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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

Diabetics need to be very familiar with their bodies and its processes, and then they need great advice as to how to get things back into Balance! First your body speaks to you – as pain, stress, muscle tension, calm, relaxed happiness etc., and you pay attention for the good and bad signals.

Then, again, you act to maintain or regain Balance. If we had to take responsibility for listening and knowing and acting accordingly, I think all of the population would be healthier.

But, we are being taught that  blood-sugar meter numbers tell us everything and then we should pop-a-pill or shoot-up some prescribed amount of insulin, and the same is true for many other dis-eases.

Yet, all we become then is a walking bank-account for the uninformed medical industry and for pharmaceutical companies. In an extraordinary exposè of this ignorance or collusion, Dr. Julian Whitaker, MD quotes:

No oral diabetes drug has ever been shown to do anything really good for any patient. No leg, eye, kidney, heart or brain has been spared.” —Norton Hadler, MD, of the University of North Carolina, quoted in Business Week.

What else can you do to make better steps towards Health?

___   Know more about how your body works

___   Understand its messages

___   Be willing to use food as a tool for Health

___   Learn from physicians and nutritionists who successfully ameliorate or even cure diabetes.

That’s what this series is about.

___   Muscle metabolism is critical to understand. When I was in university, I took a Physiology course from the professor who was regarded as the best in the world in muscle research, then.

I couldn’t believe how much there was to understand about muscles. Realize that just about every organ has a sort of musculature, too, including your heart, of course, and that muscles really are the champions when it comes to keeping you metabolically stable — using up excess blood-sugar and helping it enter tissues better.

The little metabolic-furnaces inside each cell, mitochondria, are where your energy is burned to make you “go”! Research shows that diabetics tend to have fewer and smaller mitochondria. The only way to get more and better-functioning mitochondria is to build more muscle and well-functioning muscle tissue.

___   When you lose muscle mass, your body is giving you a B.I.M. – a Body Information Marker – by showing you that you are not getting enough food into active cells (as your muscles are “wasting”) and that you are not using your muscles enough to keep them strong and bulky. Fat surely follows.

If your skeletal muscles are in good-shape, that will help your metabolism, and your internal organs’ metabolic stance will reflect better muscle health, too.

Insulin is a powerful fat-storing hormone and unless you demand the energy be used, by very active muscle metabolism and strong, efficient metabolic processes, you will store too much of any size or type of meal as fat tissue.

___   Dr. Julian Whitaker, MD, a very successful physician who very regularly is able to reverse diabetes (with a totally nutritional protocol along with some moderate exercise), says that there are certain nutritional herbal and mineral complexes which your body needs once it loses Balance.

He recommends using these, specifically in the doses he says, and working with a knowledgeable physician or traveling to see him in Southern California at the Whitaker Wellness Institute. Maybe your physician can work hand-in-hand with Dr. Whitaker, who I am sure wants to spread the word.

At some point in his protocol, Dr. Whitaker takes all Type 2 diabetics off their diabetic medications. The results, over time, have been wonderful returns to Health.

He, like Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD, largely or wholly reverse diabetes with a mostly plant-based diet.

Some of the herbs and mineral complexes which Dr. Whitaker prescribes aid muscle metabolism and cleanse your liver (your main detox organ – which needs to work over-time if you are on lots of medications).

About half of all diabetics secretly suffer from a life-threatening condition called Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), which is killing far more people than alcoholic cirrhosis or hepatitis. Your liver can regenerate, but you have to give it the correct support.

You can learn more about these topics and resources on his website Dr. Julian Whitaker, MD.

___   Other new research investigates whether aerobic or anaerobic exercise is more helpful for diabetics. The bottom line is that a combination of each works out better.

___   And, a new study conducted at McMaster University has shown that a similar degree of muscle building can be achieved by using lighter weights, rather than the heavy ones usually touted by trainers. The secret is to pump iron until you reach muscle fatigue, and then no further.

Stuart Phillips, an associate professor of kinesiology at McMaster University said,  “We’re convinced that growing muscle means stimulating your muscle to make new muscle proteins, a process in the body that over time accumulates into bigger muscles.”

Nicholas Burd, a PhD candidate, masterminded the project which showed it’s really not the weight you lift but the fact that you get muscular fatigue that’s the critical point in building muscle.

The study used what seem to be very light weights that represented only 30%  of what the subjects could lift.

For comparison, the heavier weights were set to 90% of a person’s best lift.

“It’s a very light weight,” says Phillips noting that the 90-80% range is usually something people can only lift from 5-10 times before fatigue sets in. But, at 30%, Burd reported the subjects could lift that weight at least 24 times before they felt fatigue.

So, as many diabetics are already in poor-shape, their muscle-messages should improve with using just light weights and stopping when the first muscle fatigue happens. Try again the next day, and the muscle will have been working on itself for repair and to get stronger. Gentle walking could accomplish this for your legs, rather than considering running or even wind-sprints (which you could graduate to, when you body tells you it is in better shape).

___   Lifting weights is especially good for teens who are pre-diabetic, a USC study shows.

Previous research had demonstrated that aerobic and resistance exercise is effective in improving insulin sensitivity in adults, but until now, no controlled studies of resistance exercise had been done on overweight youth.

Research was led by Michael Goran, PhD, professor of preventive medicine in the Keck School of Medicine of University of Southern California, and it showed that overweight Latino teenage boys who lifted weights only twice per week (for 16 weeks) significantly reduced their insulin resistance. The findings were published in the July 2010 issue of “Medicine and Science of Sports Exercise”.

Insulin resistance means that the energy you processed from food cannot get into your cells, so you are getting fat.  This is a condition in which your body doesn’t respond to insulin and can’t process sugars properly. Insulin resistance is very common in obese children and it is a precursor of Type 2 diabetes. If the body is continually overtaxed by simple carbohydrate abuse, then Type 1 diabetes can also be triggered, when your pancreas becomes completely exhausted.

___   Your muscles need to be used and the lactic acid by-products they make will be more actively removed when your body is in better shape, working towards a healthy Balance. If you eat alkaline foods, they will help to counteract the acid that your metabolism produces as by-products.

___   When your body is too acid, your B.I.M. is pain! Acids inflame your cellular tissues, so the chances are, if you have pain, you need to alkalinize.

And, if the pain persists, of course get your physician to track down why. But, alkalinization for severely acidic bodies can take a long time to turn-around. That means you should start!

I’ve talked about strategies to do this many times, so look for articles in my Titles Archive on the upper navigation bar.

OK, that’s a start to get you going on what the messages from a few more B.I.M.s can mean! Read the first 3 parts of the series, too.

Until next week — Em


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