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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

This is Erev Rosh Hashanna, the evening when the Jewish New Year begins, at sundown, so I am writing my post “early”. Diabetics can easily get caught up in the traditional sweet foods, symbolic of desiring a “sweet and good” New Year, so here’s some guidance.

Also, it is important to remember that our body is the temple which the Lord gave us to care for, to house our divine spirit, so we should always “care” for our body-mind. How best to do that?

Certainly, diabetics and everyone else get mixed-messages from health providers and generally, the food industry only wants to provide “food” at the cheapest level with the biggest profit. So, the only protections you have are:

1) get educated (I’ll try to help.)

2) do more yourself (It definitely is possible to have a 3 season garden.)

For 5771 years, the Jewish people have followed dietetic laws which were meant to keep them safe and healthy. So, my whole life, I have been taught how food effects Health, and to respect the body the Lord gave me.

No-one is able to take perfect care of it. We ARE human, after all, but we must do an excellent job, most of the time. So, it may seem a strange post for a New Year celebration, but I am keeping up my lessons for you, as new things come every day to help with diabetes, for diabetics and their healthy friends and families, too.

You can read one of my earlier Rosh Hashanna posts, with a traditional recipe at:  A Sweet New Year.

Today, I want to teach you that there are healthy sugars which your body NEEDS, but they are not anything added to foods.

These special sugars are either made by your body, or they are provided naturally in especially-healthful foods. You need to know more.

A few years ago, I learned more on this topic via Dr. Emil Mindoa, MD in his book, “Sugars That Heal, The New Healing Science of Glyconutrients”.

The topic appeared in my main email box, again, last week, when Dr. Robert Rowen, MD wrote about Corvalen®.

Corvalen® is a healthy sugar which you’ll learn about below and it goes beyond Co-enzyme Q10 and L-Carnitine, which also aid energy production.

Diabetes robs us of energy, and diabetics are historically “tired all the time” because energy-production, on a cellular level, is messed up.

This little-known “healthy sugar” can help you get rid of fatigue at the root cause; this glyconutrient builds an energy pool in every single cell of your body. Its effectiveness is proven in clinical studies, says Dr. Robert J. Rowen, MD.

So, if  you’re sick and tired of being tired, then this is an exciting message!

This is what’s been happening on the research front:

___   Scientists have discovered a special type of sugar which  helps you get rid of most fatigue, at the root cause,  even if you’ve been suffering from debilitating fatigue for years.

( even if you’ve been unable to walk up the stairs, or walk to your mailbox without being out of breath AND / OR  even if you’ve been taking energy boosters like CoQ10 and L-carnitine, but without much improvement.)

This special sugar’s called ribose. Ribose is an unique sugar molecule because it has only 5 carbon molecules in its chemical structure, as opposed to the six carbons in common sugars, like glucose, sucrose and fructose.

Those 6-carbon sugars raise blood sugar levels, and cause your body to produce insulin.

But, unlike 6-carbon sugars, the 5-carbon sugar ribose does not raise blood sugar levels or cause your body to produce insulin. Instead, it helps you burn off more sugar, thereby producing cellular-energy and  getting rid of fatigue at the root cause.

___   As you may know, your cells contain tiny “power plants” called mitochondria, and in the past, scientists have seen that diabetics have smaller and fewer mitochondria in their cells. Their numbers are increased by muscle-building exercise.

These cellular power plants produce an energy molecule called ATP. ATP is the source of all bio-energy in your body – that is, the more ATP your cells produce, the more energy you have.

Conversely, when your ATP levels are low, you feel fatigued. To restore your energy and recover from fatigue, your cells must produce more ATP!

But the irony is that your cells need ATP to make ATP.

The less ATP you have, the less ATP your cells can make, so it’s a vicious cycle! Even “resting” doesn’t help you make “more” ATP, so if your ATP levels never recover to optimal levels, even with plenty of rest,  that’s why you’re tired all the time!

Fortunately, ribose can help recover ATP to optimal levels.

___   Ribose makes it much easier for your cells to produce ATP because ribose is an actual building block of ATP.

In fact, if you look at the chemical structure of ATP, above, you’ll see that ATP is made with a ribose molecule joined to two other molecules.

___   Ribose is usually made from glucose in your cells, but often diabetics have problems with glucose being able to efficiently enter their cell membranes. This is called “insulin resistance”.

Even healthy cells don’t convert the glucose to ribose immediately to ATP. Instead, your cells only do that when your body needs energy. Meanwhile,  the unused ribose is stored in your cells as a reserve energy bank-account.

___   The more ribose stored in your cells, the more ATP and energy your cells can produce, at any time.

You can get rid of fatigue at the root cause, by building a large pool of ribose in your cells, so that the mitochondria get a continuous supply of ribose to make ATP. This ensures you’ll never be low in energy, and not likely be fatigued again. Then, you have the energy to exercise and create better biochemistry and grow into a healthier status!

Ribose Has Been Proven to Work in Clinical Studies

___   For example, in one animal study, scientists took lab rats and clamped their blood vessels, in order to slow down blood flow which deprived the rats’ hearts of oxygen. This caused their ATP levels to plunge. Then scientists split the rats into two groups: one received ribose and one didn’t.

Result: The rats in the control group continued to have a serious decline in ATP levels, but, in contrast, the rats taking ribose saw their ATP levels go back to normal within 24 hours!

___   In another animal study, scientists found that ribose sped up the recovery of fatigued muscles by up to an amazing 430%.

They also found that even tiny amounts of ribose helped cells preserve energy.

___   In human studies, the British medical journal, “Lancet”, states in a  study of 20 men, researchers found that those taking ribose could exercise much harder before being fatigued. This has implications for diabetics, those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and for those with Fibromyalgia.

In a clinical study, Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, medical director of the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers, gave 36 patients who suffered from fatigue a small bottle of ribose. He instructed them to take the ribose daily until the bottle was empty.

Result:  All of the patients saw a dramatic improvement in their energy levels, plus they also reported sleeping better, thinking more clearly and enjoying improved well-being.

Since these studies, Dr. Teitelbaum has recommended ribose for all of his patients who suffer from fatigue, and he has seen remarkable results on his patients.

___   In an interesting personal case-study published in the journal “Pharmacotherapy”, a veterinarian was forced to give up her practice due to her debilitating fatigue. When she heard about ribose, she decided to give it a try immediately. What happened? She was back to her operating room in 3 weeks, practicing normally without any fatigue!

But, being a very skeptical person, she didn’t believe that a “sugar” could have such a dramatic effect on her condition, so she stopped taking ribose. Within two weeks, her debilitating fatigue returned! Again, she was forced to leave her practice. However, when she resumed her ribose supplementation, her fatigue was gone again in days. So, once started, you may have to keep up your supplementation.

Maybe after a while, especially if you exercise (which helps to build more mitochondria), then you may be able to make supplement changes in amounts or frequency or both. But, maybe not, too. You’ll just have to see how well your own body does!

Ribose  also  Strengthens Heart Muscles and Improves Heart Functions

Having poor healthy-sugar energy-biochemistry may also explain why diabetes causes heart complications. After all, one’s heart is the biggest consumer of body energy. If you don’t make enough, heart and brain suffer first.  This energy which your heart needs comes from the same ATP which your heart cells must produce.

The problem is, when your heart is weakened, maybe due to aging or after a surgery or not enough energy-nutrients getting into the cells, so the heart cells are no longer able to produce enough ATP and thereby the energy your heart needs.

Without enough energy, the heart muscles then become even more fatigued, and they starve for even more energy. That’s why people with weakened hearts are so tired all the time.

The good news is that it’s possible to strengthen your heart muscles and improve your stamina with ribose!

Look at these studies:

___   In a German study, researchers took a group of heart patients, hooked them up to an echocardiograph to test their heart functions,  and then gave the patients ribose or a placebo for 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, they re-tested the heart functions of all the patients.

Results:  The patients taking ribose definitely showed increased energy in their hearts. Their better-energized hearts filled and pumped more normally compared to the hearts of the control group. Not only that, the ribose group also reported enjoying a better quality of life.

Researchers didn’t stop there. They used treadmills to see how well the two groups performed. Compared to the control group, the ribose group could run for a much longer time before showing any signs of fatigue!

___   In yet another study, researchers took a group of heart patients and tested them on stationary bicycles.

Result: The patients taking ribose performed much better than the control group and the ribose group also showed stronger hearts, as measured by the amount of blood they pumped!

___   In still another study, researchers gave ribose to patients who had heart injury. And, what they found was amazing: the patients showed improved blood flow, improved oxygen-uptake and greater exercise capacity!

___   Mentioning one more study, researchers gave ribose to a group of 143 patients who had previous bypass surgery. The patients showed much greater hearts’ pumping ability compared those who had bypass surgery, but were not taking ribose.

By the way, there are no adverse side effects from taking ribose.

So I think you’re starting to see how ribose can really help you maintain a healthy heart, improve your stamina and put an end to your fatigue.

Imagine being able to resume all the activities you love, and being able to play with your children or  grandchildren. That’s what life promises for you with ribose supplementation.

But here’s the kicker: you cannot find ribose in any food.

Getting out on an energy limb would usually not happen until old age. So, Nature does not prepare for that. Now, in our energy-depeleted youth and middle-age, the only way to boost your ribose levels is by taking a ribose supplement.

Advanced Bionutritionals offer a ribose supplement. It’s called Corvalen®.

It is also the only ribose supplement that Dr. Rowen, MD  recommends for his patients. Why?

First, Corvalen® is actually 100% ribose. That means every time you take Corvalen®, you are giving your cells a whopping dose of ribose to produce energy and overcome fatigue. Each dose (2 teaspoons) has about 5mg of pure ribose. There’s a 56 day supply per canister. It is suitable for vegetarians.

Second, Corvalen® is made through a patented fermentation process. This process ensures the ribose produced is of high quality and their manufacturing process conforms with or exceeds standards set by the U.S. government.

Third, Corvalen® is made into powder form using a patented granulation procedure. This procedure makes the Corvalen powder more resistant to moisture, so it has excellent shelf-life. Plus, this procedure makes the powder easier to mix with water as a beverage.

Because of this intricate manufacturing process, Corvalen® costs a little more than other supplements you may be taking. But Advanced Bionutritionals have agreed to offer a sizable discount — and free shipping — for anyone ordering a 3-month or 6-month supply.

In fact, if you order a 6-month supply, you’ll be getting all the energy-boosting power of ribose for just $1.67 a day — far less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks or elsewhere,  which is wiping-out your adrenals while you whip them with caffeine to assuage your flagging energy. Support your body, instead, with ribose and your energy levels will be nourished, naturally.

From ribose, you will be getting real lasting energy, right from your body’s own cells, energy to live the Life you were given, to have the energy to make a Difference in this world.

So, start this New Year right, from the beginning. Start living your life on a whole new level. Discuss this with your physician and monitor your blood sugars, but hopefully, this is the jump-start that many of you need to get on the road to Health.

You can enter Advanced Bionutritionals or Corvalen® in your search engine and see where to buy it online directly from the company. I don’t want to include a link. That way you know my review is honest and not for financial-gain.

In the traditional Rosh Hashanna Blessing, we say “L’Shana Tova Tiketevu!” “May You Be Inscribed In The Book Of Life For A Good Year!“.  May it be so.

Best to all — Em


Read more about ATP molecules and energy production

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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

It’s fundamental to understand how your cells produce energy, for it seems that diabetics never easily have enough energy. Why is that? Well, over the years, scientists are finding these ancient cellular structures, which are your only biological furnaces, are gradually giving up their secrets. For an unknown reason at this point, diabetics seem to have smaller mitochondria and fewer of them, so it becomes imperative to understand how to protect your mitochondria you already have, whether dealing with diabetes or not! And, the children of diabetics, even if not diabetic yet, also have fewer and smaller mitochondria, so start on this program to help save them.

Every cell in your body has mitochondria. Your pancreatic beta-cells have them, and when the mitochondria don’t function well there, then your insulin capacity is compromised, too.

About 60% of the volume of your skeletal muscle cells and about 40% of the volume of your heart’s muscle cells should be made of mitochondria —  a symbiotic life-form, encased in your body, with its own DNA.

It is no use just talking about nutritious food and proper exercise when you know that you are dragging. Well, blood sugar control and portion control and types and amounts of fats are imperative to preserve or regain cellular health, but so is caring directly for these tiny not-you life forms who live, by the thousands, inside every one of your cells.  You, as the larger organism are meant to “protect” them. It’s part of an ancient pact.

Yes, unbelievable at it may seem, for millions of years there has been a symbiotic, mutually-beneficial relationship between 2 life-forms: your cells and the independent mitochondria who live within them.  In fact, science also believes that some of the cells of your immune-system are also independent life-forms.

The mitochondria make the energy products to drive your biology from the foods your cells gather and process to bring these tiny dynamos  as fuel. “Your” mitochondria even drive the energy in the tails of sperm and the nascent egg that come together to create every new life.

When the sperm enters the egg, the little tail it used to power its journey drops off, so all the mitochondria every child receives is ONLY from the mother. This is called mtDNA. It is the oldest traceable form we know; it directly comes from the first human female (and there were versions before that).

These are tried and true biochemical mechanisms that really work well, and everything in life depends on the bio-energy produced. Mitochondria use oxygen and enzymatic action to break down components of your food, brought into your cells as glucose and fat,  to produce energy in your/ their cellular furnace.

So, you must be well oxygenated AND have the proper nutrients. Anything less than that and the Energy-Cycle starts to be compromised.

The energy is transported, especially to your muscle cells. It’s carried there by a molecule called ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Once there, the ATP gives up one high-energy phosphate molecule to the muscle cell, which uses it to keep you alive and help your organs’ musculature and skeletal muscles work. Then, as ADP, the molecule returns to the mitochondria to receive one more high-energy phosphate molecule to shuttle, yet again, to transform to ATP.

The mitochondria are the location of the bio-blast-furnace. They MAKE “your” energy, and being at ground-zero, the  living mitochondrion is also at great risk for being harmed, by their massive exposure to oxygen.

About 90% of all the oxygen you breathe daily goes into driving this bio-combustion cycle. If you don’t have healthy lungs and get good aerobic capacity from moderate exercise, then you are losing vital energy. Being sedentary does NOT let you have great aerobic capacity! Resolve to start a moderate walking program after you get guidelines from your doctor.

Apart from exercise helping with weight-loss (lessening insulin-sensitive fat cell storage) and more calories burned, exercise also helps diabetes by moving toxins out!

When I studied all this more than 40 years ago in a college physiology class, from a professor who was one of only a handful of world-class muscle physiologists, I found it so fascinating that its basic information stayed with me. Little did I know that it was vital to me to pay attention!

Only very recent science has begun to implicate faulty-mechanisms in this process in diabetics. In fact, in researching about new information, I found a genetic reference that I did not know about, and which I will try to follow-up on before writing more here.

So, back to the basics.

Each mitochondrion has two cellular walls, as you can see in the photos above. The inner section of the cell has more protein than any other cell in your body. It is this high percentage of protein that makes the Electron Transport Chain (ETC) where the ATP cycle happens. The glucose and fats are broken down into 2 carbon-molecule units.

Especially using B vitamins, the mitochondrion strips off several electrons from the glucose and fats, and the compounds left are what become “carbon dioxide”. That’s the waste-product we all breathe out, with every breath, and it must be moved-out of mitachondria and your cells, every moment.

If it is not moved out efficiently and effectively, then metabolic acids can build-up. You become toxic. And, B vitamins are also used-up in stress, so if your life is stressful, you may need more B vitamins, so this energy-cycle gets its fair share. Discuss this with your doctor.

Exercising moderately helps move your lymph system to detoxify and it helps to increase the number of mitochondria that you have. See the studies in the Nutrition Action link below. They are impressive and very relevant, especially to Type 2 diabetics.

But oxygen is also a two-edged sword, and too much or at the wrong time or place, and oxygen becomes a cell’s worst enemy. That’s when “free radicals” are produced and when we need “anti-oxidants”, from foods or supplements, to protect our cells and mitochondria  from damage and death by oxidation!

It’s a delicate dance between amounts of oxygen, carbon-dioxide, enough enzymes, B vitamins, CoEnzyme Q10 and other nutrients, healthy fats, as well as  enough glucose being able to enter each cell and not remain locked-out, as it is for many diabetics (creating high sugar levels in the blood)(this is called “glucose intolerance” or “glucose resistance”).

As many diabetics are also on statin drugs, which severly deplete CoEnzyme Q10, please discuss supplementing it with your physician — both to help your heart muscle remain healthy, and to fuel your Energy-System.

Iron and sulfur are two minerals required in this process, and small amounts of heme Iron from animals or larger amounts of non-heme iron from dark leafy vegetables, along with sulfur from cabbage family foods, including broccoli sprouts, are important for you to include sufficiently.

Important anti-oxidants also include Vitamin E as mixed tocopherols, Vitamin C,  glutathione and quercetin (or use lots of raw onion, apples or red grapes).  Alpha lipoic acid is also fundamental to work with Vitamin E and CoEnzyme Q10 to maintain their active forms.

And, fats need to be high in Omega-3 fatty acids, from cold-water fish, flax or hemp. Zinc is also an important mineral in addition to those mentioned above — raw pumpkin seeds are the best source, along with asparagus, spinach and summer squash.

Start the new year off right, while you are focused on turning over a new leaf.  https://diabetesdietdialogue.wordpress.com/2007/05/06/can-we-combat-and-reformulate-global-capitalism-why-try/

More on mitochondria another time, possibly next week.

Best to all — Em


 Human Energy Cycle Explanation (Click Here)



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