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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

I missed posting last week (for only the 2nd time in 3 years) as my Mum was hospitalized. She’s on the mend, but it was a big scare.

Today, is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, and my other Mother is in danger, too! Our planet just cannot continue to sustain the damage we inflict upon her. Just like many human children, for a period of time, we are immature and disrespect our parent(s) and turn our back on their innate Wisdom. We’ve been doing this with our Earth Mother, and we continue at our peril.

As the two largest countries, India and China, now seem to be producing massive numbers of diabetics and pre-diabetics, as they reach for now-proven ecologically unsound pathways to prosperity, Mother Gaia will suffer even more when 1/3 of humanity (2 billion people in these countries) want and get “more” regardless of the ecological consequences.

As the dubious notion of a global economy has American’s food being “imported!” from countries all over the world and massive factory-farms at home, we see huge rises in toxic chemicals in our food supply (especially from Chinese grown foods, a huge new source and percentage of foods used in America). We used to grow our foods, in our own more-regulated soil. What happened?

Well, you can learn more in a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) movie called Food, Inc. which explains about 6 corporations control America’s food supply and that they are rapaciously extending their reach and their grief into other countries, seeking to control their food supply, also. This monopoly has to be regulated out of existence, as we did that of the tobacco companies, which also had products which only harmed our Health.

This corporate food-supply rape campaign has already begun in India, and there, 200,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide, leaving their families destitute and letting their land be gobbled-up by the corporations. The ordinary farmer overseas cannot pay for “modern” seed or equipment and then an otherwise capable independent businessman goes under. This is serious.

And, in China, the ecological damage is tremendous and largely unregulated. Staple food items are now being brought from China, foods which we would normally think were still being grown in America. Meanwhile this cheap, poor, often-toxic food is being brought to our shores — talk about a national-security issue!

It was bad enough that the Chinese do not regulate the methods and ingredients in their toy production, but food goes way beyond that in posing a danger for all of us who use Chinese food products. And, their air pollution is heading for North America, daily.

Both India, and especially China, argue that we had our chance to become “prosperous”, so they should be able to also. But, what’s spurious here is that governments, scientists and all of us had to find out that “industrialization”, as we practiced it it in the 19th and 20th centuries, had major consequences and that it is a flawed system that must be changed for the planet and all Life to survive.

Belching coal plants in China; open-pit mining (anywhere) and its release of unacceptable quantities of certain minerals (like mercury and cadmium) into the landscape; nuclear power; deforestation; lack of habitat for plants and animals as well as lack of riparian habitat to protect water sources have massive repercussions on every continent.

When food is toxic, not only does it put us at risk for a slow or fast death, but it impairs our health so the quality of our days is severely curtailed. Poor, toxic food creates psychological and physical impairment. Toxins are walled-off in fat cells — the more toxins, the more fat cells needed — the obesity crisis, the pre-diabetes crisis, the diabetes crisis stem largely from this (and the poor nutrition in this food as well as poor food and activity choices by the individual only seal the deal).

The illusion is that our food-chain is inspected, safe and healthy. Nothing could be further from the truth, except food from organic, sustainable farms, with good practices.

Please watch – Food, Inc. This knowledge from Dr. Michael Pollan, PhD and other experts will change your life and it is imperative and critical for your health, and especially children’s health. It will only be freely shown from April 22 – 29, 2010.

Also, see the short preview of DIRT! – The Movie

In one of these two movies, I don’t remember which, an expert stated we have only about 120 years’ window to save the planet from the devastation it has sustained since the Industrial Revolution (started in the 1800’s) and from factory farming (started in the 20th century).

The problem is he didn’t say how much was left of his projected 120 years, but I suspect we have very little time left to save Mother Earth — I’d say a max of another 20 years, if that, as my guess, when I see how fast the change has been in the last 40 years!

The problems build on each other to a tipping-point, where Life cannot be sustained and our weather has permanently become hostile and clean water (or even water, at all) will be more precious than gold.

We have to get our priorities right on a personal, local, national and global level. You cannot depend that your “leaders” will do this for you. They have had decades of strong signals that our industrial life was unsustainable. Yet, they did nothing. You have to start being an active advocate!

Since I was married, in 1969, I chose a different path than most people of my generation and the 2 that followed.

I was never a hippie, but I understood we had to take care of our Mother Earth and I have. I kept oodles of clean recyclables in our garage, for decades, until there were recycling programs; I supported the fledgling organic farmers and organic food companies (many of whom have been quietly bought out by the big demons – Unilever, Heinz and many more); I was aware of the need to reduce my carbon footprint and never leave the house on errands unless at least three chores can be done in that area of town, and preferably more than that, and on and on. Our garbage can is rarely more than 1/3 of its small capacity; we compost food waste and return it to excellent soil.

All this is not to pat me on the back, it’s to say, that even among my family, I have not been able in the past 40 years to change THEIR attitudes and THEIR ways. I’m worried. They represent the best, most-educated people. What are the rest of you open to? Is the handwriting on the wall enough, now, for you to change to help the planet?

For your Health and for the Health of our most-precious Mother, please change. Then, spread the word!

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Best to all — Em

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“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

Ever watchful for gestational diabetes, which did not materialize, if you read my post last week, you know that my daughter just had her first baby – a healthy boy. What little time I had for “research” on diabetes this week has been guided by the birth, desire for the baby’s continued health and my daughter’s best route to recovery.

Pregnant women and post-partnum moms need to take action using the information below. Anyone who’s overweight needs this information, too.

One factor which will help both mom and baby was disclosed in a recent email that I received from Dr. Mercola, DC and the research of Dr. Ron Rosedale, MD.

We’ll talk about some of their medical lessons now, and other aspects over time.

The most important (and easiest ) part to implement now is to include active, massive amounts of friendly “probiotic” families of bacteria back into your gut!

This can be done with kefir (a better product) or with active, live-culture yoghurt (confirm live cultures on the label content) or with refrigerated probiotic capsules. Why do this?

The proper balance of friendly micro-organisms is critical for diabetics!

Dr. Mercola reports that clinical studies show that diabetics (and anyone who is overweight or obese) have improper percentages of the various families of gut bacteria.  So, we need to know more.

As 1 in 4 Americans are either pre-diabetic (blood sugar over 100) or full-blown diabetics (blood sugar over 125), we have to do everything to regain the health of more than 70 million Americans and tens of millions more globally  — here goes.

The rate of diabetes in the last 5 decades has increased 700% in America, and during this time, mainstream medicine has incorrectly treated diabetes, in Dr. Mercola’s and Dr. Rosedale’s opinions.

Other doctors have been treating a “symptom” (high blood sugar) NOT the root cause.

Ayurvedic medicine, the ancient, highly-accurate first medical system of humanity, emphasizes throughout its 5,000 years of practice that the health of the bowel is critical. Modern science is showing that’s true!

The same cells that make the brain also become part of the gut, in the fetus and then adult,  so we do have another “brain” there — a very powerful one, in fact — which is able to understand the nuances that make up health in the gut.

Our red blood cells are also made in these intestinal tissues, too. So, gut health is a prime target to regain.

We always hear about ‘eating more fiber’, and that’s still important — both soluble and insoluble fiber. But gut-health is far more than that.

The actual populations of bacterial micro-organisms and their percentage in your gut community are truly critical. Diabetics and obese people have severe imbalances in these populations.

According to one study, diabetics and overweight people usually harbor more of the family of bacteria known as firmicutes … (20 percent more), whereas another bacteria called bacteroidetes was almost 90 percent lower.”

How do we shift the balance and why do we need to?

“Probiotic supplements during the first trimester of pregnancy can help women lose weight after their child’s birth”, according to new findings from a Finnish study.

Researchers report that supplements containing Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium were associated with less central obesity (the type of killer fat associated with the “apple” shaped body).

Women were given the supplements during their first trimester of pregnancy and continued them until they stopped exclusive breastfeeding (up to six months on the study).

If you weren’t on the probiotics during pregnancy, start the probiotic regimen now, with the rest of us. It’s imperative for you to do so — for your health and for your baby’s health, if you are nursing.

Firmicutes appear to be more efficient at taking calories out of complex sugars and depositing those calories as fat. When these microbes were transplanted into normal-weight mice, they suddenly gained twice as much fat. And in a human study, obese people who lost weight increased their bacteroidetes, while the numbers of firmicutes decreased.”

“Gut bacteria also influence your weight through the activation or non-activation a single molecule in your intestinal wall.” It is activated by the waste products from certain gut bacteria.  The activated  molecule slows the movement of food through your intestine, causing you to absorb more nutrients and thus gain weight.

Beneficial bifidobacteria and lactobacillus bacteria must predominate over potentially harmful bacteria for you to be healthy and normal weight.

Babies get the helpful bacteria to populate their gut from their mom’s milk. So, the mom’s must have goodly amounts of the best microflora or else the babies won’t get enough of the “good-guys” (and may even get too many not so good ones??? I’m not sure about that part.).

Getting these good-guys through breastmilk will have lasting benefit, into adulthood, for your baby.

We also need the same good Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus bacteria, as diabetics, pre-diabetics, overweight or obese people.

Here’s an important reason behind the usual directive: “to stop consuming sugary foods”. Eating a healthy diet low in sugars, grains and processed foods will generally cause the good bacteria in your gut to flourish, and naturally build up a major defense against excessive amounts of bad bacteria (that can damage your health).

Even using an extremely low-sugar diet is not the full-story. You need to know that there are other factors that negatively influence your friendly-bacteria’s survival, including:

• Antibiotics
• Chlorinated water
• Antibacterial soap
• Agricultural chemicals
• Pollution

All of these factors can kill off your good gut bacteria.

Eating fresh, raw, washed vegetables and fruit (preferably organic produce) will help to repopulate with good bacteria for humans beyond babyhood, as will daily consumption of kefir and yoghurt and / or probiotic capsules.

It’s probably the yoghurt-eating habit of the people in the Caucasus which make them the largest group of oldest humans, because their guts are SO healthy.

Cheese and regular milk do NOT have these good bacteria alive in them. And, in fact, cow milk in babies and young children is implicated in destroying the insulin producing parts of the pancreas —- leading to Type 1 diabetes in children!

I am making very specific suggestions here! In addition to kefir (best) and live-culture yoghurt, other foods which have some of the good-guys are traditionally-made versions of slowly fermented vegetables (like Bubbe’s dill pickles and sauerkraut), kim chee, miso and natto (this is the only one on the list that I won’t use … I find it nasty!).

Get the balance right so your bacteroidetes will prevent your firmicutes from making you fat, and the good guys will help you use the fat you have stored for energy, as the bacteroidetes won’t “mine” as many calories from your food, so you will use up your fat and then likely remain lean, as long as the good-guy intestinal gut flora remain dominant.

I’m off to get more kefir in my fridge more regularly now!

I love its taste and slight effervescence. There are several excellent brands and at least one is in most Safeways, in the health section’s refrigerator or in regular section near yoghurts. Get an organic kefir from there or from your favorite health store. Well known brands are Helios and Lifeway, as well as Nancy’s.

You can read the original article and get a jump-start on Dr. Rosedale’s views on obesity etc., at the following links (you may have to “register” to get the info, but do that. You’ll learn a lot there.). You will also need to scroll quite far down the page before the articles begin.

Dr. Mercola’s Probiotic Information

Diabetes not being treated correctly. Dr. Ron Rosedale, MD.

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