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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

When Cathie, a Samoan, posted her comment last week, my heart went out to her and her family, for this ethnic group, as the most afflicted by obesity,  symbolizes all our struggles to attain Health. What can help, them and you?

___   Well, the first thing that I am going to say is read all the pertinent articles in the Titles Archive, which is on a tab on the upper navigation bar, as soon as you can! It has my thoughts for nearly 4 years of concerned activism and information to help.

Every family has to have people like Cathie who are sharing the information-gathering needed to help everyone stay healthy. It’s not going to happen without education, as most families have lost the skills and know-how to accomplish healthy eating. Brava Cathie, for starting to advocate for you and your whole family!

___   Meanwhile, be realistic about where you are starting from and realistic about setting goals.

Learn how to measure your body fat properly or get it done by a professional. There are several ways to get answers as to percentage body fat, percentage lean mass etc.

All calorie limits are based on your lean body mass NOT your weight.

My state university’s medical school has a weight research lab where I was measured in a water tank for % fat composition. The Seventh Day Adventist Hospital in my city also had the same bariatric equipment, for a little larger fee. Some gyms may offer this. Ask your doctor where to go in your area.

This is a clearer process than just a caliper skin pinch test, but even that is better than nothing.

The Biggest Loser website also mentions other options, possibly using the same software they do on the show.

___   The Biggest Loser this week showed the doctor telling a 26 year old woman that she was about 60% fat! Neither he or I had ever heard of such a high number for someone who weighed originally about 270 pounds max, after huge weight gain due to inactivity and then lack of concern, as she gave up.

She’d been bed ridden after a car accident 2 years before and her leg muscles had atrophied. Shame on the caregivers for not providing rehab and physical therapy to strengthen the musculature. After all, regardless of her personal health coverage, insurance should have been paying from the car accident policy.

Our leg and butt muscles are meant to be large, vigorous metabolic engines. With almost no leg muscles, she turned into a giant fat popsicle.

___   So, let’s talk about exercise. It should be moderate and consistent.

Use walking to get those leg muscles metabolically active and strong. Aim for a long session, at a conversation pace. Fat-burning does not kick-in until about 45 minutes after you start to exercise, so you need to have 60 – 90 minutes of a minimum exercise work-out, time-wise.

After that 45 minutes, fat-burning kicks in; then you will burn fat until you eat again. As a diabetic, no-one should wait any longer than 5 hours between meals or snacks. Some people will need to eat sooner, especially if you exercised for one long session.

If that’s the case, then maybe break up your exercise into 2 episodes:  walk 50 minutes at lunchtime and 50 minutes after your evening meal, or better – in the morning. Then you get 2 chances to start the fat-burning cycle.

Exercise in the morning is better than at night, if you have the time and (indoor) equipment or the weather and light co-operates for you to safely go outdoors. Otherwise, consider a gym membership where you can exercise, shower-and-dress and head off to work.

___   The simplest diet to accompany this is to be “true” to the needs of your blood type and know the needed proportions of food families.

In any blood group, as Dr. Barry Sears, PhD, founder of The Zone Diet Plan says, make sure that your plate is about 80% covered with low carb vegetables, one small portion (1/4 – 1/2 cup, max.) of a carb vegetable (like regular potatoes, carrots, beets, parsnip, corn, peas, beans or a combo [grains — not used here]), a dash (about 1 teaspoon) of mono-saturated oil (organic extra-virgin olive oil or macadamia or other nut oils [not peanut — which is really a legume]) (I include organic, extra-virgin coconut oil – a special vegetarian saturated fat that forms important medium-chain fatty acids) and a piece of lean protein* no larger or thicker than the palm of your hand (without the finger area) — or 2 eggs, or half a palm size for a light meal — and half again less, for a “snack” (i.e. 1/4 palm = snack) along with unlimited low-carb veggies.

*Lean protein: any fish (I recommend no shellfish), grass-fed beef, bison** or lamb (all the way through, NOT “finished” with feeding grain before slaughter) – look online for farmers who just grass-feed; goat; free-range poultry (if desired; I don’t eat poultry for good reasons) and no pork or fatty cuts of the other meats. ** bison (buffalo) is always only range fed, so if in doubt, use bison, but cook low and slow as it’s not fatty; I suggest ground bison rather than steaks or roasts.

___   Everyone needs to drink at least 64 oz. of spring water — spread through the day. Or, drink an alkaline water, like Essentia or Evamore, unless you have kidney disease or are a high-risk diabetic having problems controlling it, in which case ask your doctor to assess the mineral content of your alkaline water and its impact on your (damaged?) kidneys.

Do NOT drink tap water, especially if it is fluoridated!

No other liquid counts as fluid except water! Everything other than just plain water dehydrates your body — some more, some less but all these other “drinks” leave you with less hydration. Use a pinch of Celtic sea salt to replace vital electrolytes lost in sweat. Do not use sports drinks.

___  Eating by your historical, genetic profile — that is, by Blood Type.

If you are Blood Type O, your diet plan is a moderate animal protein one (preferably cold-water fishes and organic, grass-fed meats) and lots of veggies diet – no dairy, no gluten grains (wheat, oats, barley and rye) approach. Wild rice and quinoa are OK to use, as are nuts and seeds. As a Samoan, Cathie, you are most likely Type O, but you must have a blood test to know for sure.

If you are Blood Type A, stay pretty much on veggies (especially the leafy ones), organic brown rice, wild rice, organic quinoa, organic free-range eggs (kept whole, not scrambled; medium boiled and poached are fine), almonds, almond milk, hemp seed, kiwi, other nuts and seeds — no dairy, no gluten grains if you are overweight — this already shows you are not handling one or more of these highly-sensitive food groups.

(A sub-group of A’s [like me] need a little cold-water fish, weekly.) Make sure you know the cleanliness of the ocean waters where the fish came from. In the USA the source of all fish must be labeled.

If Blood Type AB, then mostly stay with the vegetarian diet just shown, but add a little cold-water fish more regularly – salmon, cod, herring, sardines, mackerel are best.  Same for Blood Type B, although you can get extensive guidelines for these less frequent blood types in the following book.

Get Dr. Peter D’Adamo, ND series of books like Eat Right For Your Type.

___   For diabetics of all types,  de-emphasize fruit and have no juice (except 1 dose of pomegranate daily, explained below in heart health OR use lemon with stevia or agave to sweeten once in a while) (lemon is a natural diuretic, so make sure that you are drinking plain water, too).

___   Each day you need at least one Vitamin C source, whether that’s whole citrus fruit, kiwi, tomato or other decent source.

___   For heart health, kiwi has Omega-3 essential fatty acids, so that’s an important vegetarian source for your heart. Organic walnuts and almonds also have great heart-healthy fats (but buy European almonds, as all California almonds are irradiated!). Get the European nuts online.

Pomegranate is the only juice I allow – 2 oz. of pomegranate will start to clear out arterial blockages if taken daily. Do not take more — it’s expensive, and that’s the clinically effective dose.

Do have beets – they are a source of natural nitric oxide, which your body needs to dilate arteries and keep healthy blood flow. Dr. Louis Ignarro, PhD won the Nobel Prize for this work. Uncooked, raw beets do bot bleed all over the place, so use them but wash them well. If you bought their nutritious tops, then steam the beet greens lightly or stir fry them – eat only a bit of the greens if any of you take Coumadin or Warfarin.

The natural nitrates found in beets are VERY different from the ones used in hot dogs, sausage and other cured meats. Do not use those nitrates; they are a huge source for stomach cancer.

___   Try to take the pressure off your pancreas by eating and drinking in a pH neutral or pH alkaline way. I’ve written lots about how to do this, but this is key, as fat walls off toxins and you have to have tissue alkaline pH to be available to neutralize the toxic acids as they are released in weight loss.

Your pancreas is the source of these pH alkaline buffers, but your food choice can help by adding alkaline foods so the organ has less work.

___   Learn about 8 essential, healing sugars (saccharides)!

These are: mannose, glucose, galactose, xylose, fucose (NOT fructose – from fruit!), N-acetylglucosamine, N-acetylgalactosamine and N-acetylneuraminic acid.  Only glucose and galactose are common in our diets. Fucose comes from seaweed, which is another reason it’s so healthy for us, apart from its minerals. Most of the rest are scarce in our diets, but we need them; that’s what “essential” means!

Not all of these saccharides are sweet-tasting. Some are tasteless; others are even bitter. Strange, huh?

The amount needed is 1/2 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon of all of them, in total, daily. They won’t make you fat or raise insulin levels. In fact, you need them to help you lose weight, heal and boost your immune system! They help prevent cancer, help memory, sleep, prevent anxiety and depression, too.

These healing saccharides also help with levels of blood fats (triglycerides), cholesterol and raise HDL – the good kind. These needed sugars also protect bone and muscle mass. They are a foundation of Blood Type, too. I will write more about them next time.

Sugars are either monosaccharides (1 molecule), disaccharides (2 molecule structure – like lactose, found in milk or sucrose from sugarcane or sugar beets), or oligosaccharides which are 3 – 6 molecular structures (found in human breast milk and plants). Linking hundreds or thousands of monosaccharides together, produces polysaccharides (starch is one kind, as is your liver’s back-up energy source called glycogen).

These 8 essential saccharides are vital for cell communication, for cell structure and for cellular ability to work together as an organism.

But, fructose, from fruits, is NOT an essential saccharide and in its pure form, it is showing to be detrimental. Do NOT use fructose to substitute for table sugar.

As suitable, low-glycemic sweeteners, use stevia or agave nectar (in small portion, once or twice a day). Real, ORGANIC maple sugar (in a small portion, once a day max.) as maple sugar has been shown to be helpful to diabetics. Maple-flavored doesn’t count.

Learn more about these 8 essential healing sugars in “Sugars That Heal – The New Healing Science of Glyconutrients” by Dr. Emil Mondoa, MD.

___   Try to take the pressure off your liver, as it’s your main detox organ. When losing weight there’s lots of residue to be exposed to and have to neutralize (detoxification). Eating organic cuts down the “load”. There will always be metabolic waste and environmental toxins breathed in, but you can cut down food and drink sources by eating organic and not drinking tap water.

___   To have a chance at losing a substantial amount of weight in a reasonable time frame, you have to make healthy food choices (as described above),  with portion control (related to activity level and metabolic efficiency level – basal rate).  Also eat no artificial chemicals in your food!

___   Eat NO table salt. The only type of salt to use is Celtic sea salt or a regular whole sea salt from clean waters.  Regular “salt” is only sodium chloride; it has been stripped of the other 90 or so minerals originally in it.

Your cells mirror the exact waters of the ocean, therefore you DO need the trace minerals which were stripped off. You must not drink sea water, but you can use the minerals which were in it, in small quantities. Learn more from The Grain and Salt Society. Their founder, Dr. Jacques de Langre, PhD,  did copious research. Get these Celtic salts there, if you can’t find them near you.

The products known as “Real Salt” (from a dehydrated ocean in Utah) and “Himalayan Pink Salt” (from a similar source) are not as good in my opinion, as they have been diluted by mixture with other land sediments, possibly distorted by pressure etc.,  but still, even they are much better than regular table salt.

___   Exercise helps oxygenate your tissues which is important as your cellular mitochondrial furnaces need oxygen to “burn” food for energy. There is a product called CellFood from Lumina Health which is a specially-produced oxygen molecule, which is able to reach to the deepest levels.

The formula was made industrially by a Nobel Laureate scientist, Dr. Everett L. Storey, PhD (Albert Einstein called him a “genius”!) and you will be healthier for getting more oxygen into tissues, as long as you are also taking plenty of anti-oxidants: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, glutathione and alpha lipoic acid.

___   Be sure to be getting plenty of Vitamin D3. As a tropical people, now largely relegated to indoor work, this becomes even more important. But, it is true for everyone. I have written previously about this need for Vitamin D3 — be sure to get it only in that form. Read labels carefully. Look up the articles to learn more.

___   Learn about deep-breathing and stress reduction. The adrenaline “drip” from stress, alone, is enough to make you fat! Stress is very powerful chemistry and it is balanced by proper breathing (and/or a quieting yoga practice) which activates the parasympathetic nervous system and stops “flight or fight” tendencies from the autonomic nervous system. Learn about your physiology; it’s fundamental.

___   Get 8 hours of nourishing sleep. Do not underestimate the importance of sleep. If your sleep is interrupted or not of good quality, make sure to get 1 – 2 twenty-minute power naps during the day.

___   Cut-out caffeine sources except for green tea — no coffee, no sodas.

___  No table sugar, tobacco or alcohol if you want to lose weight and the least use possible of any drugs, certainly over-the-counter drugs.

___   Set a reasonable goal of 2lb. a week of weight loss. Your skin can keep up with this pace. If you have lots of water weight, you may lose more than that in the beginning, but it is essential to eat 1,200 – 1,400 calories per day for women and 1,600 – 2,000 calories a day for men — all dependent on height, lean-body weight, basal metabolic rate and activity level. It’s best to keep good amounts of balanced healthy food and up your activity in order to lose weight. You need food to fuel your weight loss. Do NOT starve. It’s unhealthy and sets you up for failure!

At this pace, it’s about 35 pounds of weight loss before mid-June, if all goes well. Let us know how it goes, Cathie, and anyone else who joins you!

These are the biggies that I suggest, that I can put in one post. If I think of something really necessary, I’ll add it during the week.

But this is a good start off plan – beginning by just the plate proportions of the various food families and the correct ones for your blood type and to start consistent, gentle exercise, drink your daily water quota and get quality rest.

Best to Cathie and family. Best to all — Em


Mannose – Help For Diabetics

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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

This is Erev Rosh Hashanna, the evening when the Jewish New Year begins, at sundown, so I am writing my post “early”. Diabetics can easily get caught up in the traditional sweet foods, symbolic of desiring a “sweet and good” New Year, so here’s some guidance.

Also, it is important to remember that our body is the temple which the Lord gave us to care for, to house our divine spirit, so we should always “care” for our body-mind. How best to do that?

Certainly, diabetics and everyone else get mixed-messages from health providers and generally, the food industry only wants to provide “food” at the cheapest level with the biggest profit. So, the only protections you have are:

1) get educated (I’ll try to help.)

2) do more yourself (It definitely is possible to have a 3 season garden.)

For 5771 years, the Jewish people have followed dietetic laws which were meant to keep them safe and healthy. So, my whole life, I have been taught how food effects Health, and to respect the body the Lord gave me.

No-one is able to take perfect care of it. We ARE human, after all, but we must do an excellent job, most of the time. So, it may seem a strange post for a New Year celebration, but I am keeping up my lessons for you, as new things come every day to help with diabetes, for diabetics and their healthy friends and families, too.

You can read one of my earlier Rosh Hashanna posts, with a traditional recipe at:  A Sweet New Year.

Today, I want to teach you that there are healthy sugars which your body NEEDS, but they are not anything added to foods.

These special sugars are either made by your body, or they are provided naturally in especially-healthful foods. You need to know more.

A few years ago, I learned more on this topic via Dr. Emil Mindoa, MD in his book, “Sugars That Heal, The New Healing Science of Glyconutrients”.

The topic appeared in my main email box, again, last week, when Dr. Robert Rowen, MD wrote about Corvalen®.

Corvalen® is a healthy sugar which you’ll learn about below and it goes beyond Co-enzyme Q10 and L-Carnitine, which also aid energy production.

Diabetes robs us of energy, and diabetics are historically “tired all the time” because energy-production, on a cellular level, is messed up.

This little-known “healthy sugar” can help you get rid of fatigue at the root cause; this glyconutrient builds an energy pool in every single cell of your body. Its effectiveness is proven in clinical studies, says Dr. Robert J. Rowen, MD.

So, if  you’re sick and tired of being tired, then this is an exciting message!

This is what’s been happening on the research front:

___   Scientists have discovered a special type of sugar which  helps you get rid of most fatigue, at the root cause,  even if you’ve been suffering from debilitating fatigue for years.

( even if you’ve been unable to walk up the stairs, or walk to your mailbox without being out of breath AND / OR  even if you’ve been taking energy boosters like CoQ10 and L-carnitine, but without much improvement.)

This special sugar’s called ribose. Ribose is an unique sugar molecule because it has only 5 carbon molecules in its chemical structure, as opposed to the six carbons in common sugars, like glucose, sucrose and fructose.

Those 6-carbon sugars raise blood sugar levels, and cause your body to produce insulin.

But, unlike 6-carbon sugars, the 5-carbon sugar ribose does not raise blood sugar levels or cause your body to produce insulin. Instead, it helps you burn off more sugar, thereby producing cellular-energy and  getting rid of fatigue at the root cause.

___   As you may know, your cells contain tiny “power plants” called mitochondria, and in the past, scientists have seen that diabetics have smaller and fewer mitochondria in their cells. Their numbers are increased by muscle-building exercise.

These cellular power plants produce an energy molecule called ATP. ATP is the source of all bio-energy in your body – that is, the more ATP your cells produce, the more energy you have.

Conversely, when your ATP levels are low, you feel fatigued. To restore your energy and recover from fatigue, your cells must produce more ATP!

But the irony is that your cells need ATP to make ATP.

The less ATP you have, the less ATP your cells can make, so it’s a vicious cycle! Even “resting” doesn’t help you make “more” ATP, so if your ATP levels never recover to optimal levels, even with plenty of rest,  that’s why you’re tired all the time!

Fortunately, ribose can help recover ATP to optimal levels.

___   Ribose makes it much easier for your cells to produce ATP because ribose is an actual building block of ATP.

In fact, if you look at the chemical structure of ATP, above, you’ll see that ATP is made with a ribose molecule joined to two other molecules.

___   Ribose is usually made from glucose in your cells, but often diabetics have problems with glucose being able to efficiently enter their cell membranes. This is called “insulin resistance”.

Even healthy cells don’t convert the glucose to ribose immediately to ATP. Instead, your cells only do that when your body needs energy. Meanwhile,  the unused ribose is stored in your cells as a reserve energy bank-account.

___   The more ribose stored in your cells, the more ATP and energy your cells can produce, at any time.

You can get rid of fatigue at the root cause, by building a large pool of ribose in your cells, so that the mitochondria get a continuous supply of ribose to make ATP. This ensures you’ll never be low in energy, and not likely be fatigued again. Then, you have the energy to exercise and create better biochemistry and grow into a healthier status!

Ribose Has Been Proven to Work in Clinical Studies

___   For example, in one animal study, scientists took lab rats and clamped their blood vessels, in order to slow down blood flow which deprived the rats’ hearts of oxygen. This caused their ATP levels to plunge. Then scientists split the rats into two groups: one received ribose and one didn’t.

Result: The rats in the control group continued to have a serious decline in ATP levels, but, in contrast, the rats taking ribose saw their ATP levels go back to normal within 24 hours!

___   In another animal study, scientists found that ribose sped up the recovery of fatigued muscles by up to an amazing 430%.

They also found that even tiny amounts of ribose helped cells preserve energy.

___   In human studies, the British medical journal, “Lancet”, states in a  study of 20 men, researchers found that those taking ribose could exercise much harder before being fatigued. This has implications for diabetics, those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and for those with Fibromyalgia.

In a clinical study, Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, medical director of the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers, gave 36 patients who suffered from fatigue a small bottle of ribose. He instructed them to take the ribose daily until the bottle was empty.

Result:  All of the patients saw a dramatic improvement in their energy levels, plus they also reported sleeping better, thinking more clearly and enjoying improved well-being.

Since these studies, Dr. Teitelbaum has recommended ribose for all of his patients who suffer from fatigue, and he has seen remarkable results on his patients.

___   In an interesting personal case-study published in the journal “Pharmacotherapy”, a veterinarian was forced to give up her practice due to her debilitating fatigue. When she heard about ribose, she decided to give it a try immediately. What happened? She was back to her operating room in 3 weeks, practicing normally without any fatigue!

But, being a very skeptical person, she didn’t believe that a “sugar” could have such a dramatic effect on her condition, so she stopped taking ribose. Within two weeks, her debilitating fatigue returned! Again, she was forced to leave her practice. However, when she resumed her ribose supplementation, her fatigue was gone again in days. So, once started, you may have to keep up your supplementation.

Maybe after a while, especially if you exercise (which helps to build more mitochondria), then you may be able to make supplement changes in amounts or frequency or both. But, maybe not, too. You’ll just have to see how well your own body does!

Ribose  also  Strengthens Heart Muscles and Improves Heart Functions

Having poor healthy-sugar energy-biochemistry may also explain why diabetes causes heart complications. After all, one’s heart is the biggest consumer of body energy. If you don’t make enough, heart and brain suffer first.  This energy which your heart needs comes from the same ATP which your heart cells must produce.

The problem is, when your heart is weakened, maybe due to aging or after a surgery or not enough energy-nutrients getting into the cells, so the heart cells are no longer able to produce enough ATP and thereby the energy your heart needs.

Without enough energy, the heart muscles then become even more fatigued, and they starve for even more energy. That’s why people with weakened hearts are so tired all the time.

The good news is that it’s possible to strengthen your heart muscles and improve your stamina with ribose!

Look at these studies:

___   In a German study, researchers took a group of heart patients, hooked them up to an echocardiograph to test their heart functions,  and then gave the patients ribose or a placebo for 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, they re-tested the heart functions of all the patients.

Results:  The patients taking ribose definitely showed increased energy in their hearts. Their better-energized hearts filled and pumped more normally compared to the hearts of the control group. Not only that, the ribose group also reported enjoying a better quality of life.

Researchers didn’t stop there. They used treadmills to see how well the two groups performed. Compared to the control group, the ribose group could run for a much longer time before showing any signs of fatigue!

___   In yet another study, researchers took a group of heart patients and tested them on stationary bicycles.

Result: The patients taking ribose performed much better than the control group and the ribose group also showed stronger hearts, as measured by the amount of blood they pumped!

___   In still another study, researchers gave ribose to patients who had heart injury. And, what they found was amazing: the patients showed improved blood flow, improved oxygen-uptake and greater exercise capacity!

___   Mentioning one more study, researchers gave ribose to a group of 143 patients who had previous bypass surgery. The patients showed much greater hearts’ pumping ability compared those who had bypass surgery, but were not taking ribose.

By the way, there are no adverse side effects from taking ribose.

So I think you’re starting to see how ribose can really help you maintain a healthy heart, improve your stamina and put an end to your fatigue.

Imagine being able to resume all the activities you love, and being able to play with your children or  grandchildren. That’s what life promises for you with ribose supplementation.

But here’s the kicker: you cannot find ribose in any food.

Getting out on an energy limb would usually not happen until old age. So, Nature does not prepare for that. Now, in our energy-depeleted youth and middle-age, the only way to boost your ribose levels is by taking a ribose supplement.

Advanced Bionutritionals offer a ribose supplement. It’s called Corvalen®.

It is also the only ribose supplement that Dr. Rowen, MD  recommends for his patients. Why?

First, Corvalen® is actually 100% ribose. That means every time you take Corvalen®, you are giving your cells a whopping dose of ribose to produce energy and overcome fatigue. Each dose (2 teaspoons) has about 5mg of pure ribose. There’s a 56 day supply per canister. It is suitable for vegetarians.

Second, Corvalen® is made through a patented fermentation process. This process ensures the ribose produced is of high quality and their manufacturing process conforms with or exceeds standards set by the U.S. government.

Third, Corvalen® is made into powder form using a patented granulation procedure. This procedure makes the Corvalen powder more resistant to moisture, so it has excellent shelf-life. Plus, this procedure makes the powder easier to mix with water as a beverage.

Because of this intricate manufacturing process, Corvalen® costs a little more than other supplements you may be taking. But Advanced Bionutritionals have agreed to offer a sizable discount — and free shipping — for anyone ordering a 3-month or 6-month supply.

In fact, if you order a 6-month supply, you’ll be getting all the energy-boosting power of ribose for just $1.67 a day — far less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks or elsewhere,  which is wiping-out your adrenals while you whip them with caffeine to assuage your flagging energy. Support your body, instead, with ribose and your energy levels will be nourished, naturally.

From ribose, you will be getting real lasting energy, right from your body’s own cells, energy to live the Life you were given, to have the energy to make a Difference in this world.

So, start this New Year right, from the beginning. Start living your life on a whole new level. Discuss this with your physician and monitor your blood sugars, but hopefully, this is the jump-start that many of you need to get on the road to Health.

You can enter Advanced Bionutritionals or Corvalen® in your search engine and see where to buy it online directly from the company. I don’t want to include a link. That way you know my review is honest and not for financial-gain.

In the traditional Rosh Hashanna Blessing, we say “L’Shana Tova Tiketevu!” “May You Be Inscribed In The Book Of Life For A Good Year!“.  May it be so.

Best to all — Em


Read more about ATP molecules and energy production

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Choosing a healthy lifestyle and healthy food in industrial countries is fast becoming a nightmare! But, you do have to eat, don’t you? So learn how to “protect” yourself! Do you want to make a couple of important choices that can make a huge difference to your Health and your children’s Health? Of course. So here’s the first steps, and most of them are decently “easy”!

Before starting this article, you might want to read PART 1 at:

In our discussion, we have to be very specific about the worst offenders — and that is refined sucrose — also known as table sugar — and, artificial sweeteners are also implicated in many of the same physiological problems. Each actively promotes the continual, never-satisfied search for sweetness — that could be called an addictive substance, and both are.

These are manufactured, altered substances which your body is receiving without the natural food “cues” it understands for proper use inside your body.

Many natural sugars are not “bad”. But, the most common ones used in processed foods and at the table are very bad. There’s a lot more to learn about the “Sugars That Heal” in the book of the same name by physician Emil I. Mindoa, MD. There are 8 Essential Saccharides (sugars) that we need, but none of these glyco-nutrient quotas are fulfilled by table sugar (sucrose) or by artificial sweeteners.

The eight essential saccharides our bodies need are mannose, glucose, galactose, xylose, fucose (not to be confused with fructose), N-acetylglucosamine, N-acetylgalactosamine, and N-acetylneuraminic acid. Of these, only glucose from plants and galactose from milk are common in our overly-processed diet, now. We are no longer eating the Paleolithic hunter-gatherer Diet which our body still expects and needs.

 Meanwhile, here’s a short chemistry lesson from www.il.ie

“Commonly when we talk of ‘sugar’ we are thinking of sucrose, a particular disaccharide produced by sugar cane and sugar beet. But sucrose is only one member of a family of sugars: they are related chemically but have different structures and different sweetnesses. Some sugars have one sugar molecule – they are monosaccharides e.g. glucose; others have two sugar units joined, like sucrose, and are disaccharides. Starch and cellulose contain many sugar units linked together – they are polysaccharides. However, starch and cellulose they aren’t sweet and only mono- or disaccharides have small enough molecules to register as sweet on the tongue.”

In 2005, the average American consumed about 140 pounds of sugar, which is about 50% more than the average German or Frenchman and nine times as much as the Chinese.” Eating sucrose to this degree, and using artificial sweeteners, is, I believe, the single biggest reason for American’s worsening Health, diabetes epidemic, obesity epidemic and overwhelming burdening of the health-care system.

Continuing with more statistics from the New Yorker May 2006 issue by Burkland Bilger: Americans also “consumed about twenty four pounds of sugar substitutes per person yearly, which translates to even more sweetness than the natural substance.” These are horrific totals!

And, ” It seems likely that “potentiators” – compounds that accentuate sweetness, bittness, or umami (the savory taste of protein) –  will be found increasingly in our food. Is this obese society better off eating less sugar, but replacing it with products of the laboratory? Many of these enhancers are effective in amounts so small that they need not even appear on labels, except anonymously in the “natural and artificial flavors” category.”

YES, THEY ARE ALLOWED TO HIDE THESE HEALTH THIEVES and manipulate our behavior by them!

The punchline on a cartoon by S. Harris says it all:

“Let’s put it this way, you’re an addict and your grocer is a pusher.”

Now we expect other agencies and professionals to be our watchdogs; it should not fall to our grocer — they should be knowledgeable and independent and be protective, but as a last resort. So, what do physicians have to say about table sugar and artificial sweeteners, especially aspartame (NutraSweet)?

Big Pharma and the chemistry industry’s giants, like Monsanto, maker of aspartame, do NOT want you to know the Truth. They play both sides of the issues, making the cause of disease and the panacea for it. Classic behavior from the military-industrial complex.

With a market value of more than 1 billion dollars yearly, the artificial sweetener market is a formidable opponent. Monsanto and the rest make sure they have the influence over the government’s representatives and help to fund the American Medical Association, American Dietetic Association and others — even “helping” them by providing “information”. But some doctors are paying attention, and finally enough of them are beginning to show us the big-picture. It’s a scary one, to the point that you want to do “everything” you can to get table sugar, and especially artificial sweeteners, out of your family’s food!

Certainly, for most of my life, someone else has been eating 99% of “my” 140 pounds of sugar yearly and 100% of  “my” 24 pounds of artificial sweeteners, yearly. Heaven help them. Just make sure it’s NOT YOU!

Dr. Ron Rosedale, MD, author of “The Rosedale Diet”, has a great deal to say about the complex relationships between sugar, insulin and other hormones in your body. We’ll discuss most of this later, but he also says that if you are eating natural, unprocessed foods, as our Paleolithic ancestors did, then it is almost impossible to ever have too much “sugar” to be triggering excessive insulin production or insulin resistance. That is why we are SO susceptible when our natural-instinct for “sweet”, traditionally satisfied for just the tiny quantities we need of the 8 Essential sugars, is so haywire when presented with the challenges of excess sugars to the degree we are, due to processed sugars.

Dr. Emil I. Mindoa, MD reports in his book “Sugars That Heal” that the 8 Essential Saccharides, have been shown to:

___   lower cholesterol

___    increase lean muscle mass

___    decrease body fat

___    accelerate wound healing

___    ease allergy symptoms

___    allay autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, psoriasis, and diabetes

___   fight bacterial infections and many viruses–from the common cold to the flu, from herpes to HIV

___   reduce severity of the debilitating symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and Gulf War syndrome

___    mitigate the toxic effects of radiation and chemotherapy for cancer patients all the while augmenting their cancer-killing effects, resulting in prolonged survival and improved quality of life.


The manufacturers have exploited this instinctive search for “sweetness”, which was there to help us get the natural, essential glyco-nutrients we need for cellular communication and Health. Instead, research shows danger from processed sugars at every turn e.g. that every can of soda your child drinks daily increases the likelihood of them becoming obese 60% each time. I believe that is partly because fat is needed to protect their body from the extremely acidifying pH of soda drinks. This is equally true if the soda is sugared or artificially sweetened.

One of the hazards of aspartame (NutraSweet) is its vulnerability to heat and to acidic foods. This is a major cause of aspartame inflicting such harm. I’m old enough, at 61, to remember the artificial sweeteners coming into the marketplace (all except saccharin — now marketed as Sweet N’ Low). From the very beginning, there were problems, and the FDA broke its own rules in allowing approval.Now we understand why people were becoming blind etc., and as a huge increase in usage has followed, in over 100 countries, another unwelcome Yankee invention is perpetrating disease everywhere.

Norway has even asked for help to try and get a handle on the medical havoc artificial sweeteners, especially NutraSweet, have wrought there.

So, what do artificial sweeteners do to harm you? After all, they are “allowed” for use by diabetics — what a travesty!

In addition to the at least 76 known health problems caused by refined sugar, published already in the medical journals, which you learned about in detail in Part 1, there are approximately 92 known health problems attributed to the use of various artificial sweeteners.

Dr. Clarice Gaylord, keynote speaker at the 1995 World Environmental Conference, funded by the US Government’s Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.), and held at Elizabeth City State University in New Jersey stated, “we have an epidemic of MS (multiple sclerosis) and lupus and cannot identify the toxin”, at which point, another lecturer, Betty Martini, stood up and said ” I’m here to lecture on MS and lupus and to identify the toxin as NutraSweet.”

Betty Martini (  www.dorway.com  ), has a lot of smart physicians paying attention now and they are the source of the Science mentioned here. H. J. Roberts, MD , aspartame expert, states “One liter of most aspartame-sweetened soft drinks contains about 55 mg. methanol. Methanol concentrations in aspartame-sweetened beverages increase with heating and during prolonged storage.  The amount of methanol ingested by heavy consumers of aspartame products could readily exceed 250 mg. daily (Monte l984).  This is 32 times the limit of consumption recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  ‘Abuse (100 mg. aspartame per kg body weight, or more) does result in significant elevations of blood methanol concentrations in normal subjects (Stegink l984).  Moreoever, the level remains detectable for eight more hours.  Monte (l984) calculated that one-hundredth the fatal level is standard criterion for safety used by the FDA) translates into only two 12 ounce cans.”

And, “safe” levels were for rats; FDA is not allowed to even set a “safe level” of poisons for humans, and this is indeed poison.

When the temperature of aspartame exceeds 86°F (e.g. in cooked food recipes)(Em: or dare I say “when mixed in your stomach with hot food” — I don’t know if anyone has studied this), the wood alcohol (methanol) converts to formaldehyde inside you!  Formaldehyde is used in embalming procedures to preserve the tissues of dead bodies, and it is a potent carcinogen. It is not meant to be in a living body! 

Next, in another chemical reaction, formaldehyde changes to formic acid  ––  the poison found in the sting of the fire ant. This is chemical poisoning, not an allergic reaction. Aspartame poisons like other chemical poisons e.g. cyanide and arsenic.

Aspartame also devastates the nervous system in humans. Many people now feel that much of the symptomology of Gulf War Syndrome was initiated or exacerbated by the formaldehyde exposure in our troops after thousands of pallets of NutraSweet flavored soda was left sitting in the 120 degree heat of Saudi Arabia for weeks, and then fed to our troops!

Much of the neurological damage shown in Gulf War Syndrome is evidently quite congruent with the several neurological illnesses NutraSweet is thought to cause. And, overseas, Splenda (sucralose — where chlorine is artificially “changing” the natural sugar molecule into Frankenstein-food) is used very effectively as rat poison!

Methanol toxicity mimics Multiple Sclerosis, a severe neurological disease. Many cases thought to be MS are in fact methanol poisoning from aspartame. The same is true for some cases of tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and for mimicing fibromyalgia — a devastating, painful disease of muscles, joints and aberrant celluar-energy production.

In the case of fibromyalgia, the aspartame (NutraSweet) hardens the synovial fluids which are meant to lubricate the delicate joint surfaces, and allow free-range movement of the joint. With hardened joints, then ligaments, tendons and muscles are all drawn into the problem and devastating pain results, even though the poisoning is only mimicing the real fibromyalgia, it is no consolation to those in pain. Many times, when people completely remove all the artificial sweeteners from their diet, (and detox would then be a good idea) they do get rid of the devastating “fake MS”, “fake fibromyalgia”, “fake lupus” and other symptoms. And, BTW, Monsanto, maker of NutraSweet, has been given approval to “treat” “joint pain” and “arthritis” with Celebra –— as I said, Big Pharma and the Chemical Companies of the military-industrial complex,  “creates” and “cures” the problem, with huge amounts of money made in both actions.

And, a brain surgeon in the audience at the conference also said that when the pathology reports came back on the brain tumors he had removed, the reports stated the tumors were filled with aspartame! This is because, again, aspartame (NutraSweet) is made an abnormal amount of the amino acid phenylalanine, which breaks down into DXP, a brain-tumor promoting agent!

Another neurosurgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock, M.D., author of a book about artificial sweeteners as “Excitotoxins”, explains that “aspartame worsens autoimmune diseases such as MS and lupus. He also mentions a recent study on aspartame by Trocho, Pardo and co-workers that makes it easy to understand how the deadly toxin aspartame can trigger so many problems. It demonstrated following aspartame ingestion, significant amounts of formaldehyde accumulate in the tissues. >Formaldehyde is known to bind strongly to proteins and nucleic acids, forming adducts that are extremely difficult to eliminate through normal metabolic pathways. Within the cell, they found large amounts located within the DNA. So, here you have a toxin that can damage DNA.”

Why would you allow this into your body?!

Phenylalanine also concentrates in the placenta, and can cause birth defects in unborn children, including brain problems, which may explain the huge rise in “learning disabilities” and Attention Deficit Disorder. Artificial sweeteners should be banned for use by pregnant women.

And aspartame is implicated in breast cancer and prostate cancer, too, according to world-famous toxicologist Dr. George Schwartz.

Get these artificial sweeteners out of your diet, or you will die and potentially allow your children to be hurt and die, too.  You, alone, can prevent this.

Most doctors are not yet looking for a causal relationship between NutraSweet and other artificial sweeteners and disease. You won’t see it listed on a line in your medical history forms like ‘how many cigarettes do you smoke?’ etc. In fact, Betty Martini relates the case of a man in the Mayo Clinic, where his medical insurance had paid $1 million for tests and his hospital stay; the man drank 13 artificially-sweetened sodas a day! His liver enzymes were off the chart. Even the Mayo Clinic had been stymied and had not asked this vital life-style, dietary question.

Both unnatural, refined sugar (table sugar) and artificial sweeteners seriously cause systemic acid pH levels in your body, and as Health requires a slightly alkaline pH, either removing the offending super-acid producers and detoxing along with seriously choosing buffering foods OR never ingesting the serious acid-producers in the first place, is necessary to regain and then maintain Health.

Then, when aspartame promoters talk about there being methanol in ordinary, natural foods e.g. tomato juice, these industry hacks don’t mention that in real foods, Nature provides the “antidote” to the poison, in the proper amount, in the same food, so it is neutralized, making the food safe, and then eliminating the methanol from your system.

There are safer, natural, alternative sweeteners and we’ll talk about them next time.

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Best to all — Em

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