 1-800-233-7926. They are known for their easy-sow mats of wildflower mixes, too.

All saladini mixes have their own combinations. White Swan’s Saladini mix’s label says it included: scallion, chervil, sweet basil, arugula, mâche, Chinese celery, lettuce (2 kinds), radicchio (3 kinds), mustard greens (2 kinds), mizuna greens and cress.

The baby plants are meant to grow close together and be harvested gently, with scissors, at 3″ – 4″ high and leaving at least 1″ of the plant above the soil. If these instructions are followed, then the plants can regenerate and provide you with additional harvests.

They can be grown indoors or out, and in containers or garden beds.

The plants are a combination of flavors: spicy, sharp and naturally-sweet predominate. There are seasonal blends, as you saw in Territorial’s offerings, above.

If you order from Territorial, be sure to also get New Zealand spinach, which is of a different botanical family than most veggies, is very nutritious, mild-flavored and it stands summer heat (unlike many greens). Unfortunately, NZ spinach has disappeared from most American markets in the past decades (that’s a real loss). Now, you can grow your own! See Territorial Seed’s New Zealand spinach.

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Have fun! Enjoy this new road to Health. If you want to read more of my archive, use the Titles tab on the upper navigation bar to reach the Archive.

Best to all — Em

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